Valleyfair getting a new coaster or not???

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^Not if it's a GCI. I believe they are very anti-doing that sort of thing.

Any more word on this?

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Just got a postcard in the mail from VF advertising their new season pass prices and it also has in a big red box the words "Something Big Is Coming In 2007". This could be seen as confirmation that they are adding "something" for next year, but what?
Well the boxes with GCI spray painted on the side of them couldn't possibly be a dead give away. ;)
I'm just amazed to hear that Cedar Fair may go with a wood coaster. They've been so anti wood for the past decade now.

If the wood coaster is in fact true, and it is in fact going to be built by GCI, then(Like Kentucky Rumbler)another miracle will be born next season.

One can only hope.

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Cedar Point has to compensate somehow. ;)

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I swear I could have wrote this - anyhow - you're very right and I guarantee thats what will happen it is how the company operates. Cedar Point is the coaster capital and it always will be and they would never allow one of their own parks to compete with that.
Well, to get technical, none of CF's parks really compete with each other. Only parks a few miles from each other (like Disney, Universal and Sea World in Orlando) really compete with each other. Most of the time, a park's competition includes local malls, movie theaters, sports venues and anything else that also sells some form of entertainment. For most people it's not, "Six Flags or Cedar Fair" but rather, "Six Flags vs. Clerks II?"
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^ Which, given the popularity of Jay and Silent Bob, is also a *no contest* situation... LOL!

P.S. Looking forward to CF recognizing (at LONG last) the value of a new wooden coaster....and with GCII doing the coaster, and presumably the TRAINS....I'm looking WAY forward to Cedar Po!nt's *Boardwalk Project '08*... :)

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^Something ala Long Beach Cyclone Racer perhaps? ;)

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If anything, maybe a recreation of the old Traver Cyclone that once sat where Disaster Transport now sits. But I'm not going to get too excited over the possibility of that or the introduction of GCII coasters to all Cedar Fair parks... yet.
You're partially right, but Valleyfair is not a destination park and Cedar Point is, i.e. you might plan a vacation around Cedar Point much like Disneyland or Busch Gardens if you were into amusement parks, Valleyfair is not worth investing in the biggest of the big because it's market area is only about 8 million as opposed to Cedar Points 26 million plus the tourist market. Not alot of people come to Minneapolis just to visit Valleyfair or even on their short list of destinations if in the area.
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Rob Ascough said:But I'm not going to get too excited over the possibility of that or the introduction of GCII coasters to all Cedar Fair parks... yet.

Considering what CF has installed over the past...*several* say NOTHING about the condition of most of the woodies in the chain....even the POSSIBILITY of installing a GCII at Da Po!nt makes me...eager... ;)

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I will say that it would be a step in the right direction. Balance is a good thing and I think that has been lost at CP lately with a bunch of steel coasters that have many of the same characteristics (launch, vertical/beyond vertical drops, etc.).
Timo- I got the mail a while ago, too.


I've known for a while as well, because I have a friend Tiffany who works at Valleyfair and has pictures of sheds/storage buildings back by the employee parking lot. I have pictures of it on my phone, if you guys want proof I can send them to my e-mail address and upload it on photobucket and whatnot.

I haven't seen any GCI boxes around, but there are definatly survey flags around the waterpark, like mentioned earlier in this thread.

I do live in Minnesota and visit Valleyfair quite frequently (about once every two weeks or so). If I see anything big happening, I'll let you guys know. *** Edited 9/8/2006 1:40:15 AM UTC by Dr. DOOM 1289***

Ya know what I hate, the minute Valleyfair gets something good, Cedar Point either already has it, or is gonna get it. The point is, CP is the most spoiled park in the CF chain, and now that Valleyfair is getting a new GCI woodie, CP's gonna HAVE to get one. I mean serisously. Example: Hybrid Steel Track Wood Structure, Impulse, Hyper, out and back woodie, and a mad mouse (Wildcat). Oh yeah, and basically the second after Xtreme Swing was announced, they all of a sudden decided to build something that was just a tad bit taller just to be the best. I know... some of you are saying I'm jealous, and I am, but what I don't get is why do they ALWAYS need to max out what they're getting. I bet they got majorly pissed off after Kingda Ka was built because that was taller. I think that's why everyone was talking about a 500 ft. coaster. They don't care about maintnence issues, they care about being the best WHICH I HATE. :) O.K., I'm done now.

Dr. DOOM 1289 said:I haven't seen any GCI boxes around...

Well it appears that this site has become the victim of bandwidth overload as it has been temporarily suspended. (doncha love free websites?) However when it does come back up there is a photo of the GCII box that I was talking about.

You've got to hate the bandwidth police.

Cedarpoint is their flagship park. If they start selling off parks like Six Flags did Cedarpoint will be the last one standing. So they might as well make it worth their while.
No really? Well the announcement is going to be made before the end of October. They've already started clearing land so we should see construction VERY soon.

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