Valleyfair getting a new coaster or not???

No! Put the wave pool there. :)
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Track spotted!
On my drive up to Valleyfair on Friday, I saw a flatbed truck heading north on I-35. It was carrying a large assortment of unassembled wood coaster track. ;)

While at the park, I did see the marker in the grassy area to the right of the tunnel to the "back" of the park. Hmmm...

More importantly, VF was "giving away" Skyscraper rides for $5 on Friday! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

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I doubt that IMAX is going anywhere and if it is, it has nothing to do with this new coaster. Speaking of IMAX, the rhythm one is kinda dumb, but the country music one was surprisingly good. It was kinda weird to see Dolly on the big screen and think of Thunderhead and not the other two things. Either she is getting old or I am. Maybe both.
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^LOL! I just had a flashback of the awful simulator ride at Dollywood.

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Okay...? So are you sure it was wood track and not just wood for something else like housing?
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LOL. Just in case you're not kidding, I was kidding. It was just a big stack of wood on a truck, but my first thought was, "track sighting!" since I was on my way up to Valleyfair and had the GCI rumor on my mind. :)

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Haha? I didn't really get the sarcasm part but whatever.
AV - quit teasing the kiddies. ;) I loved it.

I was at VF yesterday, and the Dipin Dots guy told me his friend at the Lemon Chill stand told him that he saw some two by fours on a truck along the highway on his way to work. He was convinced it was a GCI.

This is clear conclusive evidence that we are indeed getting a GCI coaster!!!! YAY! *** Edited 8/16/2006 4:38:38 AM UTC by coasterMNguy...***

Heh, not as funny as the first time. Ha, unassembled wood coaster. Thats good.

I'm a little worried about this ride being built on a wetland. It just seems that what if the place flooded, the ride would be closed. But, then again, with the weather we are having that doesnt look likes its gonna happen soon. *** Edited 8/16/2006 5:55:59 AM UTC by Wild Thing91***

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Got us one of those $5 *giveaway* rides on the Skyscraper....wished I had gotten one at Dells for 10, they looked like GOOD rides. I'm afraid of heights, but the cycle was SO short and lame, it barely scared ME...LOL!

WHAT on EARTH is the deal with Excalibur? Is it a mine ride? Steel twister? Kiddie-sized hypercoaster? Weirdest train/track/layout EVER!

If the woodie ran the way it was INTENDED to run, it would have been *incredible* it is, it's a fun credit, provided you're not busy thinking "what SHOULD have been"... :-/

^ I like to think of it as a single track twisting version of Gemini (wood structure/steel tube track).

A fine, fine Arrow it is :)...

Anyway, the trims at the top of the first drop have only been there a couple of years. There was some reprofiling at the bottom of the first drop where it use to have a rather low level speed camel bump (for lack of a better term) which is now flatend out. Maybe due to getting flooded out.

You used to get thrown out of your seat pretty hard on the first drop. But the majority of people thought it was too rough after a while. And it sits way in the back in a swamp so at night you would get eaten alive by mosquitos while waiting in line. Not too bad this year. But still doesn't get much of a line anymore.

I would not miss it if they took it out but it is uniqe enough for a reason to keep it.

Otherwise, 3 things need to be done to make it better:

1. REMOVE the trims at the top.

2. It is too short and looks like there was a possiblity to add in the future...DO IT! Put that 100'+ drop to use.

3. Keep finding other ways to make the ride smoother without hurting it's true character. It is getting better. *** Edited 8/16/2006 6:23:36 PM UTC by WildThingNative***

Thanks for another great season, VF!

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CoasterMNguy..., it's all in the timing. ;)

So sad to see High Roller trimmed to death. It's a fantastic ride without the trims; however one of the thrills of the trimless ride was the near miss with the tree limb that used to hang over the track near the final bunny hop.

The trims on Excalibur have been there for as long as I can remember. If memory serves, the bunny hop was removed after the first season. It's a fun ride regardless, but certainly too short. Depending on how pissed off I am about High Roller, Excalibur is the best coaster in the park, but both are certainly better than "Wild" Thing.

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Is it true that High Roller was originally named Thunderhawk? ;)

Great classic woodies with potential to run really well without so much braking...turned into really overly-tame "meh" coasters... :(.

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Cool. Valleyscare info released! *** Edited 8/17/2006 2:43:37 PM UTC by VF--New-coaster07***

^Construction photos, valleyscare prop photos.

Cool... Thanks for the neat photos.
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Drew - that link isn't working for me.
He must have taken it down because there were illegal POV's on that site.

EDIT: It should work now. *** Edited 8/19/2006 1:26:29 AM UTC by Wild Thing91***


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