Another Hersheypark story on local NBC news

Similar story to the Patriot News. Seen it this morning. August announcement? They should start the hype soon.

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It's a pretty poorly kept secret. Anyone who knows a little bit about coasters can put the clues together and figure out what they are getting. All I can say is I can't wait to ride it!

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What is it?

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They've already begun another viral marketing campaign - I don't recall the details, but *something* started about 3-4 weeks ago...

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I'm only going by what others have figured out. I believe, according to what I have read here and here, and from another article that I can't find, that it is a B&M Dive coaster with the usual water splash effect. My own guess is that it will have the new 6 across seating arrangement.

According to a Screamscape rumor, the ride's lift hill will cross over the drops of the Comet.

According to painted lines in the park, the station will be near Tilt-a-Whirl, which will be removed, or moved from that spot into another. Posts in the ground show that there is something going on in the wooded creek area behind Comet.

I know that we aren't supposed to be talking a lot about rumors here on CoasterBuzz. If most of this isn't true, I'd be surprised, and possibly a little disappointed. The announcement, according to the clues, should be in August.

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I doubt it will have a water splash in a natural body of un-treated water. I'm still hoping for a hyper-style coaster.

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I'm hoping for a hyper too. However, that would have to be a very compact layout IF they don't go over Park Blvd (or what ever the name of the road is that runs along that side of the park.

As far as the "splash"... unless they build some type of holding pond for it, I seriously doubt that they would/could use a natural body of water. Like said above, it's untreated, and there are also the (draconian) PA environmental regulations. Both those things tell me that nothing is going to touch that water.

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I would be okay with anything B&M.

Something here intrigues me. If, in fact, Hersheypark is building a B&M in this location, wouldn't it be strange that the park has two GCI's in one section of the park, two Intamin coasters in the middle of the park, and would have two B&Ms together on the other side of the park as well? If it happens, it would not seem to be an accident, and I would really love to know why. "The power of two"? ;)

Am I forgetting any "twos" in the park?

EDIT - Yes I am. The Kissing Tower was kind of in the same area of the Condor tower ride, in the back of the park. (Is that what it was called, Condor?)

As for a water effect, that's just what the clues are leading towards. Kings Island designed a pool for the water effect on Diamondback, so it's possible. Who is to say that if there is a water effect on this new ride, it would have to be located in the natural body of water behind Comet?

I'll be very interested to hear this announcement, just to see if the clues honestly foretold what the new ride is.

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Kings Island ripped out a natural pond and replaced it with a small concrete pool.

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AV: The pond that Kings Island ripped out was far from natural.

And besides, more concrete is the Cedar Fair way. 8-)

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Until they replace it with pavers.

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I am sticking with my sources that tell me its an Intamin until the announcement that tells me otherwise. After all we know those Intamins comes in packages of three. :)

On another note SLFAKE there is a rumor that it crosses the road on park drive and the turnaround is where the old swimming pool used to be. There are no markings that confirm that. It is also rumored that it goes through the Comet twice!

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Well Dave, I figured it might be "man-made" in that it didn't exist before the park, but it was as natural as a man-made pond can be, right? No concrete retaining walls. No chlorinated water?

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Faux naturale? ;)

RE: Possibly crossing Park Blvd.

I guess that is possible. I mean if Ravine Flyer II crosses Pennisula Drive, why couldn't a new coaster at Hershey cross Park Blvd.

We use Park Blvd to get out of the parking area of GIANT Center after hockey games. Now that it is daylight savings time, we'll be leaving Sunday games in daylight. I'll have to check out what I can see. I did notice a new wood fence along the part of Comet that runs along the creek (the bunny hop section before and after the final turn around), but I didn't see anything else... then again, I wasn't really looking. (Guess I'll have to wait until next week though, missing the game this Sunday... going to a Gaelic Storm concert instead... One of the few things I will miss a Bears game for.)

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I stopped over the weekend, and they really have a lot of land work being done. Some of the stakes(presuming for supports are almost right to the edge of the fence on the Park Blvd side. I didn't realize how much land was vacant along that side of the park. With the creek being pumped into the size of the stream it really opens up a nice area of real estate.

I looked across the road and didn't see any survey marks that would indicate that it will cross the road. I think the new coaster will be contained within the park's fence. I wants to get up into the area where the Sooperdooperlooper and Great Bear station are located to see if it runs along that ede of the property, but they made that section of the road open to buses only. Next time I'll have to walk up through there.

Considering the work that is being done for a coaster that isn't going to open until 2012 it's a lot of work being done. In the history of all the park attractions being built(that I can recall,) this is the first one that has started a season before opening up. It's going to be huge. I am with everyone else that wants the hyper, and not a vertical drop coaster.

Call me crazy but I could do without another B&M hyper right now. Althought it would be a good look for hershey. They are just getting a little too standard for a park to have. B&M hypers should not be like mine trains, or arrow loopers. Maybe an int. Hyper would get the juices flowing. An intamin would likely be a gigi, not a hyper though right? I did hear somewhere they received clearence for up to 350 feet. Anyone else hear that. I realize that doesn't mean it will be 350. Maybe a 300' dive machine... oh my.

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I think it was somewhere just over 200 feet.

(checks internet...)

Yep. Screamscape says 212.2 feet tall. A few other websites claim that HP got clearance for 212.6.

Some people are saying that the township is permitting the park to allow the coaster to go over the road and into the golf course area, and a local newspaper article that I can't find supposedly said that it will have 32 supports over a "man made pond".

After reading updated info on this new coaster, I am not so sure anymore that it is a B&M Dive Machine. A Griffon was one of the clues, and 12 years was in there somehow, which leads to Great Bear, which is a B&M, but those clues could be red herrings.

Somebody's using faulty math or faulty reasoning on those sites. Great Bear opened in 1998, so I don't see how the number 12 connects to it. And I'm chuckling at the guy who talked about the White Eagle on the Polish flag. It's not an eagle, it's a Falcon. And Lightning Racer was built in 2000. Hmmm, maybe those are a few more new close to send folks scurrying.

Guess my hopes that they'd rebuild "Lost River" one day are dashed.

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Thanks RGB. I just typed things that I've been reading, without checking the facts, which gets me in trouble sometimes.

It's really nice that you are coming around again. I missed you and your wisdom.

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