Valleyfair getting a new coaster or not???

I was at one time an employee in the Physical Plant and at that time they had talked about bumping the Antique Autos back to the hillside across from the water park and inserting a coaster on the current Antique Autos site as well as part of the parking lot. this was before Steel Venom though and plans changed - I would guess they have abandoned the idea as the existing paved parking lot as well as the grassy overflow is all they have for parking space and on the few days they are at peak attendance they do fill it so they can't afford to loose parking and the Autos site isn't big enough on it's own for a coaster. The long range plan was to relocate the Physical Plant which is on the other side of the fence from the grassy hillside where the flags are - maybe that will happen? The service road for employees will eventually relocate all together to the other side of Excalibur; Valleyfair owns up the that intersection with the traffic signals just past Ex..
I was just there today and there are a few more markers than there were this time last week. There are a couple new white flags in the grassy area and there are a bunch of painted marks. Most of them are sets of 3 short parallel lines forming two longer parallel lines running from the midway to across the grass just over the drain on the left back to the fense. Continuing these two lines are dots across the midway leading towards the water park. I tried to get a look from Power Tower and it is possible there was some clearing back there but I could not be sure.
Here is a link to another site with more info on this topic.

I was just on ************* and someone who claims to work at VF mentioned that there is lumber being delivered and metal boxes with "GCI" in big green letters on the sides out back by the old campground.

Can anyone else here confirm this information?

No steel, but at least a new coaster that is desperatly needed.

Thanks for another great season, VF!

Yeah... wood is there and like you said... there's a ton of boxes and one of em has GCI written on it. By the way, thanks WTN, that's my website! Are GCI coaster's smooth? I went on Wildcat and that isn't.
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^ Wildcat is representative of GCII coasters running PTC trains....I love PTCs, but they're not the best for THOSE types of layouts....really need c-punk's special M-Flyers for GCII layouts...REALLY... ;)

I still say Valleyfair! has a *tremendous* wooden coaster hidden inside ALL those brakes...what a shame... :(

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If VF won't let High Roller (or Wild Thing) deliver airtime, I'm concerned about any future coasters.

That should spark some "discussion" ;)

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Wild Thing has some airtime on the first hill, but none what-so-ever after that. I'm excited to see something that's new and original in the CF chain. I'd also like to see more wooden coasters in the CF chain.
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Wild Thing (and what is likely the more airtime-producing Mild Thing, *grumble*) aren't exactly BUILT to be thrill rides. One look at High Roller told me that thrills are what that ride was MADE for...eerily, and sadly, reminiscent of HP's Comet...

rollergator said:
^ Wildcat is representative of GCII coasters running PTC trains....I love PTCs, but they're not the best for THOSE types of layouts....really need c-punk's special M-Flyers for GCII layouts...REALLY...

I heard they were talking to GCII about retrofitting Wildcat with MFlyers.

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...true, and Hershey knows how to handle wood. Gwazi, OTOH, is *in desperate need*.... ;)
Better question:

How well is Kentucky Rumbler doing for it's first year?

That could tell us what to expect to some degree.

And as for the "High Roller"...IT SUCKS with the trims.

As a kid I would get launched on the back run in some spots. Now I have to try and stand up in my seat to at least pretend to get air. Just watching it limp it's weak ass into the break run while in the cue makes me depressed.

If people say that ride is too rough, even with the super cushy seats in there now, they don't know wood.

Let it run like it used to. WT too for that matter!

Thanks for another great season, VF!

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Yeah, but Wild Thing has sucked since day one.

I'm glad someone else can varify my take on High Roller. Without the trims, it's ejector air on just about every hill after the turnaround.

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Glad to help Ac-Vis.

But I have to defend WT despite what others say it doesn't have.

I guess you go to WOF for your Morgan fix since it's only 3 hrs away as opposed to 5 to get here.

I have to say give me WT's second hill float time with Mamba's intense helix. But I like them both on their own. WT just happens to be in my back yard, that's all.

Does that combination make up Steel Force?

Sorry to go off topic. So...VF is getting a new coaster?...

Thanks for another great season, VF!

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Dude. Living on the north side of Des Moines, it only takes me three hours to get to VF and just under three hours to get to WoF. I don't go to ANY park for a Morgan fix, especially not those two! At WoF, Mamba is tied with Patriot behind Spinning Dragons and Timber Wolf for my coaster preference. At VF, I would give High Roller, Mad Mouse, Steel Venom, and certainly Excalibur the lead over Wild Thing. I've heard others praise the second hill on WT, but I've never "got" it, even during ERT with other "people who enjoy riding roller coasters." ;)

Steel Force is essentially the same layout as Mamba. The main differences are that Mamba's second drop is longer due to the drop-off in the terrain and that Steel Force has a little dip instead of a flat section at the top of the helix. And SF has a tunnel for good measure. *** Edited 8/23/2006 12:15:54 AM UTC by Acoustic Viscosity***

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AV, what seat do you ride on WT? You need to ride the second or third seat. The front is not bad either. The back ain't gunna do it on that ride. It is the same on Mamba.
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I learned after others told me re: Steel Force. It's actually *almost fun* near the front....

"Morgan, your source for a really boring tall coaster"... ;)

Yes, but on SF you need 1.1. It's weird how that works out, but it is all about its different bunny hills.
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It's been a while since I've ridden WT. Although, I was at VF a couple of weeks ago, I skipped WT to get to the Dells sooner. I'm sure at some point I've tried the front, middle and back, especially during ERT long, long ago. I don't remember every really liking it.

Everytime I go to WoF, I try Mamaba in both the back and front, especially 1.3, but it never delivers after the block brake. I almost always prefer the back on Mamba. If only they ran it with the block brake on very light (or not at all), that would be a great ride like it was before they got the second and third train.

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I honestly thought SF was the worst of the bunch.
  1. Mamba
  2. Wild Thing
  3. Steel Eel
  4. Steel Force

I have yet to get down to Mexico to ride Superman, but I hear I am not missing much. There is only 5 morgan hypers in the USA, right?

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Phantom's Revenge kinda sorta.

I haven't ridden Steel Force since '98 I believe. I found it to be a very fun ride and much better than Mamba, excluding those early rides before Mamba was adjusted for multiple train operation. But maybe they were being kind at Coaster Madness (the one day I was at Dorney).

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