How did you come up with member name

Hi how did everyone come there member name's on coasterbuzz. As you can see from mine I love superman at SFDL, let's here your's like
Jeff how did you come up with your's Lol.

Army rangers lead the way
It is my name. Plain and simple.
Yeah, same here. It's my name.

Get ready to fly over Six Flags I mean Six Flags Worlds of Adventure this summer with X-Flight!
I am an AC at Lake Compounce
This is a burglar from the classic Super Nintendo RPG, Earthbound.
SusieSmurf is combination of a nickname given to me by my fellow ride ops at Hersheypark and my name and HP is for Hersheypark.
I made mine back in the day when Iron Dragon was my favorite coaster (don't laugh;)). I got the "24" because it's my number in sports. Last, I just like the look of the mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters.:)

-Eric L.
Well, I thought long and hard about it and after reading tons of literature on various subjects I arrived at this name. Catchy don't ya think?

Randy Hutchinson
You build it, I'll ride it...eventually
My last name is Moore. I added the "On" to the end of it for a combination of reasons:
- being a fan of the 3 Stooges, I am quite familiar with this word
- I think its a great play on words
- It gives me cover for when I act like an idiot...(well, look at my name...what would you expect?)
I'm an idiot and I tried to think up one real real quick while at a friends house. Think I'll be changing it real soon (CPs MagnumXL200 ala E-mail adress..)

"Shut up brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-tip!"

~From the brilliant mind of Homer J. Simpson.
Basically, "Lynch" is my nickname everywhere, so I take it with me. Probably because there's just too many "Matts" in this world. ;)

Matt Lynch, who is also called "Lynch Mob"...
Co-Webmaster, Kennywood Boulevard
Name of my first wooden coaster.

Peace, Love, and Rollercoasters.........we need more of all three.
mine came from the characteristics of Raging Bull and Millennium Force "Smooth and Comfy" *** This post was edited by smoothncomfy on 2/11/2001. ***
Metallica + Metal + Rock = Metrock
-I see stars because I just rode Flashback, can you see them to?
In the real world, I work as a Programmer. Back in the old days (Mainframe COBOL etc), I gained a rep as the guys you call when you needed things fixed ... sort of like the Batman of Mainframes.
One late night, a fix applied by a team I was leading, saved this Oil company over $2M in expenses. Management reported the fix to their in-house magazine thanking my Team and I for a "Legendary effort" ... my Guys picked up on it and I've been 'The Legend' ever since.
Most think, I got it from the Coaster of the same name but no, I have yet to experience that pleasure but one day maybe ...

If Life's a Rollercoaster, I want a Flawless
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Here I thought you chose the name of a certain Holiday World coaster!

Webmaster/Admin -
spider is my nick name
plus the Amazing adventures of spiderman is an unbelievable ride
PT300= Power Tower 300 feet tall (yes I know you don't go up all 300 feet).
"Put out an APB for a male suspect, driving a... car of some sort; heading in the direction of, uh, you know, that place that sells chili. Suspect is hatless. Repeat, hatless."- P.C. Wiggum
K Walk was some kids suggestion for me at school, and I thought it would be cool. It's short for my real name Kevin Walker, of course that kid is crazy.

Talon is going to rock, roll, and take its toll!
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My name is Jeffrey and since we got like a kabillion Jeffs on this site, I changed the lettering

Best Coaster: Millennium Force
Worst Coaster: Project Stealth

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