Kings Island new Coaster 2014

Cept it's a Giga Campground 300ft in the air

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Jason Hammond said:
Except that there is a sign that says "No Camping."

Exactly. It's a reverse clue.

Lord Gonchar said:

What's with the broken, hairy comb?

It's a Vecomba?

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He'll be here all week, folks.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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Edited to add - 7 inversions? Lift hill threading a loop? Am I looking at that correctly?

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I think you are LG!!!!

Before you can be older and wiser you first have to be young and stupid.

Woulda been better if they had spelled "vicinity" correctly on the plans.

Granted, it was correct in the small print :)

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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Now, had that kid's dad said he saw something like this, i'd have believed him.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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Thanks for sharing Gonch.

That looks pretty amazing. It also appears to be an inverted coaster. The second inversion does appear to be traveling around the lift hill. What is with that strange pair of inversions near the middle? I can't wait to see what that looks like.

I know that it's sloppy, but I took a screenshot and altered it a little, just for my CoasterBuzz friends.

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As I remember Gatekeeper, some person did some sort of the same thing with it and was dead on with the layout. This is probably the real deal.

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Took the screenshot outline that Travis posted and overlayed it onto an aerial view of Kings Island.

There's your Banshee.

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The Blueprints are correct to the footers I seen in person. Three big triangular footers are right behind the space shot The Immelman will be right next to Delirium.

Drop, Immelman, Verticle, 0g roll. Long straight seems weird, possibly another Og? Bat-wing and looks like another vertical and upward helix. Is what I can make out

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Is the first inversion going to be a dive loop or an immelmann? My guess is a dive loop, because there is a lot of space before it for the track to change elevation and flip.

I am very excited that I do not see a cobra roll here. They are not usually fun, in my opinion. I also do not see any flat spins, and they are found on every inverted B&M, I believe.

What are the chances that this is not an inverted coaster? lol

Edited to add... The element that you are calling a batwing seems very strange, Charles. It's not a perfectly straight element. Also, could the strange long straight section be a MCBR? If the coaster is as large as we are being led to believe, this is a possibility.

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Lord Gonchar, I like your decoding. Now it makes me anxious to see the real thing. My question is which way would the lift hill be heading? Towards Flight deck or towards delirium?

Inverts often have a helix finale, so I'd say the lift will be towards Delirium.

Thanks Travis and Gonch. And thanks to whoever posted the video in the first place.

So, clearly, in this representation the lift heads toward the bottom of the picture, and the other stretch of track is the brake run and the transfer area. One of the (only) things I liked about Son of Beast was the way the lift and turn around towered over the front of the park. While not as massive in structure, this ride seems like it might bring the same visual effect.

I'm also most intrigued by the odd turn around halfway through. It seems to hit the known low spot in the terrain and looks like it might be a huge inversion element, maybe even larger than the initial drop itself. (the lift doesn't seem all that long to me) It looked in the video like one could possibly make out the actual track itself and how it twists and banks. I'm sure someone is sitting somewhere doing that very thing right now, but truthfully the video got on my nerves so bad I couldn't bring myself to try to study it further. So once again I appreciate you guys' efforts.

Something about leaks like this make me feel disappointed that the actual reveal is spoiled, but at the same time excited to know as well. It's a quandary.

Does anyone know what legal questions arise when information like this is leaked? I wonder how this was obtained and how much trouble, if any, the poster risks getting into. Maybe it's all fair game and up for the taking, but it looks like the poster took care to block out information on the blueprint. Possibly copyrighted material? I would surely think, if this is the real deal, that KI is none too happy that their little party was spoiled.

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The guy who posted it should definitely be fired for his efforts, unless, of course, the leak was sanctioned by park management as part of the marketing strategy. I believe that the part that was covered by the blue envelope may contain the ride's logo, perhaps?

The video really go on my nerves too. It's so long, and he covers so much of the area that is of little interest to those looking for the ride layout. Fourteen minutes of a few large pieces of paper... lol

And even though I can criticize this guy for his terrible camerawork, I am very thankful that he did it. I will feel bad for him if he gets canned.

Why is it that Kings Island has trouble keeping secrets?

Edited to add, Screamscape is counting 8 or 9 possible inversions.

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RCMAC said:

It looked in the video like one could possibly make out the actual track itself and how it twists and banks.

Yes, you absolutely can.

LostKause said:

Edited to add, Screamscape is counting 8 or 9 possible inversions.

I still only see 7.

Here's how I'm reading it:

  • Leave the station with a turn to the left
  • Lift Hill threads the loop
  • Drop to the right
  • Dive Loop/Immelman thingy
  • Loop around the lift
  • Zero-G
  • Crazy Batwing-looking thing
  • Loop
  • Helix
  • Zero-G
  • Helix
  • Brakes

But now that Chuck said it, the run between the first loop and Batwing Thing seems awfully long. The track definitely twists there in the video close-ups - but near the first half of that long run.

Not sure how Screamscape is getting 8 or 9 inversion out of that layout.

IMO, I see 7-8. There could be a zero g roll or corkscrew that we are missing especially near the Batwingy thing. I also predict an mcbr somewhere.

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What if some of those longer straight-stretches are low-to-the-ground terrain-hugging high speed sections? That's a possibility. And that helix-looking thing after the second vertical loop could be a hammerhead/over-banked turn element, which could be counted as an inversion. I just don't see any flat spins, and that is one of the best parts of an inverted coaster.

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