2010 summer Coaster Plans?

Sometime during Easter Week I'll be visiting WDW's Magic Kingdom because one of my Nieces will be marching with her High School Band at the Parade there. In July I'll be flying up to New England to visit Canobie Lake, SFNE, Quassy, Lake Compounce and Rye Playland. :)

There is an outside chance I may be able to visit Mirabalandia Park in Brazil. I'll be flying to Recife in May on a Mission Trip with my Church, if I am able to I'll hit this park as well. ;)

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^Mirabilandia is getting SFoG's Deja Vu, rcdb has it listed with a July opening date.

Definately hitting Dollywood for Thrills in the Hills again, and Carowinds. Hoping to make it to ACE CoasterCon this year also but not sure.

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I have no "concrete" plans but HWN and PPP have always been doable.

Going to try for KD/CW. Other than that I don't know yet.


Bought my Hersheypark pass last fall. Knoebels is always a definite, just a question of how many visits. Anything else depends on my own personal economic recovery program.

Mostly local for me this year. I want to go to Great Adventure on operning day. Rye Playland for (WPLJ Night), Splish Splash, Dorney Park (Chaperone for Music in the Parks) and possibly Knoebles if I can get over there.

Aside from summer camp responsibilities - I want to learn the Adobe series of programs and clean out my basement.

I also want to fish a lot - so a trek to Keansburg is a definate.

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March 6-Six Flags over Georga opening day
April 2-Carowinds

April or May(tentative)- Dollywood

June 4-SFStl & Holiday World Holiwood Nights
June 5-Holiday World Holiwood Nights
June 6-SFStl


October- PPP

Those are the semi-confirmed plans. I'm planning a trip at some point to CP/KI, SFNE/Canobie, SFGAm, and possibly SFOT/SFFT.

Plus now that I'm close to an airport(s), I'm planning on taking advantage of some of those cheap flights to orlando they offer.

I didn't post all of the fairs I'm doing, but I'll be doing those too.

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Lots of the local non-Six Flags stuff (Knoebels, Hershey, Dorney, Kennywood, Idlewild, Lake Compounce, Morey's, Kennsburg, maybe Clementon), HoliWood Nights, maybe Indiana Beach, Kings Island and Cedar Point, hopefully a trip home to Iowa with a stop at Adventureland, and the big goal is to finally get to Blackpool, England and ride the Grand National with Invy. And of course Coastin' By The Ocean and PPP.

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I will be going to some "new to me" parks this year and I wanted to know if there was any less obvious things that I wouldn't want to miss. The coasters are a given, but any specific ride or restaurant or even off-the-beaten path section of the park that would be worthwhile to visit. Like that fountain area thing near the front of Kennywood. That is a nice place to just sit and take a break in the shade.

The "new to me" parks are:

Kings Island
Indiana Beach
Holiday World

Possibly Rye Playland and Morey's (I have technically been here but it's been years so I don't remember much)

For example, at KI I am told we need to order the chili and spend a good amount of time in the kids area and at Morey's I know that I need to go to Flipper's. Is the Skyroom Restaurant at Indiana Beach worthwhile? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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Don't miss Harry Potter World at IOA. ;)

(It's April Fool's day, I had to say it.)

People rave about Frankenstein's castle at IB and one particular spot, which I missed so I can't tell you about.

Edit: I don't know how "People" came out as "Please"

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Well since my name is April, I am quite used to the April's Fools jokes. :)

I'll be sure to stop by Frankenstein's castle.

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Skyline chili is nothing like any other chili you have had. I tend to go across the street to get it rather then eat at the park and pay double the price.
The skycoaster at KI is often discounted to $5 per person. You can get your ticket early then ride anytime that day.

Also at KI if your a gold/platinum card holder or member of ACE and maybe even CB you can get ERT 1/2 hour before the park opens and 1 hour on Saturdays.

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Cedar Point, Kings Island, Waldameer Park, Conneaut Lake Park, Kennywood, Idlewild, Kings Dominion, and possibely Dorney Park.

As for events, Coaster Mania and Coaster Con are on my list.

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We will be at 6 different parks before Easter. After this weekends trip (KD,SFA,HP) we will try to back things off this year.

I do want to do a major trip in June.

Waldameer (just a drive through for Ravine Flyer II)
Candada's Wonderland
La Ronde
Six Flags New England
Lake Compounce
Six Flags Great Adventure
Dorney Park

Might also through in Canobie

Holiday World, Kennywood, Beech Bend will also get a visit and of course my home parks of Kings Island & Cedar Point.

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I'm definitely not as fortunate as some of you guys, going to dozens of parks a year, but I do have some new-to-me park plans this year as well.

Enough about me, at IOA, I could tell you a hundred different things to look out for. It is so jam-packed with details. Don't forget to explore the park's less traveled paths. There is so many little things to miss.

I highly recommend Camp Jurassic. There are few awesome dark caves in that area that hold surprises. If you get to Pteranodon Fliers first thing in the morning, they may let you ride without a child. They might have stopped doing that though.

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April the Grand Carousel,
Don't miss Frankenstein's Caste! Absolutely awesome! It's best if you go through it with someone who knows it well though. They can point out all the good stuff and make sure you don't miss any of the surprises. Also, the Skyroom is really nice. I always do the Sunday Brunch when I've gone for the Lost Coaster Weekend event in the past. And make sure you try the tacos next to Lost Coaster. Yum! I crave them all the time. Wish I could get them elsewhere, as no one else seems to make them the way IB does.

For something interesting at Holiday World, check out the doll museum back near the carousel (it's somewhere along that edge of the park). It's a very random "attraction" that most people seem to miss. I went to the park about 10 times before I ever noticed it myself.

Other than Flipper's, make sure you don't miss the Zoom Flume log ride at Morey's. It is one of the neatest flumes ever and won't get you soaked, but you can get pretty wet sitting in the front of the group. Also, Morey's has the scariest Skyscraper around IMO. You feel like you're 300 feet above the ocean and it uses the straps, not the OTSR's, so you feel so vulnerable up there. It's about the only ride around that still scares me. And be sure to check out the dark rides. The Pirates ride is pretty cool and Dante's Inferno is really really good! They also have a good mirror maze that can be kind of nerve-wrecking trying to find your way through. Oh and the spinning Seashells tilt-a-whirl on the middle pier is absolutely awesome! There is so much great stuff at Morey's. The waterparks on the beach are great as well. If you can, try to go for the Coastin' By the Ocean event in July. It's the best deal you can get for a weekend at Morey's.

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LostKause said: There are few awesome dark caves in that area that hold surprises.

Nah...too easy :)

This year it looks like we'll be planning a lot of our trips on weekends, and within a half-day's driving distance, so we'll be staying local. So far, the definite plans are:

May 8 - Indiana Beach
May 15 - Holiday World
May 28 - Kennywood
May 29-30 - Cedar Point
June 4-5 - HoliWood Nights
September - Fall Affair
October - BooBuzz

I also plan on heading down to Beech Bend sometime. I still haven't been there, and it can be done without finding a motel for the night. Up-in-the-air, and depending on finances, we're going to try to get to King's Island. We'll see how low tickets go in the queue at Meijer.

Ride on.

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I've seen Kings Island tickets for sale at my local gas station for $25. They are only $34 online, which is still a great bargain for all they have there.

Okay, I'll talk about me some more...

I moved to the Huntington WV area a few years ago from central PA, and still, I haven't been to Holiday World, Dollywood, Beech Bend, Six Flags Over Georgia, Indiana Beach, or Six Flags Chicago. I've made it my goal to get to some of those parks this year, and some the next (and maybe some the next after that, if necessary). Also add Kings Dominion, which I haven't been to in decades. I've been to a whole lot of parks, just not those...yet.

This year, if I can find the funds, I want to go to KD for one trip, and visit my cousin in Richmond for one trip (been to BG last year, and with no BBW, I don't want to go) and then maybe HW for another single park trip. A multi-park trip might be DW, SFoG, and maybe Carrowinds (I went there recently too). I might add Beech Bend to my HW trip, if I find it convenient.

Or maybe I could save all the money that it will take to do those trips and buy some more music equipment. ;)

I know that I will probably skip out on KI this year, because I go there WAY too much, at the expense of missing out on the parks I haven't yet been to.

It would be interesting to come back to this thread in November and see how closely actual visits panned out with the plans we made over the off-season.

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