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I had heard some months ago that SFKK was going to get rid of the Top Thrill Dragsters for some new park expansion. Has anyone heard anymore on this or anything else related to SFKK.



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I hope not. They are a lot of fun. For those that think he is delusional and getting Cedar Point confusedwith SFKK, he is right. The dragsters at SFKK are an up-charge attraction, where you sit in a mini dragster and go down a track racing with the person next to you. Quite fun.

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If I'm not mistaken, the "Top Eliminator Dragsters" were closed and blocked off during 2006.
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Yeah, they were down and inaccessible for 2006. A sign of things to come?

They are basically going for some new water ride. My guess is that it's a water coaster with the new LIMs.
Those were kind of cool, but the air powered ones in Old Town are the real deal. They clocked us hitting 117mph in 1.83 seconds :)

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Ilovthevu' said:
They are basically going for some new water ride. My guess is that it's a water coaster with the new LIMs.

I'm still waiting for LIM launched bumper cars.

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Just go to Knoebels :)
Sorry, I ment Top Eliminator Dragsters.


In all the many times I ever went to SFKK dating back to 2000, I never saw the TED's running. They were always down which created a long stretch of dead space. I say good riddance and put something in that will draw attendance.

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If you have been to the park, you may have noticed the sign posted at the entrance to Top Eliminator Dragster where the path is blocked off. It reads "Closed for Future Developement. More Family Fun Coming!"

Obviously this means they will be removing the Dragsters for expansion room.

Supposedly the top of Hellivator has been painted blue now. Can anyone verify? If so, I sense Superman is on his way in and Hell is on its way out.

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I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
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Too bad. Hellavator is such a cool name, but I'll agree it's not the most family friendly name out there.

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I was up in Louisville today and didn't notice Hellivator being painted any other color than usual.....I may be wrong but I defenitely didn't notice it.
I am surprised that the name Hellavator has lasted this long. But I also remember that T2 was going to be Batman the Ride and Chang was going to be Poison Ivy and those didn't happen either.


I drove through Louisville on my way back from Alabama on Sunday. Indeed, the top of Hellavator HAS been painted blue, but the rest of the ride is still it's original color.

I'd post a picture, but I didn't have my camera with me, it was below the bus.

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Wonder if they will change anything else now?(Names of rides and coasters)


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I hope SFNO's B:TR comes here and replaces T2. Riding in the front seat of that thing is complete torture!Then we can re-attempt the Gotham City theme again.

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Will it fit in the space of T2 or will they have to place B:TR in another area of the park?


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They are both pretty compact but I think B:TR is alittle bit longer of a span from one end to another. But there is some vacancy from where T2 ends to Twisted Twins.

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