How did you come up with member name

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Mine is an inside joke with me and my friends. Since none of them are coaster nuts, I figured it would be safe to use here.

It is more like everyone else saying "Hey, dude!" But with us, it's "Hey, soggy!" The evolution of the saying is WAY too long to post here.

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Hey Soggy, is your cat named Moggy?

Mine is cos Coasters are my religion. :-)

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first initial, last name. if I could change it I would. but that would mean redoing my whole track and the rest of it as well. one of these days....

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date of KoRn concert last year that I went to...I joined the site like in february, but I already knew the date so I just used that.

Parks for 2000: CP, Great Escape, Great Adventure, SFA, Islands of Adventure, Kennywood
I am the number 1 coaster fan!!:)
My favorite type of music is Christian punk so I chose the general name "punk". I am not a punk kid in real life, I am easy to get a long with.
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I got my name from my site. It sounds cool.

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Zero-G is from my favorite element on a coaster, the Zero-G roll. Plus I think it sounds pretty cool.

My prevoius names were:

Jesterjes....My nickname is Jester and my name is Jes so it all really comes together. Plus it's my AOL name.

Millenium Force... I had this name for a week before I realized what a dumb mistake I had made.

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It's pretty much what I am! Or at least what my friends think.

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It's my AOL screen name. Feel free to im me any time.

2 for 1 in 2001;SFGAm all the way!!
Back when I worked at Microsoft, they assigned user names by taking your first name, and as many letters of your last name as they needed to make a unique account name. "gregl" and "gregle" already existed, so I got "gregleg", which I thought was actually a pretty cool name, so I've used it ever since...

Allen Park + Millennium Force = APForce

"The KKK took my baby away, took her away, away from me!"

Kind of obvious i like sixflags and my names steve, this was my name on the board until i was banned.
Mine has/had 2 meanings when I first made it up.

1. I like Cedar Point (CP) and before I joined Coaster Buzz and GTTP, I thought I knew a lot about the park (genius).

2. I still like Cedar Point, and I've had a 4.0 GPA in school for the past 6 years.
My member name is kind of obvious, although I regret choosing it now; it just seems so cheesy, even though Goliath is still one of my favorite rides. I mainly just came up with something quick the first time I saw something I felt like I just had to post a comment on. I think I'll be changing it pretty soon...

ATTENTION!!...This is the Alter Ego of Goliath Rocks; If he said something stupid, we're sorry, it's the "G"s talking...
Same here, GigaCoasters2K. I shortened the name of my website, and I also try to stay on top of the New England coaster scene, although it is rather small.

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Mine fairly simple too. Coasters and Punk. I'm still pierced but don't dye or spike my hair anymore but still love the music. Right now i'm actually listening to more early 80's British OI! than punk. Some of my favorites are Combat 18, 4 Skins, Condemned 84, Skrewdriver, and Last Resort. Although nothing beats the good old Casualties, Quincy Punx and Violent Society. Up the Punx and Skins. =8^\

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As a couple of people have figured out before, Saviour Machine is the name of an epic Christian goth-metal band, which began in the late 80's. I picked the name because they are my favorite band, and I couldn't think of anything else!
Well my favorite coasters are B&M's, and I like riding coasters, so BM Coaster.

I live in Florida, and I love to ride rollercoasters! Who would have guessed? :)

I'd Rather Be Riding Rollercoasters

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