Popular coasters that you just didn't "get"

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Anyone have a coaster on their list that many enthusiasts regard as a great, world class ride that you just didn't enjoy for whatever reason? I ask because for the first time I have one on my track record.

This past week we took a 5 day trip hitting many new to us coasters - some of which are regarded as the best in the world. I expected a degree of anticipointment but it never happened. I got my first shot at S:ROS and instantly knew what the appeal was. It's now one of my favorites. Boulder Dash delivered like no woodie I've ever been on - no anticipointment here. The Coney Island Cyclone also lived up to it's reputation as a classic that still holds up against today's newest machines.

My big disappointment on this trip was Nitro. After riding the previous 3 coasters and getting everything I expected and more, I was looking forward to Nitro. I got off just not "getting it". Many ehtusiasts praise this coaster like no other. I got a slow, much too smooth ride, that was similar to having someone push me around a parking lot on a La-Z-Boy recliner. It literally did nothing for me and I'm an airtime whore. To make it worse, the rest of the group on my trip just adored it. I really started wondering what it was I just wasn't "getting" about the coaster that everyone else seems to find in it. I don't really think it was a case of anticipointment, I just didn't care for the ride.

Got any coasters on your track record with a well received reputation that you later rode and thought, "What's the big deal here?"

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Magnum - IMO it's nothing special anymore to me. It was me first hyper, but now I find it to be not there, Honestly the trains are some of the most uncomfortable things ever built.

Goliath & Titan - Both of these were complete duds (TITAN is a much better ride) I was expecting an out of control ride on Goliath and left completely dissapointed. I rode the ride at least 6 times throughout the day in various seats and found the back to be the most enjoyable. The first turnaround after the drop was a major dissapointment. Maybe I was expecting the pacing of Raging Bull and found Goliath to be very plain.

Batman: The Dark Knight - Another dissapointing ride. I would rate IRON Wolf over this ride.



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I rode the Raven last September, and found it to be a complete "dud." I really didn't see what all the fuss was about.

SRM 2002 changed all that, though.

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I didn't get Talon. I was expecting a fast, intense ride but didn't feel anything.I felt it just kind of meandered around slowing down heavily at some points. It's a fun ride but I like intensity in inverts.
Magnum is fun, but I never regarded it as anything special. I hated Riddler's Revenge first time I rode it, and I'm still not big on Chang. I didn't like Raging Bull at all, either.

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Lord Ghonchar- I noticed that too. It got new wheels. It needs time to break in.


A few...

Dueling Dragons: Both sides: I found them rather short and badly paced. Dueling visuals are great in the front seat, but lost on the rest of the train.

ROAR: (SFA's version). I tried to like this coaster... I really did. Its a GCI after all. However, it left me flat. At first I thought it was just bias against SFA (our first visit was not the greatest to say the lest), but my second visit proved it was not. Loved S:RoS... loved Wild One... still left flat by ROAR.

Steel Phantom: Ouch! The most painful coaster I was ever on (even over Hercules in the eastern part of the state). So many people raved over this one that I just had to ride it in its final season. I was expecting so much more. After the first two drops, just a painful coaster. I wonder if the fact that the announcement remove it had any affect on the hype of how great this hyper was?

Phantom's Revenge: Well, they did keep the best parts of the old Steel Phantom... but the second half I still found a bit on the painful rough side along with being incredibly short. Guess I was expecting greatness but only found mediocrity.

Laser: (Dorney Park) Not a bad coaster... an average coaster. Just can't see what every one raves about.

Kind of hard to take a post as objective if a park or coaster name is part of the "user name"

Everything at King's Island! Ha!

Millennium Force- Has a good drop, but the rest of the ride is just a bunch of turns.

Superman: The Escape- I got no air on this, and i rode it 5 times, i even had the lap bar up a little.

Wicked Twister- This thing gave really really bad headbanging, my ears were really sore.

The Beast- Did not enjoy this ride at all. It has no air and i hit my head very hard on the side of the train going into the double helix.

Superman: Ultimate Flight- This ride was not intense (minus the pretzel loop) and very short.

Villian seemed less exciting than I had hoped after hearing the raves. Little air and short on laterals. Did I catch it on a bad day?

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For me it WAS Magnum. Last year when I rode it for the first time I just did not like it. I rode it several times more that visit, each time trying to see what was so great about this coaster that is constantly ranked among the top of every enthusiast's lists. Well I left Cedar Point that trip feeling some serious anticipointment about the ride. I felt cheated even.

So this year when I went to Cedar Point I wasn't even planning on riding Magnum. The teenage girls my wife and I brought with us begged me to take them on so off we went. I decided to try this imfamous 1.3 that everyone is talking about. Oh my freaking god! Being a total airtime whore(gotta get a t-shirt that says that :) ) I was in blissful heaven. I rode again several times during the trip, even a few times outside of 1.3 and I wasnt disappointed once.

The lesson of the story? Some coasters, even the best ones have bad days and if it is a coaster that you only get to ride once or twice on it's bad day you can get severe anticipointment. Many of the people that laud a coaster are people who have that coaster in their home park or people who caught that coaster on a good day.

This year a lot of people have been crashing down on Raging Bull but I know in my opinion that it is still one of the best coasters out there. I also can see where they are coming from because I have been on the coaster on one of it's bad days and left the park very disappointed that day.

Other coasters I don't get for one reason or another:

Kumba: I have riden this thing two years in a row now and have never gotten a good ride. Everyone else thinks it is the next coming of Jesus. What gives?

Fire/Ice Dragon: I found the coasters too short and the elements too packed together. Almost like Batman. I like my inverts spread out like Montu. Still, many enthusiasts claim to love this ride.

Batman: Knight Flight: Second roughest B&M I have ever been on(Iron Wolf was the roughest)

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S:UF-I much prefer X-flight. After the pretzel loop, I didn't care much for it.

For you people saying Magnum, maybe you didn't ride it when it debuted-it was massive, incredibly fast, and it blew everything else that existed away. It's not really fair to compare it to today's mega-coasters.

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There was NO air on the thing. I really did not even care for it one bit. And what's up with the Magnum bashing? Man, when I was on Nitro, I was thinking of all the airtime I could have been having on Magnum, one of my favorite coasters.

I have to agree about Raging Bull and add Alpengiest to the list.

Tuesday's Gone With The Wind.
Elijah Rock.
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I definitely agree with Magnum. Also on my list is one that isn't as highly praised as those mentioned above, but to my knowledge, my fiance and I are the only ones that I have ever heard not enjoy the ride. That ride is Jokers Jinx. IMO, after the launch, the ride is a complete dud. The trains are much too constricting and as a result and good headchopper effects get ruined...and the speed that this thing has through the middle of the course is absolutely horrid. My nephew walks faster and he just learned to walk a month ago. But I do realize that it is only MY opinion and we are all entitled to our own opinion. Others have their reasons for liking it and I can respect that.


Magnum was rather blah...incredible view though. Raptor wasn't too spectacular either. I really didn't expect anything from the Beast, despite everyone saying how amazing it was. I was kind of pleasantly surprised in this case though. Granted it had zero air, but it was fun nonetheless.
Why does everyone seem to hate Magnum on this forum. I understand different people have their own opinions, and I respect that, but I was just wondering what people find so distasteful about it. It's always been rated high, and I've always loved the coaster. Just wondering what some reasons were.
Magnum was blah, MF was blah, Raptor was REALLY blah, and don't even get me started on Steel Phantom!

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For me the 2 biggest "I don't get it" are Magnum (CP) and Thunderbolt (KW).

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Good thread. I've also had my share of disappointments. Here they go -

Millennium Force
- This was the all time "I want to cry" disappointment. I really wanted to like this ride because of its amazing size and gracefulness. The ride was very fast, but too fast for me liking, because it felt as if the ride only lasted no more than Xcelerator's duration. The first drop ceased to amaze me and I wonder why it is rated so high. It did give me a bit of air though.

- Yeup. This baby looks all tough once you reach the Primm stateline border between Nevada and California heading towards Las Vegas. Its tall and sharp hill and titanic spirals look welcoming. But it was too good to be true. Following a slightly better than average hyper-coaster first drop, I was treated to a horrible beating all the way to the end. By the time I had gotten off the ride, my whole body was throbbing. And this thing doesn't have horse collars may I remind you.

Here are a few others that I won't get into detail on, but I will list them nontheless disappointing -





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