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For those who are curious, Jeff posted (thanks) some more of my recent photos of I305 which shows the complete circuit.

Interesting tidbits is theres only one trim on the entire ride (pretty neat), and thats at the 3rd hill (or 2nd if you dont count the lift as a hill). Also some pretty wicked high speed turns.

If you want to see my full set of I305 photos can be found on my Flickr Page:

Other points of interest for those who want first rides

Carowinds has started their Auction for first rides.. First 3 Trains or 96 seats. Information can be found at:

Kings Dominion will be working out their Auction early next month. There they will Auction 4 trains (yes they only have 2 but each will run 2x). Details will be posted in the next couple of weeks.

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LOTS of very nice photos! Anyone else notice the little "wiggle" in the lift? I'll have to admit that I'm much more excited for this ride now than I was when it was first announced.

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Thanks.. If you view the FLICKR site with CoolIris you get more high res views of my photos.

Yeah about the lift, Jeff and I noticed that too when we were first discussing the photos. Going to definitely be an interesting ride.

I plan a few more snaps within the next few weeks as the Trains are slated to arrive as well.

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The little wiggle in the lift looked to me to be an illusion. I think that we are noticing a "wiggle by design" of the staircase along the side of the track, and the track is "wiggleless" (lol).

...Unless I am looking at a different photo than you guys are looking at.

Incredible photos, by the way. I haven't been to Kings Dominion in many, many years. It's probably about time for me to go. An added bonus is that my cousin live in Richmond, and has said that I can crash at her house anytime I want. :) My teen cousin and I already crashed at her house last year for a Bush Gardens trip.

...And Kings Dominion is only about four and a half hours away from each other. Those two parks are going to be packed this year.


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LostKause said:

...And Kings Dominion is only about four and a half hours away from each other.

Is there another Kings Dominion im not aware of? ;)

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The lift wiggle is not new, haha. There's hardly a steel coaster I don't notice it when looking up from the bottom of the lift.

I'm going to go with LostKause and say that it is an illusion, because if you look at the bottom line on the support part of the track it looks perfectly straight.

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I think this is one of the first rides that may actually live up to its name. The first drop into the first turn looks ridiculous!

Is that new track design for Intamin?

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I meant Carowinds. Epic fail! :( ( :) )


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Is that new track design for Intamin?

Yup. First used on F1 Coaster, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

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Those are some fantastic photos! I cannot wait to make my trip to VA this summer for KD and BGW... amongst other touristy things to do with a 2 year old and a 4 year old.

Thanks for the update!


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Abu Dhabi? Mamoosh, just because you don't know where the park is, it's no reason to make places up. ;-)

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^ I copy/pasted directly from, Jason:

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I was kidding. Hence the winking smiley. :-)

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Wow some really cool pictures!! It really does look like it's going to be a kick a** coaster!

Looks like MF may have met it's this coaster going to have OTSRs? If so BOOOO! :( Then MF still might be better...we will have to wait and see! :)

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I like how Intamin has reverted to an I-beam type support. It looks a lot more industrial and abstract. I wonder if it had to do with cost or the double spine track?

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The thing I was intrigued about was the 3rd support for the lift hill, far left in this photo:

Was temporary as they were building it. (Theres only 2 major supports for the 305 foot hill)..

When they completed the lift hill, they took out the 3rd support and reused it for the 3rd hill in the ride.. Which was cool.. No waste at all.

Great observation! They didn't have to move it that far either. Probably was a 1 pick for a decent crane. It seems the lean culture is alive at Intamin. I guess all they lost were a few footers to construct an amazing lift.
I think the lift structure itself is remarkable! That first turn is going to be insane. MF first drop into a Maverick first turn!!
I agree LuvRaptor, OTSR's will make or break this ride.

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Seriously doubt if they'll break it.

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They might break me, though.

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