How did you come up with member name

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I'm not picking on you, Blackie. I am still a little confused. Bear with me...

Blackie said:
There have been a few that thought that it was because of my birth date: 06/09/76. Black Friday had nothing to do with my name. It's just a strange coincidence that my name and and birthday match.

What does Black Friday have to do with 06/09/76, which I understand is the date of you birth?

The really screwed up thing is that I was there that day. I've have not spent another birthday at that park and I doubt I ever will. I guess that makes me a little superstitious. I was unaware of any problems until the drive home.

What park were you at? What happened there on your 15th Birthday?

Happy belated Birthday, by the way. :)

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He's talking about the "Black Sunday" incidents at Kings Island in 1991, I think.

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Thanks Gonch. That's correct. I'm feeling about half retarded right now. I guess I should try posting when I'm sober.

Thanks LK, I always turn my sarcasm detector up when I enter CB. That's part of the reason why I like this place so much.

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^ As long as you're sober when you ride.

....and don't even think of texting while you're riding.

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Thanks Gonch.

Blackie, I feel half retarded every time I visit coasterbuzz. I always post when I am sober. :)

I was looking around my room for a random title or name for a random blog.

A CGI kids movie called Aerotroopers was laying on the floor. I used that name for the blog. T
hen I signed on here and thought of Arrowdynamics so I went with Aerodynamic.

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For starters, I need to get a life! But as for my name on here, I like the Demon at sflags Great America so much more in the past couple years, so there you have it.

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