New GravGroup woodie for Texas

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According to this thread on the Google newsgroup rec.roller-
coaster the Kemah Boardwalk is receiving a Gravity Group woodie, to open in late Spring 2007. There is a link to the model shown at IAAPA in the first post.
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And another park goes from relative obscurity to instant fame (at least in enthusiast land) thanks to an awsome looking wooden coaster.

Ride looks amazing, and, oddly, straight out of the GCI handbook.

Enthusiast tell friends, They tell friends and so on, and so on and so on.

Look at HW, While the waterpark is a huge local draw, The word was getting out before that.


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Right, that is why I said "instant." :) *** Edited 11/30/2006 3:14:35 AM UTC by matt.***
That is one sexy looking ride. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for Kennywood (if that article from long ago turns out correct)...
Ok I looked the park up on RCDB and found nothing so I guess the Gravity Group is going to get credit for jump starting a noname park into an awsome park. Good move on their part
Its great to see the trend against beachfront parks being bucked somewhere. In addition, this park fills a need in a region lacking major amusement parks ever since SFAW closed.

Of course, Kemah will never be a substitute for a big theme park and hopefully a major park will be built in the Houston area some day.

Arthur Bahl

Hopefully this ends up being true. The Houston area needs a roller coaster.

Kemah Boardwalk certainly isn't a "noname" park in the Houston area. If you aren't familiar with Kemah Boardwalk (actually located in the city of Kemah), visit the site at

The place is always packed on weekends in the summers as they have a lot of events going on ranging from outdoor movies on a huge inflatable screen to live music to fireworks every Friday in June and July.

If they build something as big as this, it may certainly get Kemah Boardwalk recognized outside of the Houston area.

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Ahhh looks awesome! Now I have good reason to go back to Kemah. I wonder if it might be a wooden structure as the model seems to imply, or if it was just easier to build that with wooden model materials.

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I like that 270 at the top of the lift hill.
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Hopefully this ends up being true.

No need to hope.

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Looks sweet to me. Has some elements that remind me of Medusa in Mexico. I am SO going back to Texas in 2007. See ya there, Andy. :)

AV Matt
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^ We'll bring a 55-gallon drum of sunscreen and hit up Schlitterbahn... ;) ;)

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That 35 SPF spray-on stuff works just fine surprisingly.

As if Texas Giant and Shock Wave weren't reason enough to visit Texas. Sweeeeeeeet. :)

AV Matt
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That looks sick. If I vomit, it's out of love.

Mamoosh said:
Hopefully this ends up being true.

No need to hope.

Our contacts at Kemah still insist this is not a done deal. Let's not forget we've seen drawings before of coasters that never came to be.

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Aeroplane drop anyone? Sweet!

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Jeffrey - did you read the entire thread I linked to? Seems to me some of those responding would know for sure if this is gonna happen.
I only saw one industry name in that thread an he works for Zamperla. He stated it is "supposed" to open in '07. That doesn't sound all that definate to me.

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They should build a Giga. :)

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