Kings Island new Coaster 2014

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Hey Krause, you forgot the unicorn petting area and the Dippin' Dots fortune teller.

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Travis your layout removes many trees and therefore much charm will be lost.

I'm sheriff of this here rollercoaster.

Per Travis' layout, if they keep going with that red and yellow color scheme, I wish they would finally just break down and call it the McDonald's coaster. It's been a long time coming.

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McDonald's coaster? I am NOT "lovin' it." ;~P

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The red and yellow was intentionally done to make fun of how CF mustards and ketchups all their new coasters. lol I'm sure there is a very good reason for the overused color scheme. It's supposedly a scientific fact that those two colors make people hungry.

I have heard rumors over the last few years that they want to expand the park layout a little bit. I don't necessarily believe it, but I wouldn't mind seeing them make a new loop from one dead end to another.

My fantastical layout would keep as many trees that are able to be saved, and the ones we have to take out would be replaced somewhere in the area. :)

The unicorn petting area and dipping dot fortune teller attractions could be place in the future expansion areas at a later date.

Thanks for encouraging my crazy. :p

Travis for Park President!

And of course there has to be some trees we can trim with the Flyers he has included in the design!

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I put them in just for you, Charles. Why in the world have they not put another Flyers ride in yet? It's an inexpensive ride that wouldn't need a very large crew at all. Same goes with the auto ride that was removed when Stunt Track was built.

Speaking of which, did Paramount say that they would replace the auto ride eventually or was it Cedar Fair? If it was Paramount, then Cedar Fair may never intend to replace it. It was a very popular ride that the entire family could enjoy together, which is becoming a rarity at a lot of parks these days.

I have the slightest feeling that Travis plays RCT or NoLimits.

It was Paramount that said they would add a auto ride at a later date. They even kept several cars and used them in parades in the park. Its not going to happen at least with the gas powered big crew ones..

However I love your Idea of a loop, Id even extend the train tracks and use both trains all the way down to Action Zone, Want to ride BANSHEE which its never going to be called and then Diamonback, Hop the train! Oh but I would throw in the occational Train Robbery!

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Why don't you think the ride will called Banshee, Charles? The clues at the ride site along with the new trademark filing tells me that we might be seeing Banshee at Kings Island next year.

I've been wrong before.

Lets hope that they stay true to the name, and dont use the B&M dampening sand in the rails. A ride called Banshee needs that full B&M roar.

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I really don't think it adds anything. I was thinking today about annoying Raptor is for that reason. You can't talk to people anywhere in the vicinity of that ride, including the people at the food stands.

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Because, Id much rather hear the Beast rattling through the helix than a hum that I hear from Diamondback two miles away at my house. And the Train Whistle about every ten minutes. Not many live where they can hear a steam whistle all summer :)

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"Because"? Was that an answer to someone's question? As usual, I'm confused.

He was "semi" answering touchdown's question.

I personally love the roar, and if the layout is going to be one where a midway and ride queue arent really close to the ride, I say go for it. Being down in that valley should also blunt the noise pollution to surrounding areas.

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Touchdown didn't ask a question. The only question I see was from Krause, and it was directed at Charles. The answer has nothing to do with that question.

Make it quiet, Good enough answer? I honestly didn't think the lack of roar took anything away from Talon or Hyrdra. Like I said, Diamondback is annoying two miles from the park, However the steam whistle is fine :)

At Gatekeeper's ceremony we were toward the back of the crowd and we couldn't hear a darn thing because right at that time they decided to fire up Raptor for testing. And I'm assuming the ceremony was amplified, even. We laughed about it, thinking surely a park- wide message should have been "quiet please, while we're talking".

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They didn't get that message on Media Day either. Right at John Hildebrandt was talking, the crew at MaxAir decided to start a test cycle.

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