Popular coasters that you just didn't "get"

Well, I guess the theme of this thread is "to each his own!" I think when you are comparing high-quality coasters (like many of the ones we've mentioned), people are bound to have their favorites.

Titan- Just isn't my type of hyper. I prefer the floating airtime of AC. I was very disappointed when I realized there was no airtime on this ride.
Hurler at PKD. Very very boring. The backwards side of Rebel Yell at PKD: it gets the so-what-? award.
I thought of another one, American Eagle Backwards, yeah it was fun but I much prefer it forwards.

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Raptorgeist said:

coasterdude04 said:

as for everyone that seems to dislike MF...i just think you were expecting WAAAY too much when you rode it.

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Exactly. When I first rode Millennium Force, I was actually expecting a boring ride other than the first drop, but IMO, the ride gave the exact opposite. I guess it just shows that Millennium Force *is* very overhyped, and that makes some people expect way too much from it. Its my favorite coaster, but the first time I rode, I had no previous opinions of it, and I still don't.

As for popular coasters that I don't "get", Raging Bull comes immediately to mind. Like somebody said for Nitro, Raging Bull is about as intense as laying in a Lay-Z-Boy and being pushed around. No air time, no forces, nothing. The first drop doesn't impress me either. Raging Bull is a big yawn to me.

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raging bull is a great rollercoaster for people who don't want to get off of it about to puke and did you ride in the back? also if you leave your lapbar up about an inch you get tons of airtime just look at your legs and see if they fly up

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(the first drop was awesome) other than that uhhhhh good riddance

I am never one to join the bandwagon, but I honestly do not get the praise bestowed on "the most high" Magnum. It was hella rough, hella slow and hella boring. And for those how say I havent rode in 1-3, 8-4, 15-9....whatever. If you gotta do russian roulette on a train to find the best ride then there are issues. Although the ride feel changes from car to car, a good coaster delivers a decent ride wherever you sit.

I feel like all you people have rode a different Maggie then me. I will say it is probably the most moody girl around and have had many mediocre rides, but when you ride her when shes hot, look out, doesn't matter what seat you are in. Perhaps you caught her on an off day.

All I need is 4.5 million bucks and a half a mile long sliver of land and maybe someone could build me my very own Shivering Timbers. ;)

Riddler's Revenge - Forceless, just as well a motion simulator IMO, rode this in it's opening season in '98.

Superman: The Escape - Unbelievable the first time I rode it, and still fun the rest of the time, but not thrilling at all after the first ride.

Alpengeist - A good coaster, but people raved to no end on this thing, and it never even got onto my top 3 inverts list, a good coaster, but nothing out of this world.

Wild Thing - I guess I'm not alone here, since it's trimmed down so much, it's got huge potential, just too many brakes.

Medusa (SFGAdv) - Rode this it's opening year as well, and just found it to be completely forceless. A cool ride, and really not too horrible, but lacked forces very badly.

There's a nice little list there, just my opinions on a few coasters I've been on over the past several years.

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Superman The Escape, I found it to be the most boring ride ever. The whole ride wasn't that great. I thought there was hardly any airtime, and lots of people think it is "simply amazing". It wasn't worth the 15 minute wait.

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CobraRoller, consider yourself lucky that you only had a 15 minute wait...when I was at SFMM last fall, I had an hour and 15 minute wait...and I agree it was a yawner of a ride.

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If I would of had to wait an hour and 15 minutes for S:TE or even 15 minutes I would have been extremely pissed of. Luckly for me it was a walk-on. The ride is boring and pointless.

I'd rather being riding coasters... or playing Halo:)

I was really disappointed by Desperado. The first drop is cool, but after that it's boring and painful

Superman:TE also disappointed me. The takeoff is cool, but climbing the tower facing forwards is just not that thrilling. They should face the cars backwards.

Riddler's Revenge is another one. I think the whole stand-up thing is way overrated (and painful on your nuts too, if you don't bend your knees). I'd rather take two rides on Batman:TR.

Xcelerator kinda dissapointed me in a way. Don't get me wrong, the launch is off the damn hook, but that's all there is to the ride. Way too short.

RollerFreak said he was disappointed by Goliath. Wow, I respect opinions and all, but that's one of my favorite coasters of all time.

I also agree that Vekoma Boomerang's are fun and not rough at all (at least not the one at Knott's)

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Magnum Force said:

"The Force of it's air is rivaled only by Phantom's Revenge."

Actually, I think, even though it's wooden, the Phoenix rivals Magnum for air much better than the Phantom. Actually, I think Magnum's air beats the Phantom's hands down, but I do understand what you mean about how much air it gives, it's really the most air I've ever experienced on a coaster.

And what's all this TOTALLY EXAGERRATED roughness of Magnum? Now, come on, it isn't the smoothest coaster, but it isn't rough enough to "split my spine" or "give me a headache for an hour". Actually, that big pile of lumber on the end of the peninsula is much more rough. Come on, guys, Magnum was made to be a coaster, not some little kiddieland ride, which many of you should start sticking to.

Stealth was no where near as exciting as I tghought It would be

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Sorry, I have to re-post but I couldn't help it. Antuan, as for Magnum's seating, yes, that is like that on ANY coaster with a train. Maybe you haven't realized that, but that's just the way it is. It's all about Physics, and all that crap that I'm not going to get into, but ANY coaster has a better ride in a different seat. Maybe you have just been only riding the single car wild mouse coasters that don't even move, which are the only coasters that don't matter where you sit. Hella slow? no.... Hella boring? if it was so rough, I'm sure you at least weren't yawning on it...
Mill. Force was a giant disappointment. I dont know what i was so scared of, everyone calls it "Cedar Points only roller coaster" but I would much rather spend my time in the front of the park with Raptor, Wicked Twister and Blue Streak, just my opinion though. To me, all Mill. force had was speed, and it went too fast to actually enjoy the ride.

Maggie is not rough, it is just so forceful and throws you so hard. Half of it is the fact that by the time you hit your seat the seat is already coming back up at you making the seat hit your butt that much harder. Some people who are used to not so forceful B&M and Morgan hypers find it "rough" i can see why. I don't mean to say Phantom has as much air as Maggie but the force of its air is on par with Maggie.

As for Phoenix that is one I just didn't "get" Air o'plenty but It was not that great. Twister is a much better ride IMO. I rode in the back of Phoenix, people say the front is better, well it would have to be 5 times better to put it on par with all the hype it recieves. You want air on a woodie, give me Shivering Timber's, Cornball, Raven, Thunderbolt, Jackrabbit or even Screechin' Eagle anyday.

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Magnum's roughness is caused by its trains. I can't help but wonder how many people would love Magnum that hated it before if they put new, comfortable trains on it.

Coaster Sam: yes, I have ridden in the back of Raging Bull, and you still don't really get that much air time. Ride Apollo's Chariot if you want a B&M hyper with air time.

This thread sickens me. Some people love airtime and forcefull rides, yet others complain about the lack of force on the ride. I just understand how you people can think that such great rides are duds. You obviously aren't riding them on the same days I have.

I've been to CP 6 times this year so far, and Magnum has yet to disappoint...if you don't get airtime on the third hill, you're obviously not doing something right. I'm literally standing up on that hill most of the time...not becuase I'm trying to, but because of the intense air, and this was in the morning! The ejector seat has twice as forceful air as any other seat on Magnum. If you ever get a ride on it with no trims, it will rival the best in the world. I just wish someone would lodge something between those calipers. :)

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I had totally forgotten about Shivering Timbers and Titan...I didn't expect much out of Titan, so that wasn't too much of a disappointment. But ST was just *such* an overhyped/overrated ride, it's not even funny.

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