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Well Hersheypark has started teasing whatever they are building for the 2008 season. The front page of the website now has a quote "What's better then a perfect 10? Hersheypark 2008" and a link that leads to the phrase "10.02.07 Truth Revealed". I am guessing that the perfect 10 refers to hersheys current number of roller coasters, so the logical thought could be whats better then 10 would be 11. I personally am hoping for an intamin hyper for this park.


Your thoughts?

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I'm surprised they didn't say: Truth Revealed 10/10/2008 at 10AM!

Maybe they're going to SELL out to CF. (i hope not)

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See out? Did you mean sell out? If so, I wouldn't worry about it.

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As has been mentioned on Screamscape, what if "What's better than a perfect 10" refers to the number of inversions? Would a park like Hershey aim to take away the record from Collosus at Thorpe Park? I would like to think that a park like Hershey probably doesn't need anymore inverting coasters, but you never know...
A hyper would be really nice for HP. It would just add to their already stellar line-up of coasters. They have an excellent mix.

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Yes, it is going to be a coaster, but it definately isn't going to be a coaster with 10 or more inversions.
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If I were running Hershey I would be expanding the waterpark, not adding another coaster. That said, if its something good I will be back sooner than later. *** Edited 8/19/2007 12:50:20 AM UTC by eightdotthree***

You guys now that Great Bear is named after it's 7 elements so maybe this coaster has 10 elements. Loop, camelback, Cobra Roll, s curve, Sea Serpent, helixes, interlocking corkscrews, and Zero G, . ( It would be a floorless ).

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IF (Hypothetically speaking) were for the waterpark, why couldnt it be 10 more waterpark attractions? What about 10 total new attractions throughout the park? Just stirring the pot. I am sure if it was a coaster we will soon see marker for it.

I'd love to see Hershey get an Intamin hyper because I think that it would round out the coaster collection nicely. I think most people are unaware of how great Hershey really is. I really think it will be an addition to the waterpark though because if I remember correctly I heard that somewhere.

Also how do people feel about it being a flyer?

Intamin junior hyper?
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Remember, Hersheypark was supposed to get the Frequent Faller a few years back. Perhaps they're getting something similar??

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I think the Frequent Faller is officially dead and buried.

The one thing that Hershey could use is a hyper of some sort to round out there excellent collection of coasters.

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The Hyper would be great and would round out the coaster collection...I just wish it would be B&M and at least 200 ft....something like Nitro and Apollo.
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person said:
^^ Like a larger version of this? *** Edited 8/19/2007 4:13:12 PM UTC by person***

God I hope not.

I'm liking the sound of 10+ inversions - Collosus is great.


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Put it this way. In recent years Hershey hasn't been too afraid to take some risks as far as looking at new coaster types to install. They did build Storm Runner which until theirs wasn't the most reliable type of coaster to build. They were going to install a frequent faller until the plans fell apart.

I wish it was an Intamin hyper, but it's going to be a new type of Intamin that hasn't been built here in North America. I myself would prefer a traditional coaster, but you have to admire them that they are willing to take some risks with a new design type. Guess we'll all see on 10.2.07!! :)

Gee, you can't get more obvious than that!
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^^Where do you see that info? I must be blind.

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^^^Maybe something like Maverick?

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