Roller Coaster Features

CoasterBuzz: 20 Years Buzzed

A series of stories looking back at the first two decades of CoasterBuzz and the amusement industry that it covered.

RollerCoaster Tycoon - Chris Sawyer Interviews (1999)

A look back at one of the best games ever made with its creator, 20 years after the original release.

Opening Thunderbird

Video: A look at the story behind building Thunderbird at Holiday World. April, 2015.

CoasterBuzz 15

CoasterBuzz celebrates its 15th birthday on January 30, 2015.

Where The Roller Coasters Come From

Video: Visit the steel fabrication plant where B&M roller coasters are made, and hear from Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet and VP Rob Decker. January, 2013.

Mystery Mine at Dollywood

Video: Go under the station to the maintenance shop for this themed roller coaster. May, 2012

Matt Ouimet: Being the CEO of a billion dollar amusement park company

Video: Cedar Fair's CEO talks about the direction of the amusement park operator in his first few months on the job. April, 2012

The New CoasterBuzz

A tour of the fifth version of CoasterBuzz. April, 2012

Kings Island's Diamondback Roller Coaster

Video: A collection of short clips from the media event for the park's new roller coaster in 2009. May, 2009