New GravGroup woodie for Texas

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He stated it is "supposed" to open in '07. That doesn't sound all that definate to me.

Guess we read that differently. To me his "supposed" was referring the uncertainty of the opening date, not the uncertainty that the ride was going to be built.

Nothing's definite, though a whole bunch of wood just showed up on site. Would like to think this is its intended use.
Ok on both my trips to Six Flags over Texas Texas Giant was so painful This will be so much better

Dinn hasnt made a coaster i havent felt pain on

but dont let me run off topic

Wood would be pretty definite! :)
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Unless there was some sort of plague of woodchucks in the area. ;)

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M-V are apparently also busy in Maine and Ohio...

When Paul Revere said "The British are coming" it wasn't supposed to be good news. 230 years later, "the Canadians are coming", and this time, it IS good news... ;)

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I'll be here. We can have some good wood in TX again. (And Giant does NOT count).

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Please send Giant to Iowa then. :)

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^ To heck with THAT.... FL has been needing a "Giant" for a long time...and Iowa has more good wood than us already, so we "deserve" it more... ;)

But quite possibly, as much as I love Giant, my favorite wood in Texas was the one that is no more... RIP TX Cyclone :(

I was looking through the site from early some

I like the Giant better than most Summers & Dinn, but it still suffers the kind of problems those large late 80s, early 90s rides all have. Wooden coasters just tear themselves part that large with that older technology.

This new ride looks to be under the 100' mark, which is reassuring for its longevity. Just hope its seaside location doesnt spell its own doom, Kemah already flooded big time once during the initial construction of the boardwalk which caused a lot of work to be lost.

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It's not going to be built at ground level. Think Cornball Express.
Im about sick of all the under 100ft talk for a wooden coaster, In fact, GCII's newest in Europe is nearly 180ft.


I hardly think 105 ft qualifies as "nearly 180ft."
The drop is 105, The coaster is much taller. Trust me.
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Anyone found any other views of the model? I'm trying to figure out the layout for a NoLimits model. The two images so far have left me puzzled.

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I went out to Kemah today to visit the Boardwalk and lo and behold there is a big section of the property with an UNDER CONSTRUCTION sign up and behind the fencing was a lot of wood being constructed and it sure did look like the north end was the foundation for a coaster. A nearby lot also had tons of wood awaiting use. whatever the people at kemah are saying should be taken for smoke screening. Once I develop the photos I will post them and you can tell me what you think.


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People still develop photos? ;)

I am much more sure this thing is happening than I was about Renegade. Too many positive signs to say otherwise.

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Considering this could be the "mystery" project hinted at in a recent issue of ACE News, I'm inclined to think it's true.
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^ It WAS a mystery....until all you "meddling kids" came along... ;)

It just gets harder and harder to keep a good secret...stupid Internets! :)

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