Wednesday, February 1, 2006 11:48 PM

Okay, who knows what this is?

Wednesday, February 1, 2006 11:51 PM
It looks like a contract with a person that makes or distributes the souveniers you can buy at cedar point

Wednesday, February 1, 2006 11:53 PM
It is a new ride going to a CF park...along with all the trimmings like souveniers and stuff. The question is what park and what ride. That link is to the trademark.
Wednesday, February 1, 2006 11:58 PM
MagnunBarrel- it's trademark information from the US Patent and Trademark Office. Cedar Fair has placed a trademark on "Mavrick." It's not a contract at all.
Thursday, February 2, 2006 12:09 AM
Oh boy like it's any surprise where this one will be going. ;)
Thursday, February 2, 2006 12:14 AM
LOL Swoosh.
Thursday, February 2, 2006 12:30 AM
ValleyFair! is finally getting their long over-due invert! ;) *** Edited 2/2/2006 5:30:15 AM UTC by Acoustic Viscosity***
Thursday, February 2, 2006 12:31 AM
I sure hope so...even though we already have one.
Thursday, February 2, 2006 12:32 AM
Sounds like a Knott's kind of name. However, I don't know if Knott's will be getting any new coaster too soon, and probably not another in Ghost Town.

That said, I'd be more inclined to think this one may have more to do with Frontiertown at CP. You heard it here first. ;)

Thursday, February 2, 2006 12:39 AM
I take it you've heard too Matt?
Thursday, February 2, 2006 12:49 AM
Stop with all the teasing fellers... What is it? I pray for wood but can't imagine they would put it there. CF insider news is sparse in Vegas. This is indeed a COASTER board so give a brother a scoop...


Thursday, February 2, 2006 12:56 AM
My "educated" guess is a flyer for frontier town in CP, but I have not heard anything. Land has been made available there, there have been (dueling??) flyer rummors for a while, and the name seems to fit that type of ride. Also, you would think that CP's ride would be bigger than VF's and thus the name would need to be trademarked first...probably. However it is all speculation. It could be a new flat at Dorney for all I know. *** Edited 2/2/2006 5:56:52 AM UTC by RavenTTD***
Thursday, February 2, 2006 1:38 AM
Flyers are so last year. Think Hydra.
Thursday, February 2, 2006 2:00 AM
I think Maverick is a great name for a wooden coaster.
Thursday, February 2, 2006 2:06 AM
But do you think it IS a wooden coaster? CP? Beachfront Intamin? Details!


Thursday, February 2, 2006 3:52 AM
And it does say in there...

"International Class: 028
Amusement park ride;"

Thursday, February 2, 2006 8:03 AM
Maverick sounds like a great name for a Vekoma Boomerang or SLC, too!


~Rob Willi

Thursday, February 2, 2006 9:08 AM
I honestly can't imagine CF building another woodie unless it's intamin.

I wonder what their relationship is with intamin right now?


Thursday, February 2, 2006 11:34 AM
Moosh always has the best ideas. ;-)
Thursday, February 2, 2006 3:24 PM
CF is building a Intamin rapids ride in MIA, so the relationship can't be that bad.

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