Six Flags' Next Coaster: When? Where?

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We all know it's going to be a while until a Six Flags park gets another big coaster, but when do you think it'll be, and where will it go? I think it's pretty obvious we won't be seeing any in 2007, and I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't add any in 2008, either.

As for where, I think it'll go to either Great America or New England. GAm got S:UF in 2003 and NE got B:TDK. Those were the last big additions for either park. Reasoning: Six Flags considers its top parks to be: SFMM, SFGAdv, SFGAm, SFNE, and SFoG. In 2006, Tatsu, El Toro, and Goliath were all built, so it won't go to any of those three parks.

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Word is that SFFT is getting a spinning coaster next year.

Where did the SFMM, SFGAdv, SFGAm, SFNE, and SFOG list come from?

Both Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags Fiesta Texas are to get a Gerstlauer spinning coaster in 2007.
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Have those been announced? Duane doesn't have them on RCDB. Not even as unknowns.

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Not announced, but clearing has already begun at both parks. SFFT's is on the Boardwalk and will use the old Joker's Revenge building. SFStL's is in the Britainia section where the Aligator Show stage was and will take out a few games and Hoods Goods souvenir stand.

SFGE - Astroworlds SLC(Serial Thriller) - When it will be installed ???
SFDL - Astroworlds Stand-Up(Batman) - When it will be installed ???
SFA - Astroworlds heartline(Ultra Twister) - When it will be installed??
SFMW - Just demolished Zonga, possible family coaster in next few years.
SFMM - Tatsu (05).. Won't see a coaster for a while IF the park is still around.
SFEG - No room, park wont be around much longer.
SFFT - Spinning Coaster for 2007.
SFOT - With the 10 new rides in 05 I think OT will get another coaster soon.
SFGADV - No coaster for a while after KK & ET.
SFGAM - S:UF 03 - Possible coaster in near future.
SFSTL - New spinning coaster for 07.
SFLR - Goliath 05 - NEW Coaster, not anytime soon.
SFOG - Goliath 05 - Won't see a coaster anytime soon.
SFNE - Pandemonium 0?(Too lazy to check rcdb) - Possible THRILL coaster say around 2009.
SFNO - Currently not operating. IF it ever reopens(99% sure it wont) Id bet on seeing a few new coasters.

S:ROS = <3
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^ all of your '05's should be '06's. Also, I'm pretty sure I said big coaster. Maybe I wasn't clear. A ride like Pandemonium doesn't fit under that category.

Oh, and I got the Top 5 list from common sense.

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With Shapiro in charge no big coasters will be built any time soon.

If they look at the chain & see who's gotten what in recent years they might,just might add coasters to the parks that have been overlooked for the better half of a decade so far.

I see a couplemore spinners possibly going to other parks in 08,then again we might see more than just two for 07....I mean what are they gonna add to the remaining parks for 07? I don't see very many flats going in that's for sure.

Isn't SFOT one of their top parks? With SFAW gone, this park should be experiencing increased attendance.

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Any common sense would tell you that SFMM is not a top park.


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SFoGswim said:

Oh, and I got the Top 5 list from common sense.

In other words, you just made it up. Gotcha.

Also, not everyone defines "big coaster" the same way, so if spinners really don't count, you could have mentioned that.

SFGAm got a coaster in 04 people...Ragin Cajun.
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coasterdude318 said:
Any common sense would tell you that SFMM is not a top park.
OK, then one of the parks Six Flags seems (seemed?) to give the most attention to.

Let's go ahead and set a 100' minimum height on a "new, big coaster".

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matt. said:

SFoGswim said:

Oh, and I got the Top 5 list from common sense.

In other words, you just made it up. Gotcha.

No, he's right. There was an online article about a year ago regarding Six Flags Inc.'s financial struggles (before Shapiro was installed). The article mentioned Six Flags' "top 5" properties regarding attendance, ROI, and overall generated revenue. The parks cited were Six Flags Great America, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Over Georgia, Six Flags Great Adventure, and Six Flags Over Texas.

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Considering that *short list*, and the "restrictions" imposed by calling it a BIG coaster, I guess SFoT looks like the next recipient. About time too, that park is lacking for great coasters.... (psssssst...that was sarcasm). :)

But really, consider the expenditures, and the weird contractual arrangements with SFoG/SFoT, and it looks like your best bet.

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kRaXLeRidAh said:
No, he's right.

How can you tell me he's right when the list you're mentioning includes SFoT, and his doesn't, and he conceded that his list wasn't based on that article but his own "common sense." Gimme a break.

Even if there were some sort of offical "Top 5" list it's not as if that would automatically disclude any of the other SF parks from getting a coaster in the next few years. It's oversimplification.

And now a "big, new coaster" has to be over 100' tall? Gosh, this is getting more arbitrary by the second. Cedar Point, practically the world capitol of "big, new coaster"s is right now building a coaster that would only qualify by a mere 5 feet.

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All I asked was where you thought the coaster would go. I think those are the most eligible parks. What do you think?

Also, if you consider those spinning coasters to be big installments, then what are rides like Top Thrill Dragster?

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Um, taller?

I still don't understand why

coaster over 100 feet = big
coaster under 100 feet = not big

Isn't there more to consider besides the maximum height? Still seems totally arbitrary to me.

But anyway, if I were to place money on a couple of SF parks to get coasters over 100 feet tall before all the other ones, I probably guess the same ones everyone else would guess. Don't really have much more insight on the subject other than past trends and patterns, probably the same as everyone else here. *** Edited 9/9/2006 3:36:33 AM UTC by matt.***

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How about SFKK. Isn't a new "wet" vekoma coaster going into the park or something? That and HW are my homeparks so I know what HW is getting, now i want to know what SFKK is getting. I think a spinning coaster would be a GREAT addition to both parks.
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Agreed on spinners being cool for both parks, Dan, but then again, after riding SFNE's Pandemonium a few times this year, I'm thinking something like that would pretty much rock anywhere.

I have new hope that SFKK's layout will be fixed now with new management, which I hope would be the first step, but I guess that's just been a waiting game since those brideges were first built.

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