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Jeff, Mike and Carrie review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Help us raise money for Give Kids The World, Coasting For Kids! Join us at any of the 11 Cedar Fair parks on July 29, 2010, and ride for a good cause.
  • Starliner is not going to be a part of Legoland Florida.
  • Several deadly accidents this week leave two people dead, and another event hurts ten people.
  • Joyland's owner dies. What makes the family owned parks so interesting? Mike says it's history.
  • Disneyland hotel workers are still protesting for a contract with benefits. Jeff doesn't understand how the market would call for part-time work that includes benefits.
  • Great Wolf is opening one of its spas at Mall of America. Interesting area to expand the business in.
  • An environmental themed park in Houston? Scope creep aside for this project, it is strange that such a large metro has no amusement park.
  • Yet another attack on a costumed character, this time at Six Flags Great America. Mike asks what your motivation is for this, and Jeff explains beating up his old giant plush Noid.
  • Cedar Fair does some refinancing. We don't know what it really means.
  • Busch Gardens Tampa introduces baby giraffes. They're not nearly as cute as other baby animals.
  • No Segways in the San Antonio parks. No, it's not about screwing vets, it's about the safety issues.
  • Water parks are doing well with boosts in attendance, presumably because they're cheaper than regular amusement parks.
  • Granny power rides Diamondback at Kings Island.
  • Hersheypark is "StormReady." If only Storm Runner was ready when Jeff visited!
  • Carrie notes that the Obama girls were in Hershey's water park. Jeff is not inspired by the Secret Service's inability to find ride exits.
  • I learned it by watching you, alright!
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