New in 2018: Cedar Point's Steel Vengeance
New for 2017: Mystic Timbers at Kings Island
Opening Thunderbird

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Merlin starts sharing details for Legoland New York, opening in 2020

The new park will be the largest among the Legoland theme parks.

New Disneyland hotel plans on hold as Anaheim disputes tax deal after location change

City says the tax break only applied to the previously planned location.

Train catches fire at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

One minor injury was reported.

Six Flags America to retire Apocalypse roller coaster

The former Iron Wolf from Six Flags Great America will soon close.

Six Flags launches guest loyalty program

Announcement says guest will earn points for free food and experiences.

Canada's Wonderland announces Yukon Striker, a B&M dive roller coaster

The new 245 foot tall dive coaster will be a part of the new Frontier Canada area.

Man dies in vat of oil and grease in Walt Disney World facility

The 61-year-old man slipped and fell, and was reportedly overwhelmed by the fumes.

SeaWorld Entertainment secures rights to Rudolph IP for holidays through January 2024

The characters will be used at SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Sesame Place parks.

Disney park revenue up 6%, US attendance up 1%

Higher ticket prices and room rates boost revenue.

SeaWorld Entertainment cuts 125 more jobs despite improved results

The company had about 4,900 full-time employees as of last December.

SeaWorld Entertainment attendance, revenue up nearly 5% in second quarter compared to last year

Total revenue up 4.9% for the quarter, 8.7% for the year, with similar increases in attendance.

Dollywood announces $37 million Wildwood Grove, including family suspended roller coaster

The 11 new attractions will open in 2019.

Cedar Fair reports "lower than anticipated" results for 2018 second quarter

Net revenue for first half down 1% on a 2% decline in attendance.

NBCUniversal says it's "looking at" another gate in Orlando during earnings call

The comments were made after the company trademarked a new name.

SeaWorld San Diego planning a small roller coaster

Filing with planning authority says it will be 22 feet tall.

Disney to eliminate plastic straws from owned theme parks

The company plans to complete the change by mid-2019.

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi opens to the public

The 22-acre indoor theme park is the latest to open in the UAE.

Six Flags says it has record first half in 2018

Company says quarter revenue is up 5% over last year.

Feature chronicles the rise of the Schlitterbahn water parks and the subsequent tragedy

Feature chronicles the rise and tragedy of a water park empire.

Universal trademarks "Fantastic Worlds," new park name rumors swirl

The attention is focused on the land acquired in Orlando, presumably for a new park.

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Top 100 Coasters

  1. Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point
  2. Fury 325, Carowinds
  3. El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure
  4. Lightning Rod, Dollywood
  5. Twisted Timbers, Kings Dominion
  6. Millennium Force, Cedar Point
  7. Twisted Colossus, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  8. Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce
  9. Voyage, The, Holiday World
  10. Maverick, Cedar Point

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On this day in...

2017: All Six Flags now flies only United States flags at the Texas and Georgia parks

2017: Conneaut Lake Park repays back taxes

2016: California's Great America will convert Vortex to floorless Patriot

2016: Kings Island will bring back WinterFest in 2017

2016: Carowinds adding classic rides, Winterfest for 2017

2016: Dorney Park adding a Huss Troika and bumper cars for 2017

2016: Cedar Point announces Cedar Point Shores Water Park, more Express rooms, new tower for Breakers

2016: Theme park attractions mostly based on movie franchises instead of generic themes

2015: SeaWorld Parks names industry veterans to chief financial and creative positions

2015: Teenage girl tossed from flat ride at Sandspit Amusement Park

2014: Knoebels and Hersheypark building new roller coasters for 2015, what about Dorney?

2012: Former Marineland workers allege animal neglect

2011: Cedar Point changes haunt attraction names associated with mental illness

2011: Alabama Adventure considering sale

2011: Canada's Wonderland announced Leviathan, a 306-foot B&M roller coaster

2010: Ride operator in Dells tower accident charged with first-degree reckless injury

2010: Fair ride operator struck in head by swing ride

2009: Southern Star signs deal for New Orleans park with Nickelodeon license

2009: Thorpe Park says arms down to prevent body odor exposure

2009: New Carowinds ride will fulfill agreement for lower taxes

2009: California's Great America says broken lift chain cause for Invertigo problem

2009: "Indy" Disney performer dies from injury in rehearsal

2009: CoasterBuzz Podcast #152 posted

2009: Buescher: Hurricanes contributed to the demise of Cypress Gardens before its rebirth

2006: More suits filed following Son of Beast accident at Paramount's Kings Island

2005: Redskins' owner Daniel Synder wants to oust Burke from Six Flags

2004: Dominion discontinues hip-hop festival

2004: Indiana Beach pictures added to Negative-G.Com

2004: Cypress Gardens opening pushed back again by hurricane

2003: Hopes ride on Mission: Space at Epcot

2003: Fair ride operator killed in Washington

2003: Disney World weddings big business

2002: Six Flags underestimated loyalty to Cedar Point

2000: Ride operator loses part of leg at Wildwood, NJ attraction

2000: New 3D coaster simulator in development for PC

2000: Roller coasters prescribed as treatment for NASCAR driver

2000: PKI Announcement not far off

2000: Couple gets naked at Paramount's Kings Island