Another Hersheypark story on local NBC news

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I'm with you there, SLFAKE, except that the article said that an expansion into the old golf course area is likely a decade away.

That was a really informative story though. I enjoyed it a lot.

I didn't see the "decade away" part... just skimmed the article here at work.

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The funniest part, to me, about the game HersheyPark is playing (I'm not, just keeping an occasional eye on what people "find out"), is that people have really spent a lot of time and effort into deciphering a bunch of puzzles and clues, and they know absolutely nothing. The layout that was leaked had nothing to do with the game, and we all know it's Intamin from the supports that showed up. Other than that, people "not playing" know 100% as much as people who have spent spare time playing detective.

I'd be pretty pissed. :) I don't get what the pay-off is here.

It gives coaster geeks who have no job and live in their mom and dad's basement something to do.

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Just to catch everyone up:

Height: 212
Angle of first drop: 85 degrees

Color codes:

"pastel blue" (supports)
"traffic yellow" (tracks)
"Night Blue" (train)

Hershey trademarked the name "SkyRush" (although this is not the "confirmed" name quite yet). There is also a heavy military-type theme shaping a "test pilot" type feel.

Also, a fuzzy image the coaster was released, and it essentially looks like a mini I305. It seems there is still a rumor that it could be a wingrider-style ride, although my bet is on a standard sit-down coaster.

More info is apparently being released at noon today.

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Some info released:

1) A letter talking about a test pilot nervous about roller coasters...who also happens to mention that SKYdiving is a RUSH. Hmm.

From the document that was found:


G-Force Analysis (GFA) – With a combined 80+ years in the cockpit and over 6,000 no-fly patrols and assorted combat sorties, the pilots at CTP measure GFA with a nuance and subtlety unavailable to even the most sophisticated computer dummies. Only the human end user fully understands the indescribable emotional experience of roller coasters, and only CTP pilots can predict anticipated emotions with accuracy. (IF I FORGET WHAT GFA IS, JUST REMEMBER: Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. Theodore Roosevelt – WELL SAID, TEDDY! I FEEL INSPIRED!!!)

Anticipated Thrill Factor (ATF) – This proprietary rating, developed in conjunction with the Jet Propulsive Laboratory, rates client coasters across a broad matrix of perceived exhilaration and expected thrill delivery. Above certain ATFs, CTP Solutions can confidently predict a coaster experience that exceeds rider expectations and drives bottom line revenue.

Equivalent Jet Experience (EJE) – High speed, high thrill coasters evoke specific fighter jet experiences known only to the former fighter pilots at CTP. Our clients receive courier-delivered, detailed EJE Reports outlining the corresponding U.S. naval aircraft and equivalent aviator experience necessary to simulate the client coaster.

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(Roll eyes)

Can't they just announce it already. These so-called "clues" are getting really tiresome.

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To be playing along this time requires so much more free time than I have ever had in my life. The person who released this stuff has talked about it as if it has been his full-time job.

Then again, when you are 15 and live close to a park and absolutely love this stuff, what else is there to do?

I guess I should not assume that he is 15 either...he could be 35. :)

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I've never see soo much head spinning effort put into a new ride. The most confused I've ever been about a new ride was before vertical construction started on I-305. But this ride......just wow. Needless to say, I have to save a date next year to ride this......thing.

-Adam G-

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7 days until the announcement: I've gotta believe the name is SkyRush now, as the new slogan at the park is "RUSH the Hollow" in 7 days...

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New hint:

"In the end, only 4[o] will ride. In the brackets is the letter "O" (not the number zero).

Unsure if they mean 4 or 40.

The entire message was found by replacing missing letters or using inappropriately added letters in a longer message about test-piloting, etc.

Most interesting was that the only two letters/figures added were the number 4, and the letter D.



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In a little more than 12 hours, all will be revealed. Announcement in Comet Hollow at 12:12 PM.

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The details..

Skyrush Fact Sheet

Manufacturer Intamin AG
Ride Supplier IntaRide LLC, USA
Model Mega/hyper coaster with winged seating
Seat Details Cantilever geometry
Four seats per car (two floored, two floorless)
Floorless outer seats are winged
Outer seats offer a 270-degree panoramic view
Structure Steel track
Maximum Height 200 feet
Elements 50-degree ascent
85-degree descent
Four high-speed/high-banked curves
Five airtime hills
Lift Speed 26 feet per second
Maximum Speed 75 mph (+/-)
Track Length Nearly 3,600 feet
Color Scheme Light blue columns
Yellow track
Deep blue trains with yellow accents
Braking System Magnetic braking system

Number of Trains 2
Capacity per Train 32 riders
Approximate Ride Time 63 seconds
Theoretical Ride Capacity 1,350 riders per hour

Projected Cost $25 million (estimated)

Looks cool as you can choose a seated "floored seat" or a floorless on the edges.

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So will someone go back now and explain how any of the 'clues' made sense?

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Yay, it's over!

AV Matt
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I was under the impression that Furious Baco was not that well received.

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Lord Gonchar said:
So will someone go back now and explain how any of the 'clues' made sense?

If someone does, will you care? :)

I picture the capacity getting slowed down from people fighting for the outside seats.

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