Intamin track and supports arrive at Cedar Point

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Intamin track sections, some red, some white, have arrived at Cedar Point and unloaded next to Mean Streak along Perimeter Road. A giant yellow support beam and several short tan supports have also arrived.

See the photos at Guide to The Point and Virtual Midway.

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Well said kRaXLeRidAh. Probably most who love CP have never been to SFMM and vise versa. I just hope that the parks don't go belly up trying to out do eachother, though I do like the rides that this competition creates.

The worst day at Cedar Point is better than the best day at work.

If you're serious, you're reading WAY too much into that statement. "Stand up and take notice" is not a statement about the ride itself.

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Hooray! I saw some track on a flat bed truck heading up I-71 through Cincinnati yesterday. It was white just like those seen in the pictures. This is awesome.

Another idea that I think would be cool is if they made MF a dueling and racing ride. Impossible to do, but still cool if they could

Michael I agree with you on this one. When I was there during the final week of August I expect 10-15 minutes waits during the 2 weekdays I was there and much to my surprise waits were close to an hour. I'd expect this in 2000 when it was a brand new ride NOT 2002!


Settle down people!! No need to get all monkey about some track! Yeah, it's pretty awesome, but some of you need to get a life and not take EVERYTHING said on the internet as true, one hundred percent, hardcore, nondisputable evidence.

With that said, when do you expect to see an announcement? What about active construction? We got a long way folks...and it's not even winter...

However, I am excited about this new Intamin ride. I think we can safely put away any doubts that Cedar Point is building a new coaster for 2003 (Highly unlikely that it will be for 2004). The questions remain - is it dueling/racing, how tall, how fast, top hats, etc...

Mmmmmm........all this talk of coasters makes me want to ride good old Millennium (and worry about next years attraction when it comes ;) )

Correction: "NOT 2001!"

CoasterKaiser: I'd put my money on the coaster being similar to Xcelerator, based on the track pictures we have so far. Of course it's not all of the track but the pictures are suggestive.

OK..I'm new at this. What exactly is a Top Hat? Humor me.
I think they are relpacing the last turn of MF's last turn to red,white and blue with tan/gold supports. Cuz look, there is barely any track there
A top hat is a large arch like the one in Xcelerator.

The worst day at Cedar Point is better than the best day at work.

I highly doubt, though it's not imposible, that it will be racing/dueling coaster, simply because of the lack of space avalible. Cedar Point has outgrown itself, expanding everywhere possible basicly. the only way I think the could have room is if the built out onto the water, but they don't own any of that land. That WOULD be uber cool if they did that though, just unlikely. The Great Lakes are very well perserved, and are very touchy about their waterfronts.

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Is it just me, or are there a lot of short tan supports, they are all eqaul in hieght, maybe its for the launch on the new rocket coaster, oops, i said to much ;-)

Shaun Rajewski

First off, they are not all the same height. Xcellerator's launch section is on a slight slope. Second, are we to believe that you have some sort of inside knowledge by your "oops, I said to much"? It's quite obvious to everyone what it is... your comment is too late.

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CP again. 20 times.

OK...looks like I'm set.

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Im not one like Jeff, who knows all, but just because Xcelerator is sloped up, whats to say this one will? Its not (for the best of my knowledge) going to be a clone.

Shaun Rajewski
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That would be dissapointing if it WAS a clone. Sure Intamin's Xcelerator was fun (if not a little short), but the rocket type coaster could be made much better. *** This post was edited by Tyler Smetts on 8/22/2002. ***
Some of you people just amaze me...

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CP clones... ha...

CP's Wildcat is a clone... and many have said WT will be cloned.

Anyways, I'm 1000+ miles away and I can't wait! Now I'm seriously rethinking my next summer plans...

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RCTycoon2k: The launch needs to be sloped in case of a shortshot, meaning that the train didn't launch at full speed and it didn't make it through the elements. Xcelerator has done this many times and it needs the sloping to get back to the station. And the brake fins that go up help it slow down. Hope I helped...

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