If you could bring back a closed park which one?

Lets go to Indiana Lake, Its a scene you can make with your little one. Just keep it in mind, When your lookin to find a place in the summer sun..........

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Richie Reflux said:
Rockaway Playland (Great Funhouse) - Rockaway Beach (Queens - New York)

Adventurer's Inn (Queens, NY)

Holy crap!! Someone knows about Adventurers Inn besides me?? OMG! I LOVED that place when I was kid....I so missed it when it closed. It was even more depressing when the rides just sat and rotted and it was just open for the games.
I found my love for coasters there, Jumbo Jet..and my love for horses too!! :)
Oh yeah and my hatrid for haunted houses (Fligth to Mars) Uck!! :(

Do you remember the golf/batting practice and big slide thing down the road too?

I also remember Rockaway Playland-didnt they have a coaster called Lightning or something like that? Again more great memories!!! :)

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Wow old thread! Conneaut Lake park Of the 70s and 80s from when I was a kid! Not the embarrassment of a park that sits there today. And of course Geauga Lake!

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2009 What a great year!

Astroworld in Houston back when it had the Alpine Sleigh Ride. What a "cool" ride both literally and figuratively. Also, the Texas Cyclone was so great before those "coffin cars" appeared. How about that great view of the Houston skyline from the Astroneedle tower?

Too bad that Six Flags put in too many mediocre coasters later on and ruined the theming. Also, the wrong crowd started to appear at the park because of its urban location and cheap season passes.

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Definitely West View Park. It was on the other side of "the Burgh" and I never made it there before it's demise.

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Palisades, or Riverview Chicago.

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jimvid said:
Adventurer's Inn pix:

Is that the Jumbo Jet that ended up at Coney?

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