Valleyfair getting a new coaster or not???

I've read on a lot of other forums that Valleyfair is getting a new coaster... can anyone confirm this? If anything, I hope it'll be an S+S or GG woodie.
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Are you going to change your screen name if they aren't?
Matt's right you know.

And I'm pretty sure we're looking at a new coaster for '08, not '07.

I think we're looking at a flat ride for the '07 season. In 2008 they might add a B&M Invert or Floorless, Worlds of Fun's new B&M has caused an increase in attendance and CF is all over that. I'm hoping for a floorless at VF rather than an invert though. We'll just have to see. Maybe they'll be kind and add a Huss flat next year then a huge custom floorless (not another Medusa...)
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I doubt Cedar Fair would get a Medusa--maybe another Batman Knight Flight err Dominator or a Hydra though. ;)

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Hyrda... *shudder*

Oh come on, you know you loved the incredibly unique and one-of-a-kind jo-jo roll! (AKA zero-g roll)

;) I'd love to see CF build something like SFNE's Dark Knight. I think it's fun.

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SFNE's Dark Knight is one of the roughest B&Ms I've ever ridden. I don't know if it's the track manufacturing or wheel maintenance but when I rode the year it opened it was horrid. Nasai just rode last week and he found it the same. I hope your wish does NOT come true! ;)
THIS JUST IN! Valleyfair announces No new coaster for '07.

The park had this to say: "We were going to build a new 500 foot super coaster, but some kid kept on posting countless threads of pointless speculation on coaster sites. So we said "Screw it...let's just build a new bathroom and some additional parking spots...that'll shut him up"

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I had no problem with SFNE's Dark Knight when I rode it in 2003 or in 2004. There was some minor vibration in the corkscrews, but that was it. I thought it was a really fun ride with a pretty nice first drop. Not the best floorless (Kraken) but certainly not the worst (Medusa).


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I didn't ride it alone, Nate. I have five additional witnesses who will testify to what we experienced. The fact that Nasai [and his wife if she rode] experienced the same leads me to believe your ride was the exception not the rule.
I wasn't trying to say you were wrong, and I hope you didn't take it that way. I was just giving you my opinion on the ride.

I didn't ride it alone either. ;)


Dark Knight was definitely rough, but not unbearable. I found the same problem on Dominator, Scream!, and it was most distracting on Hydra. With Kraken being one of the smoothest coasters I've ever been on, it's just surprising that the rest of the newer ones are like that.
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I didn't Nate...we're cool ;)
Well I like rough coasters. To each his own, mates.
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Rough as in "beat the sh!t ouf of you?" or intense as in "extreme neg and pos Gs and laterals" ?? There is a huge difference and many times people misuse the term "rough" when what they mean is "intense."

SOB is rough; SFNE's Superman is intense.

Well, intense is great too, but I don't mind being banged around. Not SOB rough, but rough enough to be considered rough (ie Dark Night).
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The older you get the more you'll dislike rough ;)
I want a B&M Inverted Coaster not a floorless. Floorless to me are boring rides thats why I like to ride Inverted coasters I rode every B&M Invert in the US except for the new one at WOF. I like Raptor, Talon and Montu.
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I thought you liked it rough, Matthew. ;)

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