If you could bring back a closed park which one?

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Euclid Beach, Cleveland Oh.
Shady Lake, Streetsboro, Oh.
Olentangy Park, Columbus, OH.
I'd like to have back:
1. Bertrand Island
2. Olympic Park
3. Palisades Park
all of these were in North Jersey. Anybody know what is on the sites of these three parks now??

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Houses or apartments.:(

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lincoln park in dartmouth MA, Cresent park in Rhode island, and Rocky point in Warick, rhode island. the comet wood coaster at lincoln park still stands today.
Idora Park

At the turn of the Millennium, there were signs.
Riverview, BTW does anyone have a link to a site about Riverview? I can't seem to find anything... :(

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I kinda wish St. Louis had Forest Park Highlands. (The amusement park) I don't wish we had Forest Park instead of SFSTL, I wish we had both! lol That would be cool!

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kind of late to respond to your question but anyway. . .

Palisades park was turned into a couple of high rise apartment buildings.

Bertrand Island sat idle for a number of years (with the roller coaster intact) until buldozed in the late 80's. Plans were/are to build condos. The project has been held up for a number of years (sewage treatment issues) but I believe construction, or at least, site work, is underway. Such a shame, the location would have a made a great public park. Lake Hopatcong is sorely lacking in public spaces.

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Boblo??? Never heard of it :)
Riverview, definately.
Since I now live out here in SoCal, bring back The Pike at Long Beach, CA.

Tremors, my 100th coaster.
Ghostrider, ridden over 100 times.
Riverview, long live the Bobs and Fireball. "Re-ride for a dime!"
Boblo Island.
It's sad to have seen it go.
The park really seemed to have so much going for it.
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Yup...all them beachfront parks in Cali. And Luna park at Coney.

Yeeee Haaawwww!
Yeah janfrederick, Coney's Luna Park looks simply awesome at night from all the old photage I've seen of it. Ablaze with a gazillion lights, with that wacky old park architecture, heard it was a sight to behold in it's day. Plus you had all the kick *** Coney coasters that were there in it's heyday. Sigh! If I only had a time machine . . .
When I went to OpryLand in 1997 (I still have the map) I had a blast. When I found out they closed it to build a mall i got so mad!! I will never go to that mall. So OpryLand is my ansewer

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Could you imagine the possibilities today if Riverview still existed? You would probably have the only traditional park in the heart of a downtown city. Imagine riding something like Raging Bull just off the Chicago river and while at the top of the lift hill staring at Lake Michigan, Sears Tower, John Hancock, etc. Man, that would definitely give CP some serious competition.
Chitown, who would have loved to have experienced the "BOBS". A coaster that has the same nostalgia as the CI Cyclone. Also a park that closed in the 60s had 11 coasters in its boundaries. That is truly amazing.

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Jantzen Beach in Portland,Oregon
i'd give nearly anything to have Americana back in operation. Screechin' Eagle is/was the scariest coaster known to me. It's a good classic park that took the hard way out. :(

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Reading Pa one park Carsonia Park, it looked so beautiful. I was just down by the lake a couple days ago it was a beautiful site.

Hershey park happy Hershey park proud
so much fun stuff to see and do Hershey Hershey Park:)
Thanks Millrace for the answers, much appreciated.

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1. Bertrand Island - a great little park with a lot of wonderful memories.

2. Palisades Park--I can still sing every word of the commercials. Many of it's rides were sold to a park in PA. The park closed and the rides are still there--rusting away.

3. Olympic Park--Irvington, NJ great old park.

4. Dreamland or Luna park at Coney Island in the height of their life.

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