Intamin track and supports arrive at Cedar Point

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Intamin track sections, some red, some white, have arrived at Cedar Point and unloaded next to Mean Streak along Perimeter Road. A giant yellow support beam and several short tan supports have also arrived.

See the photos at Guide to The Point and Virtual Midway.

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Jeff, what you are saying there playing with us. They basically show us the track but, no announcment, specs, nor type of ride. This is unfair. : ( I can't sit still anylonger. If it's opening next year I'm going to be taken off of work and school. This "thing" I set to believe will even be BIGGER than "X" ever was and ever will be. Well That's it for now.
millrace- That might be right. If it is goingt o be a record-breaking coaster with all those things it might not be ready til 2004.


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I don't see any short tan supports?

You can see the tan supports in this photo:


I dont think that this coaster is going to be the tallest it is going to be the fastest!ยก!
It does appear that this is something from Intamin. Another idea that I think would be cool is if they made MF a dueling and racing ride. Impossible to do, but still cool if they could

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FEC'S for Indy

Cedar Point usually does not make their announcement untill October. We are just going to have to wait. :(

The worst day at Cedar Point is better than the best day at work.

Um...if I may make a suggestion here. By looking at the pics at:

It would seem that some people are getting very close when taking the pictures. Actually getting close enough where they are almost climbing on the track. Can we please not try to cause a problem with CP? They probably dont mind as much if you take pictures, but walking around the track, almost on top of it, im sure they would have a problem with. So can we keep a distance and not cause problems.

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Mike "Viper" Semtak

I don't think this is a ride with three color tracks...if that were so wouldnt they try to fade the colors into eachother a bit...if not it will look all tacky like in NL When u make secitons of track different colors. Triple sounds EXTREMELY extravagant...but nothing outside of CP. I really have no idea...and I am just rambling. I'll sit tight for an announcement.


Millrace, SFGADman: While not impossible, I would say it is probably unlikely that it is not for next year. With the news of the announcement that was supposed to happen recently, but got pushed back, it is probably likely that it is for 2003.

I can only think of one instance where a new coaster for an existing park (not counting expansions of parks, ala LaQua/Korakuen) was announced several years in advance.

- Peabody

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So, other than the old Dodgem site, what else in terms of "land clearing" has their been? Im hoping to be there Sunday, but i would like an Idea of where I can look.

Viper423 -

I'm pretty sure it's okay for people to climb all over the track to take pictures, relieve themselves, etc. If it's for what my inside source told me it's for (Intamin Jungle Gym [new product]) then they'll be climbing on it sooner or later.

Just wanted to clear that up.

It tastes like burning.

i'm jealous...

Balder for Liseburg was announced in 2001 (Going to be opening in 2003).

I got kicked off, but I'm back!

I, got a good name for the ride , The OSAMA A** Kicker!!!!!!!!!!!
pki-goer who is to say that this is all of the track for CP's new coaster. Chances are good that on new pices of track, the color will blend into each other (or at least I hope so)
Viper423: Regarding pictures that seem to be taken compromisingly close to the track, I can do that with my digital camera, at a safe distance from the object I'm photographing. Dang things, these camera contraptions ;-).
Well, im just saying because one pic looks like the person who took it was right on the track itself. Just dont want to cause problems with CP since they obviously put the track there for all to see, and start the rumors.

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Mike "Viper" Semtak

Six Flags Magic Mountain--No Longer The XTREME Park!!

Why the hell does someone always have to bring up Magic Mountain when Cedar Point is the topic of discussion and vice versa?

And just for your information, both parks are pretty much confirmed at 16-16 anyway. Six Flags Inc. reported that their four main breadwinners will each recieve a major attraction for the 2003 season in an article.

The colors would look good if say the track going up the top hat was red, and then from half way up to half way down the other side was white and then the rest were blue. I just hope that the paint does not fade as fast as the paint on Mantis.

The worst day at Cedar Point is better than the best day at work.

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Jeff said here on the closed thread @ that it is gonna be a new generation of Stand Up Coaster. I wonder if they're gonna name it Son of Mantis.

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Whoa I'm the 88984594th Vistor to Coasterbuzz. I wonder what I have won.

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