Firehawk Coaster Credit?

If you count experiences when determining a coaster count, does that mean I could count sitting on the ride's track before it is built and in operation, and riding it once it's assembled as well? ;)

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Why not? Hell, I once rode Cedar Point's Blue Streak via one of those mall kiosk things... well, rode it while watching someone else ride. Since I rode the Blue Streak in two different environments (amusement park and high-density commercial), I can count it twice! Three times if you include the time I rode it on a VERY cold and rainy morning...
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OK, so now I'm finally convinced that a relocated coaster offers a different experience and should be recounted.

So if a wooden coaster runs a 7-car PTC that's at least 28 credits right there: surely the experience is slightly different depending on where you sit, right? Nitro? 36 credits! Heck, I can even squeeze 3 credits out of IB's T'ggr even though it runs single cars.

This is awesome! Just by counting seat positions my coaster count just went from 408 [using my old strict method] to over 8,000! ;)

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You're failing to realize that each TRAIN offers a different experience as well. Take a spin on Nitro in each seat of every train and you can count Nitro 108 times. Something I'm sure Gonch does on a regular basis ;)
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So does that mean CP's Gemini in its heyday had 180 different experiences based on the six trains they ran? Can we count the times when the trims were on and off, because there's a big difference in the helix without the trims. Should we start considering counting rides in the wind or rain separately from sunny days? Ugh.

My take - count it however you want. Do counts really matter anyway?

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Hell, I just use the POV from Alveys videos and count those as credits anymore :)
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Well I think that anything you have not ridden in the last 3 seasons should be dropped from your list because rides change so much over time. Also, there is no such thing as a defunct coaster. If a coaster no longer exists, then it is no longer a coaster, and you cannot count that either.
So what happens with a coaster like Joyland's? If you rode it in 1995 and then it closed, you have to remove it from your track record? After riding it upon its reopening, does it get added back into your track record, or do you get to count it twice because more than three years passed in between rides?
If you rode it, count it once.
If you ride it more than once, then add to that particular coaster count.

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God, I love the smell of existentialism in the morning. ;)
No way Im removing THE BAT at KI from my count.

You all wish you had it! Only a few actually did.

Send me a video and I'll add it to my track record.
Theres a video on of The Bat from a old kids video magazine.

Pretty cool.

mudinthevayne said:
If you count experiences when determining a coaster count....

Okay, let's see... I've ridden Knoebels Phoenix...

- in the front seat

- in the back seat

- in most every seat in between (all 10 of 'em)

- at night

- in the day

- in cool weather

- in sweltering heat

- in a down pour

- on RCT3 in as close of a recreation that I could render.

- once when I was feeling kind of sick (believe me, that was a DIFFERENT experience)

Wow... applying this rule to all other coasters, my personal count just jumped from somewhere around 245-250 to 1,843 with out even leaving my desk!

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I hear The Bat was overrated and a maintenance nightmare. It is probably for the best that it is no longer a coaster and cannot be counted as a credit by anyone.
How bout coasters we make in RCT3 or NoLimits? If we watch the on-ride animations of those, can we count those credits? ;)

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Sometimes I sit in a big cardboard box and pretend.

My count is currently around 15,000.

Okay, I just watched the video Chuck posted about and now I have The Bat credit. By the way, it is a super ride and I have never been on anything like it in my life. The video is good too, and I recommend everyone watch it right now.
^^ And what is it that you pretend you're doing in that box? ;)

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