Kings Island new Coaster 2014

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^That joke was already made, buster. NO VOTEUP FOR YOU!

Lord Gonchar said:

Also, looks like the bigger size does make it more of a dive loop/immelman than the old, stiffer-looking corkscrew/half-loop into half-loop/corkscrew combo we know as the Batwing on Montu:

Actually, the right corkscrew-half loop-straight track-half loop-left corkscrew is a combo we know from RCT2.

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Exactly what I was thinking.

We have Erection! of the Train Parking Support structure! Catch it on Webcam.

Sounds painful.

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If that's still there at noon, you should call a doctor.

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I was re-watching the videos for Banshee and happened to click on the "ride vehicle" video that no one ever looks at. Take a look.

Notice the restraints are NOT the traditional B&M invert OSTRs, but rather are the ones from their wing coaster designs (GateKeeper, X-Flight). I did some quick rcdb research and saw that the 2 most recent B&M inverts were both installed in France and had the traditional OSTRs. So Banshee will officially be the first. I wonder what made them make this decision (cost/guest size/etc).

I also hope they can get the vests figured out before opening day. These restraints on a more agile coaster like an invert will be interesting. Hopefully they don't go into choke mode.

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Oh, I thought that was common knowledge.

In any case, it should be interesting.

Whaddaya mean nobody ever looks at it? I bet we all did.

You could say we have a vested interest in it.

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Very excited about this ride! Great looking layout, nice color scheme, and I love the fact that the ride hits its top speed half way through. I think it will be a great addition to the park.

I haven't been to Kings Island since 2008, so I haven't even ridden diamondback yet! I loved the park as a whole and me and my friend had a great time. So if all goes well I see Kings Island being my first trip of 2014 :)

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I think that Diamondback, in a way, changed the whole dynamic of the parks traffic pattern, and made the park seem a lot different. I can't explain it, but the park seems much more complete with the one - two punch of Beast and Diamondback. With Banshee all the way on the other side of the park, the park will change a lot once again, as far as I imagine.

Plus, Banshee's lift and drop makes a for a very dramatic "weenie" in the park visible from Coney Mall.

Hey guys! Been awhile since I have posted, hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!

Maybe it is just my observation, but considering the massive size of Banshee's inversions- I feel like they could have done a little bit more to really "earn" the world's longest inverted roller coaster instead of fighting the competition for what?- maybe a couple hundred feet more? Obviously and as of right now, only whatever a computer hypothesized is what the speed of the ride will be throughout. I am no expert at all and I am a fan of roller coaster very much like one of those fantasy-league arm-chair ESPN analysts in everyone's neighborhood HOWEVER it seems like they could have added an inversion or maybe two near the end (well aware of the elevation changes and the velocity/speed needed to hit the breaks) because there is a lot of potential for speed, no?

I see your point, but-
I for one am glad it's not one of those cookie cutter B&M's that feels the need to finish off the ride with a couple of neck-bashing flat spins and a speed-reducing finale. I'll repeat my statement (maybe from above? Sorry, too lazy to check) that the brilliant part of this ride is the loooong twist at the end that serves two purposes- one, to carry the ride successfully from the lower elevation to the final brake, and two, to finish off the ride with a unique inversion element not normally found on a ride of that type.
I don't know if you attended the last BeastBuzz gathering, but one of the things that astounded us most on the area tour was the change in elevation from the station to the lower parts of the ride. From where we stood in the construction area the drop off down that hill was more than we had imagined. (Or remembered, more correctly. I guess the valley in which SOB stood was not so obvious, or perhaps we had forgotten...)
Anyway, I look forward to this ride. It may not be 'snappy' like some B&M inverts, but the thrill will come from the increasing speed as the ride goes along, and if I dont miss my guess those big, honkin' inversions should feel intense in a different kind of way than what we're used to seeing. I trust the computer generated version, anymore those pre-creations are uncannily accurate, and I could give a rat's ass whether the ride comes in as the longest or not. That's just park publicity spin as far as I'm concerned, and good for them.
However this ride turns out, one thing's for sure- it will be infinitely better than than the ride it's replacing, right?

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