How did you come up with member name

Let's see, how did I come up with my name.....? DUH!
Duh? I hope I don't come off as inflamatory, but please, pretend I'm stupid; I just don't get it. Does it mean you like Vegas?

ATTENTION!!...This is the Alter Ego of Goliath Rocks; If he said something stupid, we're sorry, it's the "G"s talking...
Mine is fun with phonics...

Plus it's 95% of my AOL screen name, minus the 2.
Yes, Goliath rocks, he likes Vegas. ;)

Matt Lynch, who says, "Leave it at that..."
Co-Webmaster, Kennywood Boulevard
Since I like the Beast at PKI and I saw the movie "The Beastmaster". "The Beast" in capital letters represents the biggest, baddest, longest wooden coaster in the world.

Bill Yost a.k.a. THE BEASTmaster

Can you take me higher? (CREED)
I have to thank my mother and father for helping me select my member name. It's just so fitting. Even all my friends call me by my member name!

Is it just me or does Hypersonic look like one of those coasters you would see on Looney Toons?
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My name has nothing to do with rollercoasters. I've had this name forever. It used to be Robodude as taken from RoboCop. But because of my height deficiency the 'e' was dropped and Robodud was born...

***Why can't all parks have a Millennium Force?***
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When I signed up for Yahoo! Mail, it wouldn't let me use any of the email addresses I had had before; it kept suggesting that I add a series of numbers to make a 'unique' name. So I decided to think up a name that was unlikely to have been previously chosen. And so slithernoggin was born.

LIfe is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
--Fran Lebowitz
My favorite ride was Batman the Ride at six flags and I thought inverted coasters were #1. After a few hang and bangs and CCI's, I now consider wood coaster my favorites.

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Mine is kind of based on one of my favorite rollercoasters, The Beast and a little twist on my AOL IM name. (worm7369). IM me if you wish.

What is life without it's ups and downs
Well, back in college, I was a resident assistant. After dealing with stupid freshmen all day, when I would meet up with friends, I would usually displace onto them my pent up anger (I knew they could take it). Anyway, they would say I was acting hostile or call me "Hostile Smurf". I hate the smurfs, but I liked the 'hostile' part. I was going to put hostile on my Illinois license plates (before my car blew up), but it costs a lot more if you dont have a number on it, and you can only have seven characters, So I misspelled the word as 'hostyl'. Since my play brother also says I'm too hostile, I picked the nick 2Hostyl.
aka the hostyl one
"Chop" is a nickname for a Navy Supply Corps Officer, and since I am one I thought coasterchop sounded pretty cool. *** This post was edited by coasterchop on 2/12/2001. ***
I guess i'm just to lazy to spell the rest out.

"One good thing about all this, with all this fresh air were gonna sleep like babies"
first name + last initial, I have no creativity whatsoever

Thank you for riding America's Roller Coast
I tried to think of a coaster related name, but 'up-stop wheel' didn't seem to cut it.

If I'da thought about it a little longer, I'da spent more time thinking.
i play the violin and the viola and somehow didn't like it with an "i"
All my friends call me Middleman because I am the only enthusiast that actually perfers the middle seat on a coaster train. While everyone runs for the front or back seats, I take the middle. It's something that started on my first ride on SFMM's Viper, and hasn't changed since. The middle seats are the best seats, and I'm glad I'm the only one who knows it. ;)

Thank you Disney, thank you...
Mine name comes from the fact I like CP so much.

Coasterpunk, if you do like punk, then you should check out a good OI! band called Dropkick Murphys. It's an Irish punk band from Boston. Get the song's New American Way, Amazing Grace, and John Law by them from Napster. They're great. Thy're sorta like Roc-a-billy but they're more OI!

Try Zero Dependence too, they're pretty cool, and they're sort of local to here. I'm most likley going to their concert on Feb. 18th.


"Shut up brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-tip!"

~From the brilliant mind of Homer J. Simpson.

Can you guess?

Alan Jacyszyn

The Thrill Seekers Guide: Darien Lake

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