Popular coasters that you just didn't "get"

DEK, Magnum and Thunderbolt are my two favorite coasters. It seems that when people criticize Magnum, they haven't ridden train 1-3, and Thunderbolt, they haven't ridden the back at night. When it's heated up in the back seat, there is no other wooden coaster like it (that i've ridden, and there's been quite a few).
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Magnum. I got no airtime until after the pretzel turnaround. Tried 1-3 numerous times, same results. It's a fun ride, but I think it's over-hyped.

How about ride you liked and wondered what enthusiasts have against them? Here are some:

Vekoma Boomerangs: The only thing I see wrong is them being cloned everywhere. They don't seem rough, and when I go on them with non-enthusiasts, they usually go right back in line for it.

Vekoma SLCs: Same as above. I haven't encountered an SLC quite as rough as everyone says they are.

Blue Streak: Damn well near the second greatest woodie in Ohio. (Big Dipper taking that honor) The airtime on Blue Streak is simply amazing.

Any others?

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Millennium Force - Yes, I enjoyed the ride, but after reading nothing but praise I expected more. There is hardly any airtime and the overbanks do nothing for me.

Xcelerator - I loved this ride, but it did dissapoint me. After the top hat the ride is basically over. Just like on MF, the overbanks do nothing for me.



Dare I say it? Well, if you're going to drag it out of me like that....Shivering Timbers. It's not really that I didn't get it as much as a huge case of anticipointment (thanx jeremy!).

First ride in 1.2 was a huge disappointment. Ranked right up there with American Eagle - a little longer but not as high or fast. Second trip in the very back helped a lot but again, it wasn't living up to the hype. The trip back after the turnaround, staring directly into the sun, head laid back, gently floating over the hills while traveling thru the structure WAS amazing but not enough to move it past Cornball or Viper.

This is just personal preference I guess. I'll choose a twister with ejector air over the out-and-back floater every time.

Don't get me wrong. It's one of the greats and was well worth the trip to MiA but I expected more. Much more.

Magnum is on my list too. Great point though, Mark -- Magnum was surely the best ride on the planet in its day. My guess is that a lot of people got attached to it back then and to them it's still the best coaster ever.

And, as much as I don't want to (with SDC being my home park), I have to include Wildfire. It's just too short and not intense enough to compare with other coasters. I've still made some trips just to ride it, but it was a letdown from what I had hoped for when I first heard about it. Seems like SDCo. built a "budget" beemer -- bad idea, hopefully they won't make the same mistake with the upcoming GCI.

PLEASE READ: This post wasn't meant to offend or anger anyone; I apologize in advance if it does. So please don't post a reply just to rant about it. :)

Mantis. Really looked forward to it. It *looks* awesome. Hated the ride. Tried it several more times over the years. Hated it more each time. It still looks beautiful though.

Raptor, at Cedar Point, is still my favorite. I just love it.

Wow there are so many varied opinions. I guess each and every one of us has our own "cup of tea."

I, surprisingly liked Magnum XL-200, Iron Dragon and Mantis. I was expecting a bad ride from those two, but those turned out to be two of the highlights of my trip (the other being Batman Knight Flight).

Magnum for me too. But I am more of a twister guy, than an air time guy.

But even though it didnt live up to my expectations, it is a beauty. Those tremendous first hills and that the gorgeous view are worth it for me.

Even the "worst" coaster is much better than being at home or working.

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After riding Alpengeist & a Batman:TR, I was very bored riding Raptor. Granted, that thing rips through the first loop, but after that, humdrum, LOL, a ride in a circle. It's the only ride that's EVER left me out. I have no hard feelings speaking bad of her.

Magnum was one of those that was giving us a quick loud ride followed immediately by a rough airtime fiasco many different times the same days we were there, good stuff, I like a bit of unpredictability & moodiness to my rides;). If we got a bad ride, it was back onto that thing until the good ride was delivered, & it came.

Blue Streak, yeah, after riding her I thought more peeps would've been over there later in the day & on the second day, but everytime I went to walk our dog, I stood there waving to the same two guys who were the only people on one of the trains, deserted, sacrilege! Even with those orange lap-weighters she was fun. The exact opposite to this thread.

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Many will consider what I am about to say blasphemous, but I have a few that consistently rank high that I don't rank very highly at all. My Top 2 wood and steels [and where each coaster falls in my ranking] is:

#1 Beast - The brakes ruin the pacing of this once-great coaster. It is currently ranked #56 out of 77 woodies ridden.

#2 Shivering Timbers - sorry, but IMHO out-and-backs shouldn't be this long...fun but ultimately too boring and repetitive. Currently ranked #31 our of 77 woodies ridden.

#3 Nitro - fun, but engineered for the non-enthusiast crowd and way too weak on any significant forces. I've ridden over 200 steel coasters, so while I don't rank steel I do keep a list of ten favorites. Nitro is not on that list.

#4 Millennium Force - great first drop, great bunny at the end, but the middle leaves me wanting more. Millie is also not in my list of favorite steel coaters.

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Both of the B&M 'speed' coasters I've ridden, Raging Bull more so than Nitro fall into the 'I don't get it' category. Rollercoasters aren't meant to be ridden in a baby's high-chair IMO. I just feel too disconnected from the ride in those 'Wonderful B&M trains.' The four across seating makes it seem too much like a bus, but I think I've gotten more ejection air on some bus rides. I guess 'float' is less important than 'ejection' in my book.

I think Desperado brings out the masochist in me. I feel I like it more than I should. Is that a bad thing. :)


The opinions expressed in this post may have been exaggerated to make a point, though I'm not sure what the point is.

Mamoosh - Like we all didn't know you'd have to be difficult, anyway. Hater. :)

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Weird, Nitro did so well on Mitch Hawker's poll but seems as though most people here think it's far too weak to be good. Makes ya wonder how it did so well on that poll. :-\

The coasters I don't get....any wood coaster at PKD. I have never liked any of them, but they are usually praised pretty highly (esp Grizzly).

For steel, I'd have to say... Goliath/Titan. People like these a lot but I always say "why?" Just don't do it for me, oh well.

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Mamoosh said:

#3 Nitro - fun, but engineered for the non-enthusiast crowd and way too weak on any significant forces. I've ridden over 200 steel coasters, so while I don't rank steel I do keep a list of ten favorites. Nitro is not on that list.

Phew! Someone who's opinion I respect summed it up in words I never could find. These are exactly my feelings on this ride - I really thought it was just me.

Someone in this thread (BullGuy) also mentioned rides enthusiasts seem to hate that you like - my biggest one would be Vekoma Boomerangs. I just really like them. I've done 6 so far and never had any serious headbanging and the drop if you sit in the back is a nice "stomach taker". Very disorienting and other than Dueling Dragons they're the only coasters that give me "Jell-O Feet"

Also, please avoid turning this into a flame thread. It's not personal if someone doesn't "get" one of your personal favorites. I was just curious as to others experiences like mine and am still interested in hearing more - don't get this thread closed on us.

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I would have to say Talon at Dorney. I had very high expectations of the ride, and after I rode it for the first time last year I was like.......OK? that's it? Not that I hate it, but I was dissapointed, expecting it to kick Raptor and Alpengeist's asses. Batman The Ride even ranks higher in my book.

A huge dissapointment was Skull Mountain at Great Adventure years ago when it first opened. There was so much hype about this ride at the time and after waiting 2 hours and riding it I found it to be very boring, probably the ONLY Intamin ride I don't like. I think I have only rode it two or three times since then.

Tomb Raider isn't all that either, that is not a coaster but it was kind of like "Ok...what's next....Hanging upside down is kind of cool...HUSS spins are cool....but is there more to this?" I didn't think it nearly lived up to the hype, but I always hit it first during the ACE walkback, just to get it out of the way and enjoy the HUSS sensation. I would not stand in line for it for any significant amount of time.


I didn't really get Talon. It was not very intense. I did enjoy it though. Another coaster I didn't get was Batwing. I thought it was rough and had choppy transitions.I whould rather go on it than any SLC. As coasters that enthusiats have hated that I like would had to have been Hercules. While it is not my favorite, it wasn't as rough as I was led to believe. The same goes for Whirlwind at Knoebel's.
I realize it's not a coaster, but I'd have to say Any S&S tower. Hypersonic is great the towers just plain boring.


I think a lot has to do with what you've ridden immediately before. I know I've always thought Disaster Trasnport was lame, lame, lame. That's because I always rode it towards the end of the day. Well, one year I rode it first thing, and thought it was great, and had a lot of fun on it. Of course, I hadn't ridden any roller-coasters in over a year, so my body wasn't *used* to being thrown around and such. Riding this ride after ANY other coaster, and it'll be lame. But if it's all you've ridden up to that point, it can be enjoyable! Knowing this, I try to plan my rides to get the most extreme rides towards the end of the list, and "build up", so I can enjoy everything along the way. It works for me.

Phoenix, everybody talks it up so much and yet for me it was pretty melodramatic. It has loads of air and all but not as much as Shivering Timbers and no real laterals to speak of. Twister is the better of the two woodies at that park.

The Beast and Night, They go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly

I'm going to have to agree with Millennium Force. The locals really have taken to Millie, and I don't blame them for that. But anytime I hear someone say, "you have to ride in the front at night to REALLY get it", I know the ride isn't an all around great coaster. I don't want to bash on any ride, it's not my style, all rides provide something for someone. But this ride left me stunned, and not in a good way.

I remember thinking to myself, "ok, THAT was Millennium Force"? "Are you sure"? Because I must have missed the boat somewhere. I wasn't looking for airtime, I was looking for a heart pounding thrillride and quietly arrived back at the station still waiting for the part where things get exciting. I never came. :(

For some reason I still like the ride, and would love to have it closer to me for the novelty and bragging rights, but other than that, give me Magnum or B:KF anyday.

Xcelerator also left me wanting more. The launch is great but I guess overbanked turns are just not my cup of tea. For this reason, I'm one of the few who isn't waiting on pens and needles for Cedar Point's upcoming announcement. Unless they can do something MUCH more spectaular with Intamin's new toy...

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