Joyland Wichita Status?

I am heading through the area next week and was wondering the status of this park. I have tried a google search, but didn't really get what I was looking for. As I understand it, the park will be open, but the coaster will not. Any updates? Their website mentions Nightmare (the coaster's new name)
Yes the park is open but the coaster has not been cleared by the state to operate and may not do so this season. From what I have heard, it still has a lot of work to be done to it before it can be operational again -- also you heard right about the name *groan*
Thanks for the reply. Now I have more questions.

What is going to happen to that great old station? It's going to be painted over with the generic Nightmare name instead of the somehow less generic (and classic) Roller Coaster? Since it looks like I'd have to shift my plans to get there on a weekend since they don't operate at all during the week, it just won't be worth it. Hopefully sometime soon when they get that coaster cleared.

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Isn't getting the coaster up and running more important than whatever they choose to rename it? I mean it's just a name...does it really matter???
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Yeah, because that means you get to count it as a new credit! ;)

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I visited over July 4th weekend this summer. I was wandering about the park and just about to leave when the owner greeted me and after talking a bit asked if I'd like a walking tour of Nightmare. Wait...what?! Did he just say what I think he said? Of course I said NO! ;)

See my pics here:

Not many parks that will offer you a walking tour of their coaster much less offer to walk you up the lifthill.

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Moosh, I'm not complaining. Sorry if it sounded like that was the tone of my post. Just getting the coaster running again is my top hope for the park. Classics are my favorite and it always leaves a lump in my stomach when another one gets lost (like Pippin' since it was a really great coaster). I just love the nostalgia of the classic rides and Nightmare doesn't seem like a very fitting theme.

That's awesome thrillerman! It looks like a great little park with a nice setting and a classic coaster. I wish I had the chance to do a track walk. *** Edited 8/2/2006 10:49:17 PM UTC by GoliathKills***

Got love the nose art on the train -- nothing screams Ghettoland more than that. Shoot why don't they get one of the local hoodlums to come spray paint them a better nose art -- they would happily do it as they tag everything else.
The art on the train is in the process of being completed. The finished product will look excellent. Its good to see the park being renovated. The park was in a really rundown condition and you cant come back from that overnight.
Are there any future plans on doing another 'come help and repair' the ride events?

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.
Havent heard anything but if they do id like to help.
Ive heard october is the new goal for the coaster.

The reason they chose the nightmare name is that its been such a nightmare to get it up and running again.

I hope that this park can survive and get its coaster running again. The most important thing is for more people to come to the parks.

I was at Conneaut Lake two days ago and that park appears to be getting its act together at last. The restored Tumble Bug and the Iron Horse Train were great to have back again. Blue Streak remains one of those great classic coasters that we all want to preserve. The park looked so nice with its shaded passageways and relaxed atmosphere.

Let's do what we can to preserve the traditional parks. They are too precious for us to lose them.

Arthur Bahl

Well they have ACE Preservation Conference coming out there next year -- that alone will give them a boost in numbers.
Joyland is in the news again.

Hopefully they prevail today and the party can continue!

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"Party on Joyland", responding to the article, said: Cabaret license, Dance hall license??? Did they get these straight out of Cowtown???

Another person responded with what I'd consider *reasonable* arguments about noise levels at 2-3am...

This licensing *stuff* is just that, but if neighbors have noise complaints at THOSE hours, I can kinda understand....and I'm one of those weirdos AWAKE at that time of night, er, morning... ;)

Hopefully it'll all get worked out, that coaster is needed to keep the park operating, and noise is one of the things that comes with a rollercoaster...(offer not valid on Talon or on Idlewild's Mouse, LOL).

Just because a Coaster has been renamed does not mean it's a New Credit! If that were the case I would have Ridden two additional Coasters at Edgewater

Swinger - Soul Train - Big Beast

Three Additional Coasters at Circus World

Florida Hurricane - Roaring Tiger

And it would count again after I rode it as "Arkansas Twister" at Magic Springs!

Zoomerang - Flying Daredevil - Double O

One Additional Coaster at Dorney

Coaster - Thunderhawk

Four Additional Coasters at Geauga Lake

GET THE PICTURE? You can note the Name Change, but it does not count as a "New" Coaster.

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^ Perhaps you missed Matt's winky...he was KIDDING! :)

Seriously, why does ANYONE care what someone ELSE calls a credit anyway...has our society really deteriorated to THAT degree? (That was a rhetorical, BTW, no need to answer).

Wooden coaster saved from destruction - important.
Counting credits - not so much.

...and just for good measure... ;)

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LOL! Talk about a delayed reaction. Count a coaster twice for having two different names? I'd sooner ride El Toro again. ;) ;) ;)

AV Matt
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^So wait, now if we ride a coaster more than once we can count it twice or even three times? ;)

BTW: Nightmare is still not open

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