Firehawk Coaster Credit?

Hi everybody! I am new to the site so please forgive me if this was brought up in another forum already but I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on whether or not "Firehawk", at Kings Island, will count as a new coaster credit. I rode it when it was "X Flight" at GL but now that it is officially being moved to KI can it be counted as a new credit.
I don't think so....not unless it was altered significantly, but then again I don't ride for credits so I could be wrong.

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You will find that some people are very passionate about their coaster counts, to the point that they will even write you up on ARN&R for expressing an opinion that differs from theirs. Personally, I don't count coasters that have been moved, but I'm sure you will find many people who do.

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It is up to each individual to count coasters in the method they deem appropriate for themselves. There is no right or wrong.
I personaly don't worry about specific rules on coaster counting because that is not the reason to ride each ride. I do keep track of the rides I do ride however for fun but I do not go by anyones rules. I have learned that some people will count and some won't. I bet Coaster will have it up twice once as X-Flight (defunct) @ GL and once as Firehawk @ KI.

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I'd be *more likely* to count the loopless Sonny or the zero-g-free Chillers...I haven't decided, nor will I decide UNTIL I ride them, but probably won't "re-count" them.

But then again, I have the (rare?) ability to recognize "it's ALL just for fun", and to laugh at I get *credit* for that... :)

^Tony, a site like CC *has* to put the ride up twice, some may not have ridden it at GL and would need the PKI entry in order to count it at all.... ;)
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It is correct that there is no right or wrong, just personal preferences.

I, personally, will count it. Why? Because to me, the ride's surroundings -- park, other rides, buildings, etc. -- play a big part in the ride experience. Just because it's the same physical steel doesn't make it the "same coaster" for me (even if the name were the same and the track color unchanged) any more than a clone does, because the surroundings are completely different. Now if they decided in 5 years to take it out of PKI and put it back in at GL in *approximately* the same spot, then in that case I would not count it.

But that's just my reasoning as to why *I* choose to count it. If someone else doesn't count it for other reasons, that's ok too.

As for loopless SOB -- doesn't matter since I didn't have the loop-credit. :) -- humping Chiller? I'll have to ride it before I decide, but most likely I will count it when I'm telling people "I've ridden that with and without the zero-G" but not in the "I've ridden 180 coasters" number. Just like a roll-back on TTD doesn't count in my numbers, but it still manages to find its way into conversation when the subject comes up. :)

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Do you guys count both ki's FOF and KD's FOF?
I would say yes to that because while they are the same layout, they are two separate rides, in two separate parks.

The gray area is when rides are moved.

I say yes. It's in a different park and it has a different name. Even if they didn't change the name, the ride is in a different location.

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DeepThroat said:Do you guys count both ki's FOF and KD's FOF?

Sure, I rode both, with AND without OTSR's....for two credits total! ;)

Hehe, I'm sure some would count that as four, and I'm not going to argue against...esp. considering how VASTLY improved the rides were after the retrofits... :)

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Honestly who really cares. If you go up to someone and say I've been on 200 roller coasters do you think they will actually care. Probably not. When I hear people talk about this coaster credit stuff it makes feel embarrassed for them.

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Well, if they actually theme it, I'd count it as two. Maybe they'll do something with the landscaping or something that might add to the experience. Something neither 6F or CF did when it was at GL.

Doesn't really matter though, it's not going to run right for them. FireHawk: it better get a new paint job with that name.

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I agree with Moosh.

My Personal Rules on Credits.

(1) Clones count as individual credits
(2) Relocated rides count as indivual credits
(3) Single rides with Seperate tracks can count as individual credits (racers).

These apply solely to me. I do not care what anybody else does.

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I won't count it again. As gator said, I'm not sure if the altered Chiller rides will count as new ones for me- I suppose I'll have to wait and see how significant the changes feel. I'm not one for counting relocated rides but as everyone else said, it's a matter of personal preference.
Am I the only who travels around the world to ride coasters and doesn't have a "credit count"?

IF I was counting credits though, there's no way I would count that as a new ride. Its the same ride with new paint. Did you count Magnum again because it got a new color? What about Iron Dragon? LOL!!

SOB on the other hand will be dramatically different without the loop. But still, I don't count rides, so who cares?

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Mamoosh said:
It is up to each individual to count coasters in the method they deem appropriate for themselves. There is no right or wrong.

Well said. :)


I agree strongly with Mamoosh but I personally would not count it as a "new" coaster because:

1. It isn't

2. I rode it the year it opened.

Hope that helps you come to a decision as to how your going to keep a coaster count.


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Well I do not keep a *real* track record, but, I would count it. It is going to receive a brand new atmosphere.

I mean, think about Scream! at SFMM. It it stuck in the middle of a parking lot! Then say it was moved over to SFGrAm, placed with some beautiful scenery, and a new name and color scheme. Now, wouldn't that be a different ride experience all together? I sure think it would.

This is just my opinion.....

If I were a coaster counter I would count it, it is at a new park, new paint job, and most of all a new name, so it's technically it's not the same ride.

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