Son Of Beast to Re-open 2007

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Yeah, those old Hurricane G-trains are supposed to be *adjusted* (shortened?) to make them "acceptable" for Sonny...there's almost no way I can think of to make those trains on *that* ride acceptable for RIDERS...LOL!

Of course, going with those trains means Sonny's life-expectancy dropped faster than a train coming off that 218' lift... :(

Doesn't Sonny have a larger than normal track gauge? If so, wouldn't trying to salvage a 'used' train be an absolute waste of time?

I think the Hurricane train idea is just a bad rumor.

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.
I agree. It was announced that SOB would get Gerstlauer trains and that the Hurricane trains had been sold. I think it is only a coincidence. All the modifications that would have to be made to the trains would make buying new much more worthwhile especially since the newer G-trains are supposed to have more comfortable restraints.

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

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Come on G2's! Hop on SOB and save us all! ;)

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