If you could bring back a closed park which one?

Chipawa (sp?) Lake, or Euclid Beach considering I was born in Euclid, and lived down the street.
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1. Palisades
2. Riverview
3. Whalom
4. Old Coney (Luna, Steeplechase, etc.)
5. Zombie Thread park... ;)
(1) Idora Park, but relocated to another area of the community...possibly Vienna Twp. or Lake Milton areas.

(2) SeaWorld of Ohio (or a Ripley's Aquarium/Museum -style park), but open year-round with both indoor and outdoor seasonal attractions, events, and rides...also relocated, possibly to it's rarely-known, original choice of location at Lake Milton.

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Old Chicago.

I would bring back Boblo Island.

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Well, for my area of Southern Ontario, has to be the late and great Crystal Beach Park. However, it would have to have all 3 coasters, Comet, Giant Coaster, and the famous Cyclone (was gone looooong before i was around)!!

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I suppose Halloween would be an appropriate time for a long dead thread to come back to life.

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3. Whalom

Amen. That will always be 'the one that got away' for me :(.

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No brainer: SFMM! ;)

Shame on you! Stop SFMM Bashing!!11!!1!!1!1!



Rockaway Playland (Great Funhouse) - Rockaway Beach (Queens - New York)

Adventurer's Inn (Queens, NY)


Buddies (Kiddie Rides & Arcade - Brooklyn)

Peter Pan Playland (Kiddie Park - Sheepshead Bay - Brooklyn)

Hey, Does anyone have an MP3 of the Palisaides Jingle? (Palisaides has the rides - Palisaides has the fun...so come on over...)

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Hey, Does anyone have an MP3 of the Palisaides Jingle? (Palisaides has the rides - Palisaides has the fun...so come on over...)


Website with some of the Palisades Park Commercials

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Chippewa Lake. :-)
Chippewa gets my vote.
Euclid Beach would be nice, but that would cost far more than the refurb on Chippewa Lake.
Bring back the Bug and Swinging Gyms! eeehaw!

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Westview (Pittsburgh)--never got to ride the Dips!

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How about Lesourdsville Lake for a more realistic wish?
Riverview that was in Iowa.

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Let's shoot us some deer Joe Joe!!!!

Riverview Park is the park that had 10 wooden coasters at one time. That's the one for me, then The Pike at Long Beach, then Revere Beach in Revere Mass.
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Since I'm in St. Louis I'd have to say The Highlands at Forest Park. My mom tells great stories about that place.

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