Son Of Beast to Re-open 2007

Maureen, whom works for Kings Island has announced that SOB will re-open for 2007 with some changes. I, for one, cannot wait to ride Sonny again. Didn't get one lap in last season.

A little birdie told me that GCI is doing work on the ride.
Cool. This may help greatly. I guess I should have also added that an official announcement will be coming soon as well.
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I'll wait around for an official announcement on what they are doing AND ride the ride before I make a judgement on this.

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If only GCI was building TRAINS for the ride, we'd be all set...LOL!

Of course, if they took MY advice, the only "Rosebowl" left would be that football game in Pasadena... :)

Cool news!!!
I'll finally get my SOB credit!

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Hopefully they are shortening the first 3 drops by about 50 feet each. Thats' the only way this coaster will ever be re-rideable. It was built simply for sensationalistic advertising purposes of the stats, not for a good ride.
The rides problems have nothing to do with the size of it's drops and everything to do with Guaging and it's trains.

I've had fifty foot drop coasters cause me more pain than SOB ever did. Big DIpper at Geauga's a prime example.


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I've heard that GCI is actually building trains for existing rides. Nothing certain, and I'm not saying they're building some for this ride, only that I've heard they're no longer turning away that business. (And yeah, I've been saying for ages it would be stupid for them to do so.)

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Stupid to turn away the business or get into the business?

^^The Giant Dipper has a couple of pretty rough spots too. Anyway, nice to hear they ain't gonna taer it down!!!000011100000111

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^^ I thought (at least, previously) that Clair Hain et al. were pretty much dead-set AGAINST building trains for coasters that GCII didn't build themselves...

Assuming what you've heard is true, Jeff, that sounds like a 180* turn(-around) from EVERYTHING that's been previously said...and yes, I *did* ask at the factory tour after PPP '05, only to get the same response we'd *always* heard re: trains...

My thinking (yeah, I know, LOL) is that somehow the insurability issues have been ironed out? If so, then, ummmm, yeeeeehaaaaaw! This could be GREAT news for some older coasters currently running...."crap"...for trains... :)

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Well I am very glad to hear this news. I would have hated to see such a huge ride like that destroyed.

So, will an 'improved ride experience' translate into trims???

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I wonder that kind of credited damage this might do, and the money that will nedd to be invested.

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When it opens and I hear great reviews of it. I might plan another ohio trip and include PKI in my plans
Well, in that link, one of the prior posts says that if aerial photos can be done, you'd see a big chances are, maybe some large portion of the ride might be gone...?...?

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

My understanding from conversations with People Who Know is that the issue of not building trains for coasters that GCII didn't build was all about them exposing themselves to liability for the performance of a ride they did not design and build.

If the client is positioned right and willing to take on that liability themselves, the problem can be solved.

In my opinion, which I have stated before on this forum, there are two basic problems with Son of Beast.

1) Rideability
The trains are ergonomically horrible. They were badly designed and then refitted twice to make them even worse. They are also mechanically inadequate to the ride. They are incapable of steering the curves on a ride that is nothing but curves.

The lateral shaking could be fixed by using a train of shorter cars, preferrably trailered with the axles between the cars. The overall length of the train isn't a problem, but each car is too long for its wheelbase. The vertical pounding was a structural issue which has mostly been fixed, but proper seat cushioning would go a long way toward correcting the problem as well.

2) Interest
This is where Son of Beast really fails. It features a great big boring helix, followed by the vertical loop, followed by...another great big boring helix. It seems odd, but all the straight drops on the ride are pretty good, but way too much of the ride is eaten up in those miserable helii.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

It's sad that this much needed "love" had to happen due to the circumstances, but it is still a good thing for the ride. It's a safe bet SOB will not lose the loop, maybe the large bowl will be altered (instead of diving right on the second hill, it will continue straight then dive into the bowl coming from the other end and maybe continue on to something else headed under the break run and then back onto the brakes) or perhaps, major changes to the layout after the loop... If anyone can save this massive brute it is GCII. *** Edited 11/28/2006 10:56:56 PM UTC by fearandloathing***

Jeff said:
I've heard that GCI is actually building trains for existing rides. Nothing certain, and I'm not saying they're building some for this ride, only that I've heard they're no longer turning away that business. (And yeah, I've been saying for ages it would be stupid for them to do so.)

Thats ludicrous to state. and yes they are turning away buisness concentrating on only a couple projects per year.

Now they've expanded, with a office in KY so they can take on more buisness but they will never build seven coasters in a year the way I see it.

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Which part is ludicrous? Growing your business? Yeah, that's totally not the American way.

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Not what I ment.

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