How did you come up with member name

Pretty simple, I just chose my sign, then just picked some random numbers...very creative thinking, huh?
when i was thinking of a name for my short lived band back in 1999, i was sitting in class, and i saw a guy whos t-shirt said "upside down" on the back..the shirt was blue, and i just thought of UpsideBlue! We didnt use the name in the end, so i used it as my AOL name (no longer on aol), AIM name now, and address!

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I didn't come up with the name, my folks did !
Nothing wrong with keeping it simple, and I'm not one to hide behind a screen name (usually).
Current favorite coasters:
Wooden: 1) Beast 2) Raven 3) Son of Beast 4) The Boss 5) Timber Wolf
Steel: 1) Raging Bull 2) Millennium Force 3) V2 4) Wild Thing 5) Mr. Freeze
TMTCC, long story how i got it so i'll just tell you what it means. it means The Man They Call Cory, my name is cory. i do have a question thought can u change your member name??
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Good question TMTCC. I originally signed up as rollergator (it's my REAL name - I'm a Florida Gator alum AND employee), but I lost my password and eventually picked a new name so I could post. I love coasterbuzz forums, HAD to get on. But if anyone can help TMTCC and me, we'd both be really grateful. Thanks!

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Stealth - Stealth roller coaster at Paramount's Great America
mF5 - Millennium Force- 5 rides
m3- Medusa at SFMW - 3 rides (Actually now it's 4 since I went back to SFMW on June 30, 2001)

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Current Favorite Coasters:
1)Raging Bull 2)Millennium Force 3)Medusa (SFMW) 4)Vertical Velocity (SFGAm) 5)Dueling Dragons (Ice)
Its my name. I just had to be a little creative with the B:)

My favorite Coaster is named after Poop, and I actually like Boomerangs! What is wrong with me?
I like mickey mouse & disney world, every since I've been I kid (big kid now) and I take my kids (4) & (8) every six (6) month's to disney world so I just thought up Mr. Mouse

Wellll, my name's Dennis but my friends call me Den. Pretty simple.
It's my two favorite roller coasters: Apollo's Chariot and Volcano. It's probably going to change once I go to more parks.;)
Mine's from my speakers. HarKarVolBasTre = HARman/KARdon VOLume BASs TREble. I a different name here a while ago, but had to change it because of... circumstances beyond my control...

CrystalKat has been my email for years, and I just like the feel of it, sort of exotic.

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I am a coaster rider.
I like Star Wars. I like coasters. I like wrestling and the View Askew movies too, but I didn't think I could fit them in.

it's a mexican pirate!~Track 15 Blink 182 Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
Homey G is my name for random people or for someone that I can't remember their name.. for example.

"Hey, check out Homey G over there by that car!"


"Have you seen uh, Homey G lately?"


I rode "X" and never went upside down.
My Mommy gave me this name.

Also, while it isn't bad here at CoasterBuzz, I strongly dislike it when some people hide behind their annonymous screen names, when they say irresponsible things.
its a rumor of what the new hyper at SFWoA will be called -Hurricane and itd be happening over Geauga Lake so HurricaneGeauga was born

i also find it annoying that on almost every board there is one person called XF-Flyer or X-FLyer, its my name please dont use it. I thought it up

HurricaneGeauga- Just in case
I chose my name after SFA's new coaster batwing. I originally wanted to use the name Big Red superman fan but it wouldn't go through.the SFA part of course is quite obvious,it's the abbriviation for the park.I'm considering changing it to BATWINGFAN 4 life however. *** This post was edited by BATWING FAN SFA on 8/14/2001. ***
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This is my first name. I use it for everything since it's rather unique. It's Dutch and is pronounced "Yawn-frederick". "Jah Jah!"

Yeeee Haaawwww!
I like Son Of Beast, plus I was to lazy to think of a unique one. ;)

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