"Carowind's Flyers"

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 1:50 PM
Not trying to bring up another war on this topic, but, this question is eating me up inside. There were many rumors as to why they moved the Flying Eagles. One of those strong rumors was that PP was wanting to begin a no snapping policy. So, instead of confronting the issue at PKI, they thought they would move them to PCar and it wouldn't be an issue there.

Wrong! Snapping is alive and well down there.

So did they do it build up the line-up at PCar, or did they have some other reasoning behind it?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 1:56 PM
The decision to move the PKI Flying Eagles had nothing to do with snapping, and everything to do with an upper level PP management decision. An exec pushed to relocate the ride in order to up the ante on PCow's installs this year. It gave them an additional "new" ride with no overhead cost.

It was fairly predictable that snapping would be allowed at PCow. The Rides Manager at Carowinds (Tony) was the assistant Rides Manager at PKI for years and years. He is familiar with the ride's former operational policies at PKI, and has re-instituted them at PCow.


Tuesday, March 15, 2005 2:09 PM
If it was an upper level management decision, then Tony probably had no say so in it. If they wanted no snapping they could have put their foot down and told him no.

So I guess I kinda have to give some kudos to them for allowing it. I'll give them even more kudo's for sending them back. ;)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 2:39 PM
I want em back. Or at least a worthy replacement.

Call it a tantrum, I don't care. Thier getting less buisness from me and others because of it.

They get my full support for good things. For removing two family rides loved by all, The get my non support.

Chuck, not fighting for possition for any reason.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 2:53 PM
Here comes the Waaahmbulance!

Am I the only one who couldn't care less about the stupid flyers? I never rode them and probably never would have.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 2:58 PM

L. Kris Allen said:
One of those strong rumors was that PP was wanting to begin a no snapping policy. So, instead of confronting the issue at PKI, they thought they would move them to PCar and it wouldn't be an issue there.

Wrong! Snapping is alive and well down there.

I *think* I may have been the one to start the "PP no-snap policy" rumor....it seemed VERY plausible at the time! VERY happy to be wrong on that one... :)

Please note that I *never* indicated that my guess was based on any real information, only that the guess made a lot of sense...;)

But, as it turns out, I need to get to Carowinds.....for Borg...;) *** Edited 3/15/2005 8:01:09 PM UTC by rollergator***

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 2:59 PM
Talk about people whinnin and then do it yourself. LOL

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 3:17 PM
The Flyers were probably the best ride at Kings Island. While I rarely give a crap about the usual "enthusiast fads" I will really miss the flyers. There is hardly a reason for me to visit Kings Island anymore.

Am I only person who doesn't give a crap about DDR? I've never played it and probably never will.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 3:38 PM
LoL to you trying to get under Den's skin with the DDR comment, millrace. Very mature! :P

Either way, I'm pretty happy the snapping is alive and well - that makes them much more exciting for me (and everyone else I'm sure) now.

And if you haven't seen the newest pics on PKI.com for IJ construction, I suggest you check em out - talk about a worthy "replacement"!


Tuesday, March 15, 2005 4:08 PM
What exactly is "snapping?" Sorry to sound like a newbie here, but I just don't know..
Tuesday, March 15, 2005 4:10 PM

That link should answer your question.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 4:37 PM
I'm with you millrace. I can't stand to even walk by a DDR machine, they really annoy the hell out of me. If I want to dance I'll go see some live music.

I will also miss the flyers. They were a great ride. I walked by them so many times without even giving it a second thought. Then I heard about, and witnessed, snapping and gave it a try. Only took me 2 or 3 spins to figure it out and really scared the hell out of myself the first time I was successful.

I will join Chuck in not giving PKI my business this year. But that's because I don't live in Ohio anymore ;)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 4:42 PM

millrace said:
Am I only person who doesn't give a crap about DDR? I've never played it and probably never will.

I dont care, I played it and thought it was a good concept, but not all that fun. The bigger joke is how a thread about going out and voting was closed, yet an entire forum is devoted to a cult game, with no relevance to coasters. LMAO!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 4:42 PM
If PKI took out all its DDR machines, I wouldn't make a billion posts saying that the park isn't worth visiting anymore, that's for darn sure.
Tuesday, March 15, 2005 4:52 PM
DDR machines are in abundance. It's not like if they weren't at PKI you couldn't find them at any decent arcade. You'd still get to play.

Flyers that were operated like PKI's are not in abundance. If you want a truly great flyer experience, you're going to have to travel a lot further (especially people in the Cinci-Dayton-Columbus region). I can understand why the PKI locals are mad. It was a favorite of many people who visited the park and easily could have been relocated. It's not like other relocated or removed rides that were suffering from lack of ridership, had considerable down time or were becoming too costly to maintain. I don't believe that any of those apply here. All I do know is that PCW got one hell of a ride, I hope they appreciate it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 8:35 PM
Whether it's the flyers or Top Thrill Dragster, it still never ceases to amaze me that people can start going on about not going to a park with the absence of one ride. As if there's nothing else to do.
Tuesday, March 15, 2005 8:53 PM
The removal of the flyers was a major reason for my not purchasing a season pass this year and planning on only visiting the park for Beastbuzz and, perhaps, one other visit at most.
Tuesday, March 15, 2005 9:51 PM
Well Jeff, I just don't care for Kings Island very much and now they are missing one of the rides I enjoyed the most. I'm not avoiding the park just to spite them, I'm avoiding it because without my favorite ride I'd rather go and do something else that may or may not be amusement park related.

And as for Top Thrill Dragster - am I the only one who doesn't give a crap about that ride?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 9:56 PM
I don't give a damn about it.

No ride, not even my absolute favorite ride at any park, if removed, would keep me away from the park, but other things like service, price and other factors may. One ride doesn't kill my day at most parks.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 10:06 PM
PKIs removal of the Flyers just makes me realize how much IMO PKI sucks anyway. The Flyers and Delerium were the only reasons for going back.

Now CP has it's own version of Delerium, and PC has the flyers.

Brian, who says if it makes any difference, the flyers have a shorter cycle.


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