Canceling trip to HW this world summer

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I wasn't suggesting that those people don't exist. My point is that boycotting businesses that had no hand in the decision is misdirected and premature action.

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Jeff said:

I don't have to tell you about the sexual orientation demographics of this group. Trying to punish them to affect change is absurd. Even if they did have the influence, it would take years.

The point is they DO have the influence .... the gentleman who represents the district where HW sits voted FOR the law. If their business is effected by the laws endorsed by their State Rep they can and should pressure THEIR government for a change.


Congratulations Homos. Because you are trying to tell 94% of the population what to do I have decided to have my annual coaster trip to Indiana Beach and Holiday World. this year. I am a Fundamental Christan and in 2016 I will everything I can do to ensure this country DOES NOT slip further into a Judicial DICTATORSHIP.

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Well, that escalated quickly.

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I've been waiting for eight pages for him to show up.

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A judicial DICTATORSHIP? Quite a drama queen, isn't she?

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Is it just me or is a fundamentalist Christian coaster enthusiast kind of an oxymoron? Cherry pick laws of physics as you do bible verses I suppose...

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I whipped my head so fast after reading that, my wig almost fell off. For a sec I thought I was was reading in a Fox news comment section.

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I'm a left-leaning Christian and I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that our government remains secular - as Jesus intended.

Or Maverick....

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Regulus said:

Congratulations Homos.

I don't recall Regulus's stance on issues such as these, so I have to ask... He's kidding, right?

If he is serious, then I would hope that the sites moderators will see that that is his last post here on CoasterBuzz.

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I like that he respects the gay population enough to capitalize Homos. Congratulations, indeed!


Oh, I recall Regulus very well. Every once in a while he raises his ugly (Good Christian) homophobic head and spouts. Like I said I've been sitting here waiting and true to form, he didn't disappoint.

I don't call the shots but I wouldn't be mad either if this was his last post here.

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I'd rather we don't ban the bigots - I'm sure there are endless discussions just like this all over the place and an equivalent RollerCoasterGod, Regulus or Screamlord making it very clear that, whatever Pence says about it not being homophobic, there is an insidious band of little malthinkers who cannot wait to vent their spleens and give rise to their prejudices under the banner of 'legality,' thus exposing exactly how it is intended to pan out.

Name, shame, ridicule - bigotry is dying on its feet and the world can only be a better place for that.

I'm going the way of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. In their day their king had made a golden statue of himself that was about 90 feet tall, and commanded everyone pray to this statue or be burned alive in a fiery furnace. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego REFUSED to bow to that statue and pray to it, and were cast into the furnace. At that point a most bizarre thing happened, A FOURTH man was in the furnace with them, and he prevented these three men from perishing. The king himself said "He looks like the Son of Man". The fires were extinguished, and Shadrach, Mesach and Abednigo emerged unscathed!

I liken this event to the issue of Gay Rights. Either support it or be tagged a "Politically incorrect Bigot". Hear this, REFUSE to change my ways and bow to them, and I know I'll be right in the end.

PS There WILL be a time when the "Politically Correct" crowd will no longer have us Christians to bash. We will simply disappear. There will be a great time of joy when this happens, but I bear this warning. When we disappear, be afraid, Be VERY Afraid.

PS. I've heard that there are amusement parks in Heaven that make Indiana Beach and Holiday World look like backyard carneys! :D

Answer my Prayers, Overbook my next Flight!

^^OMGWTF? Makes 'Carrie' look like 'Bambi!' :D

*now crowdfunding for Regulus' next flight* lol


Why on earth would anyone assume the politically correct can't possibly be Christian too?

Never mind, there's no arguing.

And who would assume that Indiana Beach doesn't already look like a backyard carny?

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When (or if, because the whole rapture idea is debatable) Jesus comes to rapture his followers, I'm sure he's going to leave people with hatred in their hearts behind. There are, what I believe anyways, many tests throughout people's lives that will show if they are like Jesus, or unlike Jesus. You can't be a true believer with hatred in your heart.

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The three Hebrews stood up because they believed that God was ruler rather than men and did not recognize any statue or government as a God. Regulus, you support a government and want it to bend to your religious beliefs. When people tried to make Jesus a political leader, he ran. He also said his kingdom was not of this world.

Have your beliefs, but don't try to misuse scripture. And don't come back with any interpretation argument, I'm simply stating factually what the bible states.

Jesus' anointed ones were made up of sinners, including men who once lay with men, but you probably only read the part of that scripture that you wanted and discarded the rest.

Ultimately, Jesus spoke of his followers being separate and neutral from this worlds governments. You can't have it both ways.

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In case anyone's really curious, like I was, about what makes the Indiana RFRA different from the Federal RFRA (which had as its purpose the protection of Native American sacred sites), and the more-recent state bills of the same name....relatively non-partisan explanation of the ins and outs:

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