What's going to Sandusky for 2002?

Sunday, May 6, 2001 5:00 AM
I want to hear the different stories that people have heard about what is coming to Cedar Point next year?
Sunday, May 6, 2001 7:07 AM
The primary rumors are a HUGE TA2K or a new wooden coaster. I dont think anyone on here really knows with the exception of Jeff.

Personally I would love a new wooden coaster as I think CP lacks a great wooden coaster since MS began to destroy itself and was then tamed. But I dont think CP really wants a wooden coaster after the MS experience, to expensive to maintain.

I like the TA2K idea but only if it is a record breaker (over 400 ft, over 100 mph) and a larger layout from the Hypersonic. If they dont do that then I think a TA2k would be a bad move (although I would try to be the first in line to ride it! :) ) *** This post was edited by CP Twister on 5/6/2001. ***
Sunday, May 6, 2001 8:05 AM
I am. So is my family.

No one knows yet, except for the high up people at Cedar Fair, and I doubt we'll konw until they make an announcement.

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Sunday, May 6, 2001 8:21 AM
i think cp will get a woodie because of ghostriders sucess at kbf and because all of the new wooden coasters going into parks have been superb

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Sunday, May 6, 2001 8:50 AM
I think the park's 3rd B&M will go into the park. Probably a floorless or a launched sit-down coaster will be the thing to build in Sandusky in 2002.
Sunday, May 6, 2001 9:55 AM
Call it a long shot...or not. I think a reverse Intamin freefall - think S:TE but even bigger.
Sunday, May 6, 2001 10:26 AM
I would really like to see a 4D larger than M.M. or new generation Arrow concept.
The rumors are:
Launch SitDown Looper
Spinning Mad Mouse
Sunday, May 6, 2001 10:58 AM
I just hope they don't get something dumb, we needs a new coaster up in there!

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Sunday, May 6, 2001 10:58 AM
I would definetely more than anything else like to see a top of the line Midsized or Giant CCI. One thing we know for sure, is that 2002 is going to be an exciting year at the point.
Sunday, May 6, 2001 11:15 AM
Cedar Point waited for the Stand-Up craze to go down when they put in Mantis. As for Raptor, personally, I think that it was an opportunity that one could not pass up.

Floorless seems like a good idea, I don't think a ThrustAir is a good idea. A CCI would be great. Anything that can be done is a possibility.
Sunday, May 6, 2001 11:46 AM
Here's the way I see it:

Why get a floorless if SFWoA already has one. Park patrons will make comparisons and I don't think CP is out for a coaster that is comparable to other local coaster experiences. This also goes along with a CCI coaster. If CP does go wood, it will be a new experience. People say CP hopes to replicate Ghostrider, but again, the Villain and Ghostrider are alike. So again, why build a ride that people will compare to other coasters at your neighboring park. Don't rule out wood. I still think a woodie will be coming to the park, but it won't be a "normal" CCI. As for a TA2K, CF has been very happy with their S&S rides. So there is a good relationship, but I have my doubts. Why build a new record-breaker to un-seat your most expensive coaster that currently holds a marketable record (from a Cedar Point ad "Millennium Force- the tallest and fastest on 6 continents"). Really, it all depends on what Cedar Point thinks will be a profitable coaster, and, what Cedar Point feels they are missing. They don't have a launched coaster, they don't have a sit-down looping experience, and they don't have a really good woodie. So who knows. Maybe we'll get lucky and it will be all three. :)

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Sunday, May 6, 2001 12:07 PM
Corkscrew's a sit-down looping experience.

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Sunday, May 6, 2001 12:13 PM
I highly doubt they would build anything launched. I would look for wood. Maybe not CCI, because again SFWoA has one. Possibly GCI, they're not too bad either:) But personally, I don't want to know until they make an announcement. Knowing early takes the excitement out of it:)
Sunday, May 6, 2001 12:28 PM
Why not a Vekoma Wooden Coaster. These coasters are smooth and they will stay smooth.

Sunday, May 6, 2001 12:30 PM
If anyone has the guts...

How about asking one of the head parks people at Cedar Point and inquire about 2002?

About the only thing that is true is that these are only and only rumors. Nothing was announced, nothing was mentioned... it's only speculation.

I wish I knew where these rumors even get started!!!

The thing is, I am hoping for the boardwalk to be built like they mentioned (rumor), as well as getting rid of (I mean rid, not move) Peanuts Playground of Kiddie Kingdom. Why do you have 3 exclusive kiddie areas? Isn't Camp Snoopy enough?!?

They cannot fit a coaster there, but a nice flat ride moved from a previous location would fit nicely there (opening up room for a potential coaster in that flat ride's previous location).


The question still would loom over everyones heads ... where would this new coaster fit? Not that they have no room... it's just where do you see it going??

I quite possibly see it going by the beach (pending the boardwalk expansion), on the island where Millennium Force's pretzal turn is, or in that area where the aquatic stadium is (a little shuffling is needed)!!!
Sunday, May 6, 2001 1:10 PM
They will prob. get a flat ride.

If FoF got that great of a makeover than why can't I?
Sunday, May 6, 2001 1:11 PM

sixflags said:
"Why not a Vekoma Wooden Coaster. These coasters are smooth and they will stay smooth.

There's no way to know that. Vekoma JUST started building woodies. A lot of the Summers/Dinn woodies were smooth at first, and now many are brutal.

Many new Vekomas are smooth, but I've never seen a Vekoma age well, and I can't believe that their woodies will be too different. I enjoyed T2 when it came out in 95, now it's sheer torture.
- Peabody
Sunday, May 6, 2001 1:59 PM
There is plenty of ways they could expand. One Of which I think will happen in 5-10 years would be; They go mainland with parking and make the parking they have now become park itself. For expansions now , THe lagoon. They could have the queve line go to the midway and the exit path could go to the midway like pki has done with sob and top gun. As for future rollercoasters , I think they are going to ad an airthrust coaster that would start on the lagoon and go to the main sections, and the other would be a cci out and back woodie with some amazing records.
Sunday, May 6, 2001 5:37 PM
I have a pretty good idea about what's next. Time will tell if I'm right.

I had a conversation very recently with someone up the chain (way up the chain) about some of the current product available out there. Let's just say that capacity is a serious issue, and you can gauge the likelihood of a new addition that way.

Webmaster/Admin - CoasterBuzz.com
Sunday, May 6, 2001 5:47 PM
How does anyone know 2002 will be a big year especially for a coaster? It was 2 years from Magnum to Mean Streak. Another 3 years to Raptor. 2 years to Mantis. And then another 4 years to MF. Do you really think 2002 will be another big year after MF in 2000? They could ride on that alone for a couple more years. I hope they get something big, but you never know. I have aot of doubts about a TA2K or 4D for 2002. Both are too much of a risk IMO at this point. Floorless(BKF), shuttles(capacity), and flying coasters(X-Flight) are out of the question.

Does anyone know why 4 of their last 6 coasters start with an M?
Magnum- Mean Streak- Raptor- Mantis- Woodstock's Express- Millennium Force
If this is a pattern, the next coaster will start with an M too. Maybe a hint at Michigan's Adventure. Hmmm.

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