If you could bring back a closed park which one?

there are many, many more parks that I would love to bring back but I'll start with these.

Bitter Lake Playland ~ Seattle, WA
Buckeye Lake ~ Newark, OH
Broad Ripple Park ~ Indianapolis
Brady Lake Park ~ Ravenna-Kent, OH
Euclid Beach Park ~ Cleveland, OH
Puritas Springs Park ~ Cleveland, OH
Lakeside ~ Salem, VA
Ocean View Park ~ Ocean View, VA
Willow Grove Park ~ Willow Grove, PA
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Sue said:
I'd love to see Idora Park brought back. It's so sad seeing the condition the park is in now. The Jack Rabbit and Wildcat look like they were both great and, from videos/pics I've seen, it seemed like they had some neat non-coaster rides as well. Such a shame....

Sue Barry

I've heard conflicting rumors that this park is being rebuilt somewhere in the outskirts of Youngstown by another defunct park, that being Craig Beach Park. It'll be around the vacinity of Craig Beach near Jackson-Milton, Ohio.

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1. Euclid Beach
2. Puritas Springs
3. Idora
4. Rock Springs Park (Chester, WV)

Oh, I guess I picked more than one.

Astroworld circa 1983.

We've got nothing here now, and if we're going to wish for the impossible may as well wish for a time when the place was truly great.

1.) Opryland USA

2.) Riverview Chicago

3.) Freedomland

4.) Coney Island - Luna Park

5.) 1970s AstroWorld

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Only one park for me that I wish was brought back:

Crystal Beach in Ontario, CA.

Sure, Comet was saved & relocated, but that park was just a great classic park that was Darien Lake's biggest competition and back in "the day", it was the premier attraction for Western New York & Canada... especially with the Canadiana and/or Americana cruise ships that used to transport people back & forth between Buffalo & Crystal Beach.

I can only imagine if they kept the park alive, what it would be like today! ***sigh*** :(

Crazydave87 said:
Ponchatrain Beach.

Pontchartrain Beach for me also.

I miss Ponchartrain Beach. My mom and dad took my brother and I every summer, since we lived on the Northshore of New Orleans. Never got to ride the Zephyr or the Wild Mouse.

Willow Grove Park in PA. I would love to have a park within 15 minutes of my house.
I'd never been to them, but they look like I would have enjoyed them: Whalom Park, Idora, & Chippewa Lake.

I went Friday nite to the haunted house on the old Boblo Island ferry. The haunt was pretty good. Being back on the ferry brought back a lot of memories, but it is in terrible disrepair.

A no-brainer for this Chicagoan: I'd also choose Riverview. Every time the show "Riverview: Gone but not Forgotten" comes on local TV I make a point to watch it.

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Ahh, I forgot about Buckeye Lake!

And yes, LeSourdsville is a more realistic "wish" that will hopefully come true. I miss my Eagle!


Hmm, all of the parks in my area that my mom and dad talk about, like Hanson's, Angela Park, The San Souci, and those other great Pa parks.

CP was amazing, going back next June to ride Maverick

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LeSourdsville is a real puzzler...I feel exceptionally lucky to have gotten there once during the "reopening year", thanks in no small part to Chuck and a few others bringing the park to my attention. Honestly, there's probably only a couple of years left before the cost of ANOTHER "from scratch rebuild" becomes prohibitive.

Just because one management team failed, doesn't mean another one can't succeed. Clearly there's room in the area for a "family reunion/corporate picnic"-type park to make a go of it...but not unless current ownership either FINDS someone to run the place, or sells the property to someone who will.

And yes, Eagle clearly ranks as my favorite wooden coaster in Ohio....and not by a small margin.

Being from Chicago, we have a few choices to make.

I loved Old Chicago, especially their dark rides - Four Seasons and Haunted House. They even had a couple of cool tourist traps in the "mall". It was also the first location of Bradley & Kaye's Barnstormer plane ride (predecessor to Intamin's).

Riverview was just before my time, but some of its rides went to other area parks - Adventureland (Addison) and PLAYLAND (Willow Springs).

Playland is my ultimate choice as it was what got me interested in parks/coasters. I grew up across Rt 45 from Playland. Many do not know how influential to the industry it was.

Playland was operated by the ROCCO family. Yes! The same family who invented the Flying Scooters. They had a factory in Chicago and used Riverview and Playland to showcase rides. You can see more at RCDB. I sent it to Duane.

Playland's been gone 26 years now. I miss it!


P.S.-We can still hope for LeSourdsville Lake!!!

Belle Vue, Manchester, UK
Another vote for West View near Pittsburgh. Got The Dips, missed the Racing Whippet.
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Six Flags Astroworld. Gone before its time was due.

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Dead topic on dead parks... back to life?

Geauga Lake!

RIP Geauga Lake 1888-2007
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LOL, at least you admit it.

MB Pavilion. And maybe even Freestyle ;).

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XFlight said:
Wasnt't there a park in Indiana or Illinois that had like 11 coasters thats defunct now? I thought I heard something like that awhile ago.

While it wasn't quite that many I suspect it's Riverview in Chicago.

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