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It's on Six Flags website.

Over Georgia: New Thomas Town

Great Adventure, New England, and Great America: Batman Themed Mack Coaster

Great Adventure: Glow in the Park Parade

Great Escape: Waterslide, and Wiggle's World

Discovery Kingdom and Over Texas: Tony Hawk

St Louis: Wooden Twister Type of Coaster

Fiesta Texas: Basically, Batman the Ride named Goliath

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The Dark Knight Coaster is coming in 2008! Be transformed into a citizen of
Gotham City — caught in the middle of a city under siege and torn apart by The Joker.

With The Dark Knight, experience the ride of a lifetime. Venture through demented hallways of twists, turns and hallucinatory images, while being tormented by The Joker himself. Then set foot onto a distressed, vandalized train platform. You can only guess at what awaits as you speed through six
180-degree hairpin turns, climb unseen hills, plunge into pitch darkness and dip into unforeseen danger. As you attempt to escape the terror, your only hope is that Gotham's Silent Guardian —
Batman — can save you!

thats the description from the great adventure site.

This makes me very happy. This is a badly needed ride. Something that everybody can ride. Hopefully it is indoors.

So much for Shapiro's plan to stay away from roller coaster construction for a while. Not that I'm complaining. Six Flags parks have needed more fun family coasters for years and it's nice to see that's being corrected, especially one park getting a wood coaster. I hope that's the start of something.

I'm excited about the new Great Adventure ride. Any word on what the SFNE coaster will be called, since that park already has a coaster called Batman: The Dark Knight?

Its the same exact info for the one at sfne. This is called The dark night Coaster. A little different. then Batman:the dark night. Unless they plan on changing the name of the other coaster at sfne.
^^According to the listed rides, they are changing the other coasters name to Batman the Ride instead.

That is going to confuse people. That's a horrible decision if that is truly the case. People are going to think Batman the Ride is new, and not The Dark Knight. They should name this new ride Batman The Ride. *** Edited 9/27/2007 2:18:46 PM UTC by Spinout***

According to their website, the floorless coaster at SFNE is now just Batman: The Ride. (D'oh, Spinout beat me to it!)

And as I recall, Shapiro never said they would not build ANY rollercoasters, he said something like "you won't be seeing any more Goliaths at Six Flags" (referring to the hyper at SFoG). I do find it amusing that even though it's an invert, they ARE building a Goliath at SFFT. :)

- Aaron K

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Interesting. I wonder if that's a good idea, or if it's going to lead to confusion. I'm guessing that people called the floorless coaster simply "Batman", making it okay to change the name of that ride while giving the new coaster The Dark Knight name?
I think we go back to the arguement, enthusiasts know the difference while the general public could care less.

A day at the park is what you make it!

no, it'll just be confusion, like it was at Great Adventure when the built Chiller. Enthusiasts and the staff knew to call it Chiller to distinguish it amongst themselves, but to the public it was "Batman & Robin", which became just "The Batman Ride", which became "I went to Great Adventure and rode the Batman ride" / "so did we, we went a few years ago" / "no, this is a new Batman ride" / "oh, did they tear down the old one?" / "no, it's still there" / "oh"

or even better -

"I went to Great Adventure and rode the Batman ride" / "the one where you hang from the track?" / "no, the one where you shoot out of the building and up the tower" / "oh, they must have changed it" / "yeah, well, it's real rough, that Batman ride"

good luck, New England - and don't get me started on the new woodie in St. Louis named for a guy who went on drunken rampages, did jail time for domestic abuse, and attacked his manager with an aluminum baseball bat - gee, what a good role model to aim at the family audience, not to mention that nobody under 40 knows who he is, or at least remembers when he was famous

I thought the "Six Flags shoot self in foot" days were over - guess not - but at least they're buying good rides, that's all I should care about, I suppose

and PS, one thing SF did succeed at - they've diverted out attention for the morning and almost made us forget that Hershey is announcing their thing in about 83 minutes
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I'm only counting 7 new coasters... where's the 8th? Is it an SLC at Great Escape?
I only counted six
never mind - did not notice there are THREE Dark Knight coasters. so now I see seven.
Below me, some person said (sports player), said they were going to have 8. *** Edited 9/27/2007 2:55:12 PM UTC by Spinout***
The Great Escape mentions nothing about a new coaster. Where was it said that the announcement would be for eight coasters?
On here:

"Theismann likes the company's management and that it's building eight new roller coasters."

That was on a business site, and I believe it was that Mad Money site.
So once again SFA gets the shaft...that's it I won't be returning even in october of this year & the park can just suffer the same fate as GL.

The only reason Snyder bought up SFI from premier in 05/06 was because of poses a threat to fedex field right up the road & even though the stadium doesn't operate nearly as long as the park it still poses a threat during the latter half of the season when football games resume.

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as you speed through six 180-degree hairpin turns, climb unseen hills, plunge into pitch darkness and dip into unforeseen danger.

Umm...hate to be the bearer of bad news but that sounds like a Mack Mouse.

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