If you could bring back a closed park which one?

Hi sorry for the long title, if you could bring back a park from the past which one would it be. I would have to choose Boblo island(hope I spelled it right). I used to love taking that ferry to go ride coaster's as a kid. I use to tell my younger brother I was going to feed him to those crazy seagulls that followed the ferry. Why did that park close.

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Oh most definitely Riverview park in Chicago. The storys that I have heard from my parents and enthusiasts of the past generation made me feel like this park should have been saved. The coasters they had have always been the talk along with(which I disagree with) the racism that took place there back in the early 20th century. I feel if this park was around today it would be equivalent to CP as far as history and coaster count are concerned. This park was truly special to many.


I agree Chitown. There's a cool movie about Riverview. The filming is dotty and the sound is horrible but it was very interesting and it has good footage of their rides. It is called Riverview: Gone But Not Forgotten.
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I'd pick Edgewood Park. It was a trolley park in the town I live in. It was tore down in the mid 60's. The area now is a high school stadium and houses.

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Elitch Gardens for sure.
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I'd love to see Idora Park brought back. It's so sad seeing the condition the park is in now. The Jack Rabbit and Wildcat look like they were both great and, from videos/pics I've seen, it seemed like they had some neat non-coaster rides as well. Such a shame....

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Euclid Beach Park in Ohio should be brought back. My parents tell me that it was one of the greatest parks. With lots of roller coasters and it was right on the beach on Lake Erie.
Wasnt't there a park in Indiana or Illinois that had like 11 coasters thats defunct now? I thought I heard something like that awhile ago.

I would bring back Euclid Beach Park. My dad said he used to go there all the time and it was a blast. And that the Triller was one of the greatest rides hes ever been on. Of course he hasnt riden in like 6yrs because he hurt his back and cant ride the new ones anymore.

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I would say Old Chicago, the first all indoor park. I was born in chicago, and my parents always told me about the park. It had corkscrew coasters, ferris wheels,everything you could imagine. Plus, it was also a partial mall. Oh, I wish they wouldn't of closed such an innovative idea to me.
Old Chicago! My library has an old roller coaster book with tons of pictures of it! I wish they could open it back up
Meyer's lake in Canton,Ohio I was told they had a great woodie.I live only 35 minutes from Canton,so it would be cool.
Old Chicago, while a neat idea (paving the way for camp snoopy @ MoA), it couldn't hold a candle to what my parents tell me of Riverview. I spent many a summer day listening to my mom dad and aunt tell of their trips to Riverview, especially hearing my mom talk about what were apparently her two favorite rides, the Bobs (of course) and the Flying Turns (a *real* bobsled). They thought it was a wonderful park (even amid all the racisim concerns, which they never mentioned)

Also, Riverview: Gone but not Forgotten was also a picture book. What I liked the most was how they claimed that the 'FireBall' roller coaster exceeded 100mph (yeah right!). Even though most of the coasters would be more akin to Cornball Express than Son of Beast, I would still liked to have ridden them.
Any of the great Coney Island parks would be fun to visit in their glory days. Steeplechase, Luna Park, etc would all be a blast to visit.
Definately Riverview. Everytime I bring up my roller coaster fetish, my grandma has to tell me about the Riverview Bobs.
willow grove near Philly! Some Great classic coasters! Now a shopping mall, what a waste!



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I'll hop on the Riverview Bandwagon, too. They had 11 coasters! Also, I wish Idora could still be here, just because of the Wildcat.


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Crystal Beach amusement park!
Riverview. Every time I pass by the location on the bus, I imagine what it would have looked like. My mother told me that she used to visit there and she was scared of the coasters. The park was right in the middle of the city also. Does anybody else notice an old railroad track partially visible in front of Lane Tech High School?
No contest, Riverview.

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