2010 summer Coaster Plans?

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Hmmm. It does seem that Disney and gel would go together quite nicely.

That is what you meant, right? ;)

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Well since SFKK closed, my KI, SFKK, Holiwood Nights Trip has become a Beech Bend, KI, Holiwood Nights Trip. We'll be driving the 13 hours each way with a 9 month old. Yikes!

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But you'll see me at HWN...which makes the trip totally worth it! ;)

And he's probably a whiz at changing diapers! LOL

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My biggest concern is what we'll do if the little guy doesn't take to the road very well. My wife and I both have to be bright eyed and bushy tailed on Sunday morning for work and trying to get from HW back to Fort Worth between the end of Fri. ERT and Sunday morning could be rough.

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If you do not have a DVD player for your vehicle I strongly suggest you get one. Or at least a portable one.

We took our then 9 month old (along with our 3 year old!) to Hawaii last year and he did great. We had our portable DVD player and altogether was about a 12 hour trip over 3 flights.

Good luck!

Hell! With the 40+ inches of snow, here in Philly, over the past 5 days, any coaster trip would be welcomed right about now.

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Our doctor recommended against letting him watch TV this young. A.D.D. apparently? Whether or not that is true, I'm opposed to screens in cars. Half the fun of a road trip is getting on each others' nerves!

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

That plus you miss out on the scenery and odd people/structures/things.

Not that a 9 year old notice would know much difference, but for the older ones!

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I suggest just making regular pit stops so the scenery changes for the little one.
My wife and her mother took our son on a family trip to Myrtle Beach when he was about the same age (and we also have no car screens.) The 9 hour drive took them about 13 or 14 hours because they'd stop every hour or hour and a half to take him out of the car seat and eat or play for a bit. It kept him entertained and non-cranky.
If you're one of those "gotta make good time" people, though, you're on your own.


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How about giving the kid some alcohol or a sleeping pill?

(I'm joking, people!)

Knoebel's is a definite considering it's only 15 minutes away. I'll probably hit up Kings Dominion as well with Kennywood, Compounce, and SFNE as "maybes".

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Moosh, that's almost what my parents did when I was a tike.

"Here, honey, take a Dramamine so you won't get car sick." :)


I've just been asked if I want to go to Disney in June with my aunt and Uncle and their kids and grand kids. I don't know if I could afford it with all the other trips that i am planning to take this year;

Carowinds and Kings Dominion

Dollywood, Holiday world, and Beech Bend (all of which I have never been to yet, despite living 5 hours or less),

And I really want to take my thrill-seeking teenage cousin to Cedar Point.

...Maybe now is a good time to ask for a raise? lol

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I'll give you a raise ;)

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You just did, moosh.

LOL - I can't believe that I just typed that. :)

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Neither can I (and I don't believe you for a second!) ;)

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[url][url]My plans are pretty much Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun or Schlitterbahn KC each weekend (Schlitterbahn is only 5 minutes from my house so I tend to go there first) I will make a few trips to Silver Dollar City (and speculate on their 2011 attraction as GCI's Website is showing the SDC terrain there as it appears we might be getting a woodie in the area around Wildfire and PowderKeg, IF SDC does it will certainly give Voyage a run for it money see http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=gci&init=quick#!/photo.php?pid=3327162&id=23030364094 for what I mean.)

I have a possible trip to Pittsburgh planed for Late June, if I have time I'll go to Kennywood then.

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My trips panning so far:

KBF - End of Feb

Desperado (Buffalo Bill's) - March

Carowinds - 3/27 and 3/28

KD - 4/2 - 4/4

KI - 4/17

Sometime during Easter Week I'll be visiting WDW's Magic Kingdom because one of my Nieces will be marching with her High School Band at the Parade there. In July I'll be flying up to New England to visit Canobie Lake, SFNE, Quassy, Lake Compounce and Rye Playland. :D

There is an Outside chance I may be able to visit Mirabalandia Park in Brazil. I'll be flying to Recife in May on a Mission Trip with my Church, if I am able to I'll hit this park as well. ;)

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