2010 summer Coaster Plans?

OK- So it cold outside and I am having the winter park withdrawals. Has anyone made summer coaster plans yet?? I booked a trip yesterday to VA to hit Kings Dominion and Bush Gardens and then on to IN for Holiwood Nights. Hope to do an August trip to Worlds of Fun, Six Flags St Louis and possibly Silver Dollar City.

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I still have a make-good on a promise to visit SFMM. I actually had an opportunity when a friend from Ohio was out over New Years but, sadly, I'm quite under the weather there was no way I would have been able to walk that park.

Other then making good on that promise I have to start planning my HoliWood Nights trip.

And although not summer I have PPP in October (which I missed last year).

That's it!

Disney World first week of May for me, and spring trips to Kings Island and Cedar Point. I move in June, I dont know where yet, but I will be frequenting my new home park(s) over the summer but no big trips other then WDW.

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I moved here to southern WV a few years ago, and still have yet to visit some of the closer parks. I'm hoping to remedy that this year. I need to get my butt to HW and Dollywood.

And I've been there recently, but a trip to Carowinds is definitely in the plans, as well as Kings Dominion, of which I haven't been to in a decade. Their new coasters are the big buzz for me this year.

And since I am down this far south now, I keep thinking about a trip to SFoG. Maybe this is the year for that too.

I do need to catch up on my park visits. I've been spoiling Kings Island lately.

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We are looking at a KD, SFoG, CW trip for 4/2-4/4. This will be opening day for KD and Timmy 305.

I have also been looking into HWN and where to stay. The reviews of the Santa Claus inn look horrid but there is not much else that is close. I have friends in Owensboro but I don't think they have room for the 4 of us to crash there.
I see that they have RVs for rent at Lake Rudolph. I have never done that before. Seems like a lot of $$$ to spend considering that you have to bring your own sheets & towels.

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LK, you get to Beech Bend yet? It's worth the trip for Kentucky Rumbler alone.

We'll probably do our usual: 8-10 visits to Cedar Point, one 3-4 day trip to KI, multiple day trips to Kennywood and Waldameer. If money works, I'm hoping to take Ava to Virginia for a week + also -- BGW, KD, possibly SFA (none of which I've ever been to), but also Washington DC, Williamsburg, maybe the Blue Ridge Parkway.

If there's extra time/money, I'd like to get back to HW and finally visit Indiana Beach.

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Dave, for what it's worth I've stayed at Santa's Lodge a couple of times and never had a problem with it. I've stayed in the newer section for a few bucks more and it's plenty acceptable.

I myself don't know why it has a bad rep. I figure it's more of that lots of people say lots of things about lots of stuff thing again. ;)

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Hopefully mini-marathoning Maverick with Ensign Smith again during BooBuzz '10.
But this time I'll remember not to park myself in at CP's main lot!! Besides weekends at CP,
I plan on going to SFoT(childhood favorite,)KI, MIAdventure, and of course Indiana Beach on
the 4th of July. 

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^^ It's not that the rooms are bad or anything, it's that the place has a very "Twilight Zone-esque" feeling about it. It's just weird to see Christmas decorations up in June. Or maybe it's that they haven't been updated, spruced up or dusted in say, oh, 15 to 20 years?

I mean if you're going to go Xmas 24/7/365 you better make it look like they were just put up recently!

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Perhaps. But maybe that's the difference between me and other people. When I go to Santa Claus, Indiana, I expect to see some Christmas decorations. And when I go to a lodge to spend the night and get a shower, I don't go to the lobby and examine the decorations for dust.

If the room I'm staying in is clean and the shower/beds are decent and appropriate for the price, then I consider it a win. That was the case for my experiences at Santa's Lodge.

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

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The only trip I am planning to take is a September week trip to visit some parks in Pennsylvania. Kennywood, Knoebels and Idlewild are on the itinerary.

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My two big trips I have planned are a June trip to do all the non-Disney Orlando stuff. Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens Tampa and their various water parks and an August weeklong trip to do Waldameer, CP, Indiana Beach, Holiday World, KI, and Kennywood. Most of these parks are new to me, the only ones I have been to are USF-pre IOA, Waldameer, CP, and Kennywood.

I wish I could to Orlando other than summertime but with my boyfriend's teaching gig that's kinda tough. He is what I would call a "budding" enthusiast. He thought he was into coasters and parks until he met me. :) I am excited to go to the Midwest parks with him because the only one he has ever been to is CP and it was packed that day and he only got on MF, Mantis, and Blue Streak. Whenever I bring new people to a park I always feel like a kid in a candy store. I love showing people around and to see the look on their faces when they see some of the awesome stuff parks have for the first time. :)

I agree with Carrie on the lodging thing. I just care that I get a clean bed and clean bathroom. I've heard horror stories about various hotels I've stayed at and didn't find any of them to be as bad as people say. I guess I'm just not that picky. :)

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Planning on a Kings Dominion, Carrowinds trip with either SFOG or Dollywood as well. Going to take our time. Excited to see two new parks!

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If you want something more than Santa's Lodge, there is Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast in Ferdinand (The town where the Wendy's is at the intersection of 164 and I-64). That is the only accommodation that I can think of that could be better than Santa's Lodge. You all could stay at Stone's Motel in Dale. That would be a trip.

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Some friends and I have already booked our Legendary cabin for Holiwood Nights, so we're definitely in for that. In October I'm also hoping to do Phoenix Phall Phunfest with a stop at Kennywood along the way, but that could be tempered by whether or not Flying Turns is open and whether I have any money left in the vacation budget. I'd *really* like to get to Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Willeuropesburg, but that's partly contingent on whether I can get friends to go with me. I doubt Carowinds will be in the mix, as much as I'd like to get both Intimidatrices in one summer. :)

Other than that, I'm sure there will be Cedar Pointing aplenty and at least one quick jaunt out to Waldameer. I had two great Kings Island trips last year, so I won't be disappointed if I don't make it there this season.

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I'm extremely excited about possibly going to Nagashima Spaland (crosses fingers) Heading to Osaka this summer and I'm hoping to stop by. Weeee!

Planning on wearing out the Platinum Pass again this season with a Late April trip to Kings Island, maybe a summer trip to Niagara Falls to make a day of Canada's Wonderland, in addition to the 25 or so trips to Cedar Point. Plus during our annual summer trip to Ocean City, MD, planning on a couple of days at Hersheypark on the way home, along with our even numbered year trip to Orlando in November.

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Carrie M. said: I myself don't know why (Santa's Lodge) has a bad rep. I figure it's more of that lots of people say lots of things about lots of stuff thing again. ;)

I've stayed there many times and find the rooms are pretty nice, albeit pricey. But you have to pay for the convenience of being that close to the park. And it's nice to have the minigolf so close. What I have a problem with is their food in their restaurant. Yuck.

It all depends on wrather I have a job or $$$$. I've got an excuse (visiting my sister) to go to Indiana and hit IB & HW. Plus, I'd make sure to plan in an extra day or two to hit KI, KW, or Knoble's. Again the only hitch is the $$$$$.

What I'd also like to do is fly out to Cali, hit SFMMAddict for a place to crash, and hit SFMM & KBF.

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I can't wait until June!! We're having a coaster extravagana!!! Starting with Coastermania and a few days at CP, then on to KI, HW, World's of Fun...ending up in CA where we will go to Knott's, SFMM...and who knows what else...I'm open to any suggestions!!!

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