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Disney theme park revenue down 44% for quarter

Some of the company's theme parks reopened after the quarter's end.

Mom says she was banned by Six Flags for her shorts at Frontier City

The company says she was banned for her behavior regarding the interaction.

Chicago investor behind Indiana Beach negotiating to lease Fantasy Island

Gene Staples is said to be negotiating the least.

Ballpark and theme park workers have mixed feelings about returning to work

Workers face both anxiety and excitement over the opening of their venues.

Six Flags Darien Lake and county offer tickets for vaccinations

The park is giving away two tickets when you get your shot.

Universal Orlando stops temperature checks, reduces social distance

The park will require only three feet between groups, per CDC guidance.

Marc Swanson named CEO of SeaWorld Entertainment

Swanson was already serving in the role on an interim basis.

SeaWorld Entertainment reports gains in revenue and per capita spending

Because of the timing of Covid closures last year and reduced capacity this year, it's hard to compare the quarters.

Amusement parks and hospitality industry face worker shortage

Positions are difficult to fill even with high unemployment.

Cedar Fair posts first quarter results, without significant operations

The company burned less cash than expected.

Stunt Pilot roller coaster taking shape at Silverwood

The Rocky Mountain Construction coaster has its roots in the theme park.

Florida bans tech companies from "deplatforming," exempts Disney

Likely to be challenged immediately in court, the new law makes it illegal to remove state wide political candidates from social media, unless it's operated by Disney.

Idora Park artifacts displayed at Youngstown mall

The defunct park closed in the 80's after a major fire.

Disney previews Disney Wish cruise ship with Aqua Mouse, their first "attraction at sea"

The new water ride was revealed in a half-hour preview video streamed today.

California theme parks may admit vaccinated out-of-state visitors

Most of the parks have not yet embraced the new rule.

Walt Disney World ramps up hiring

The attraction appears to have run through its furlough list.

Universal Studios Japan closes again

The park will be closed for a limited time in response to a rise in Covid infections.

K'nex enthusiast builds huge Magnum inspired toy roller coaster in back yard

The build includes 3D-printed trains.

Covid protocols embrace guest-tracking technology in theme parks

Some privacy advocates are concerned about the impact of app user tracking.

Knott's Berry Farm to reopen with inexpensive season pass option

The park will offer a $101 season pass, after Disneyland has eliminated their passes entirely.

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Top 100 Coasters

  1. Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point
  2. Fury 325, Carowinds
  3. Lightning Rod, Dollywood
  4. El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure
  5. Millennium Force, Cedar Point
  6. Twisted Colossus, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  7. Twisted Timbers, Kings Dominion
  8. Voyage, The, Holiday World
  9. Leviathan, Canada's Wonderland
  10. Maverick, Cedar Point

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