Hey PKI fans, let's talk about Tomb Raider

Most of you might receive an e-mail about Tomb Raider: The Ride, they said there are four major classifications of the characteristies of an amusement ride. They include the ability to:

Thrill - like roller coasters and free-fall rides

Entertain - like dark rides, train rides, attraction pre-shows

Disorient - like the scrambler or the monster

Get Wet - like flume rides or river rapid rides

Or combinations of all of these, Tomb Raider: The Ride has all four!

Well, to me it doesn't sound like a top spin because it is not like the scrambler or the monster, it is not like roller coasters and free-fall rides, they are all different. It is hard for me to think about what kind of ride it is so what do you guys think about what kind of ride it is?


You remember how the movie was a bomb?  Not a good omen!
I agree, whoever sent that was just a bit on the vague side.
Wahoo skipper, you are severely misinformed as the movie was nowhere in the vacinity of a bomb. If you're talking about the plot, some might agree there, but as far as box office, special effects, and Ms. Jolie goes, bomb is definitely not the word to use.

The ride on the other hand we'll just have to wait and see. But on top spins, you can get all four of those things, but if this is an in-house design, it could be a variation of the idea. One things I'm comfused about on those Screamscape blueprints is how they expect to fit the ride, theming, and a crane all in that building which looks way too small if that top spin is actually going to move.

Well, Steven B. I think he meant to be vague. 

He is the PR guy for PKI...And he's getting from us exactly what he wanted, which is to have us wondering, scratching our heads and salivating for PKI's opening day to find out what TR:TR is...

"It's Deja Vu all over again." - Yogi Berra

TR reportedly cost "at least $100 million" to make.  Those figures likely do not include the marketing of the film.  It grossed $131.14 at the box office for a net of $31 million and change.  That isn't exactly gang busters.
All I'm gonna say is it's not gonna be a Top Spin. It won't. I'm for sure.
It's his turn to feast, when you ride the Son of Beast.

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It grossed over $218 million in the first 38 days according to the information I've found,


Here is a tid bit that said it NETTED 48 million in the first weekend and over 75 million by the second.


But who cares about that. Paramount was looking for a ride that they could heavily theme based on a film. It is the logical choice, plus the game was a mega hit for years. You get all the kids and adults who played this game and loved the film, like me, and you just might have a hit on your hands if you can manage to make the ride exciting and interesting.

Mike Middleton of Urbana, Indiana

PKI Fanatic,

Just curious to wonder why you believe differently?

  There are a lot of folks that are 'hoping' for a coaster or something similar. I just hope these folks are not let down because they didn't 'get' what they hoped, or are so let down that they don't give a chance to what could very well be the best ride in the park.

As far as the building being able to hold such a 'possible' large ride, I think there is more than enough room. That building is HUGE!


 I can name many rides that disorient riders that are nothing like the Scrambler or the Monster. I think what Jeffrey is saying is the ride can disorient riders 'like' a spinning ride can.


 I agree with you fully! The name Tomb Raider is a HUGE name. I am excited about the ride, and I haven't even seen the movie. I have been a very large fan of the game since the very 1st day it came out (I pre ordered it 2 months in advance). While the actual ride that is going into Tomb Raider may have been themed a bit differently before the park decided to go with that theme, I think naming the ride Tomb Raider was a smart move. It is a very popular name and hopefully will be a very popular ride.


wahoo skipper said:
TR reportedly cost "at least $100 million" to make.  Those figures likely do not include the marketing of the film.  It grossed $131.14 at the box office for a net of $31 million and change.  That isn't exactly gang busters.

Well, you're right it's not... that is if they only released the movie in the US. But since they didn't and it is Paramount's 5th top grossing movie worldwide in the past 4 years(#1 in 2001), I would assume it was their best bet unless you would have preferred Runaway Bride or What Women Want: The Ride.

But it's still not a bomb which usually refers to movies which drastically miss the mark for making a profit or coming out even. It seems nowadays very few movies actually make the profit in the US alone. I would say Paramount was lucky on this one. Video game-movies and movies led by women rarely make it big. It definitely was anything but disappointing.

I remember reading on the Cincinnati Enquirer article about the ride, and Jeff S. said that you will be upside down at the beginning of the ride.

Now that the ride will arrive in January, instead of a top spin, what could it be?

And does a top spin have "the vehicle of escape"?



You know me, Charlie Weingartner. You also know that I'm 13. Most older buzzers on here would say that I'm unexperienced and greedy. Well if you call wanting the best for your home park greedy than everyone on here is guilty of it. If you look back to before July 2, when TR:TR was announced, PKI put out false rumors. Why couldn't these be also? Including the blue prints on Screamscape. PKI installed nothing big for their 10th and 20th anniversary. I know PKI would not want that tradition to continue. I know in the eyes of everyone at PKI a Top spin is not big. It's something HUGE, uncomprehensable. Nothing that no normall person could ever create. Something out of this world.

That's why I think that ;)

It's his turn to feast, when you ride the Son of Beast.

1.  It's PKI's 30TH Anniversery.  Do you really think they would be that dumb to have a Top Spin.
2.  Even if it will be a top spin, " YEAH RIGHT," look at all pki has done for you in the past years....... They have added Top Gun, Days of thunder-007 licence to thrill-7th Portal, FOF, THE 2 year renevation of Action Zone which includes Drop Zone and Face off, Son of Beast, aaaaaaannnnnddd a totally new kids area with two new rides, Wild Thornberries river adventure, and The Reptar rollercoaster!!!!!
3.  I think I've said this before but I'll say it again, all of you rollercoaster fanatics who were soooo hoping for your 400 foot Giga or whatever coaster, JUST WAIT ONE YEAR, I'm SSSUUUUUURRREEE PKI will get that giant world breaking giga in the next couple years or so.  PKI can't come out with a world record shattering coaster every year.
4.  For all you people who have your minds set that TR:TR is gonna be some giant top spin in a box with fire and ice effects, HOW THE HECK CAN YOU POSSIBLY KNOW!!!!!!!!!  PKI still has over 4 months to finish TR:TR And all you have seen is the first part of it!!!!! 
NONONO TR:TR is going to be way more than a giant top spin, IT will be way more than any of us have anticipated.  All we can to do now is sit our fanny's down and wait for TR:TR to reveal itself in the spring of 2002.
WARNING:  This has just been my opionion for those Top spin fanatics who are getting ready to pounce me....
I can't help but chime in here.  But there needs to be some sort of clarification made.

It amuses me how twisted things become.  It is like that old game of telephone where you stand in a line and one person on the end whispers something and once the statement reaches the person on the opposite end, it is completely different from it's origin.

The same holds true for the legend that is Tomb Raider.  PKI has in place one of the brightest marketing teams in existance.  By choosing their words very carefully and saying just enough, they can generate endless speculation and publicity among park goers. 

If you listen very closely you can hear what they are saying about Tomb Raider.  The biggest myth behind all of this is the rumored $40M price tag of the attraction.  Lets take a look at where this came from:

At the official media day press event (Yes, I was present as was Sean F.) the following statement was made by Tim Fisher, General Manager of PKI:  "Tomb Raider The Ride is the most ambitous addition ever undertaken in the 30 year history of the park including the 2 year $40M Action Zone Area."  Now the way it was phrased, and where it was placed in the speech it sounded as if they were saying it was the most EXPENSIVE addition in the parks history.  Many reporters and event attendees assesed that it must mean that the ride cost more than $40M, what PKI claims to be the cost of Action Zone.

But by saying "ambitious" the park meant that in the history of Paramount's King's Island, no ride project has ever been done on the scale by which TR:TR is being produced.  They have already said that it is heavily themed, that it will include a great deal of different elements, and will be done on a scale befitting the movie's precident.  But PKI is not in the business to start or dispell rumors.  Good or bad, they generate publicity and that is the bottom line.  If it gets word out or generates press, then why should they stop it.

I would expect, knowing how protective of the rights to Tomb Raider that Paramount Studios is, it will make fans of the game or movie very happy.  Paramount would not have it any other way.  The project has been in development for 3 years and culminates this summer when it opens.  To say that PKI has been decieving us is completely untrue.  PKI has said nothing to mislead us or direct us away from the truth.  Fact is, enthusiasts have mislead themselves about the nature of the attraction.

Like Sean, I very much look forward to TR:TR with great anticipation.  I do have what I would call  pretty accurate knowledge of what the "ride unit" is.  But we already know what the focus is... the THEMING.  As I have said before think OUTSIDE of the box ;-)

In any situation when you are expecting something hugely grand you are bound to be dissapointed in some manner.  I personally have never played the game and until recently had not seen the movie.  I thought the film just ok, but could easily see how the theming and story line would work for the highly "techno" feel PKI seems to be going for with their additions.  They like flashy and upbeat.  I look for TR:TR to be very "flashy."

I anticipate going to PKI this year and enjoying the ride in the manner by which PKI has billed it: "A unique, multi sensory adventure ride...bringing the excitement, adventure and technology of Tomb Raider to life in a stunning multi-dimensional experience."

I recommend others do the same.


A.K.A. John K.

CCCOMEEEE on people, let's talk about TR:TR,,,,, come on I want everyone to say what they think about TR:TR,,,,, everyone express there opinion now, come on let it alllllllll out...:) :):(:(


I did not find the movie to be bad,  I did not think it was stellar either.  However the Fact is that Tomb Raider is going to be a Trilogy!

Now for the ride,  Really!  I seen sombody say $100 million!  Like Shaggy pointed out, The ride is the most expensive single addition to the park in it's history,  Now if we guestimate that Sonny in the ballpark of even $20 with over runs included,  That puts it way bellow the figures some of you are comming up with.   I look forward to TR:TR.  Even if it is what screamscape says, It still could be totally awesome,  Not many parks north of the Mason Dixon or East of the Rockies have such a attraction.   I look forward to it.

Now IMHO there are several good rides at PKI and The Best is everybodys prefference,  I love a couple of the coasters, DZ and many other things in the park but if you asked me what the best of the best is at PKI?  I would almost lean toward the flyers!  Yes at one time Flyers could be bought at under $10g on the used ride market, now there are parks looking  specifically for this ride!  Im happy that Larson Int. is bringing it back and if they are as good as the origionals, I hope ever park gets a clone!

Charles Nungester
Park Jockey :)


 Actually, Shaggy didn't say it was the most expensive attraction the park has ever invested in. The park didn't say that either.  They did say it would be the most 'elaborate' that they have done.........and that it will be.

  Like Shaggy, I also have an idea of what the ride 'vehicle' may be like.  The reason I asked Charlie (and I didn't know that was you) why he thought differently is because I have gotten a few e-mails from people that think PKI is 'lying' about the ride not being a coaster, or a Spiderman type attraction.  The park has stated quite a few times that the ride isn't neither of these, or anything close to it. I am just trying to let people know that they may be disapointed if they continue to think along those lines.

  As for Mr.(or Mrs.) TR:TR2002.

1. Like Shaggy said, think 'outside' the box. Remember, one can look at a blueprint forever and think they have the ride experiance figured out, but what counts is the ACTUAL ride experiance when YOU will be riding it. Not looking at a drawing on a paper. Tomb Raider will be much more than 'just a ride'.

2.  You are correct. They have added quite a lot of stuff. That is another point I was trying to make. As much as I would have loved to see a new coaster added to the park for next year, I fully understand why the park would want to add something different for a change. I really am excited about this new addition. I think it will go over very well.

3. I agree with the fact that PKI can't build a record breakng coaster every year. That is why they are trying different things. As far as a record breaking coaster coming within the next two years, I honestly doubt it, but it could happen. They don't need to add another record breaker to get the crowds in IMO.

4.  I won't get into the debate on what TR actually is (or could)  be, but there are people that do know what the 'ride portion' will be like.  As I am sure Shaggy understands, the ride portion will be just part of the overal ride experiance. You don't even need to know about the actual ride to understand that.  I think a lot of people are forgetting that. Let's just say there are going to be a lot of surprised people once this thing opens. Myself included.

Sean  F.  (not official in any way)

I still think it will be something like Spiderman at IOA, except themed to Tomb Raider.  But that's just my opinion.
Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?
Heres an idea.  It starts with a top spin or whatever.  Then when that concludes, you board a river raft, and do that part of the ride.

It could be like two rides in one experience.  (or more)  Give that a big theme and it could be better than ANY new coaster!

0-82 in 2.3 seconds! =Wow!

Or, it could be a topspin that releases from the supports and goes along a track.
Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

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