2010 summer Coaster Plans?

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The only thing I'm planning on at this point is the Fall Affair at HW and PPP at Knoebels. There will definitely be many trips to Hershey throughout the summer, too, of course. I'd like to get to Kings Dominion, but I don't have a plan yet. We'll see how the summer goes!

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Kid #2 is due in August, so I doubt there will be much coastering this year. I'm tentatively planning to be at KD opening day, but we'll see.

Hopman, I hope you get a chance to do that. I can tell you exactly when to get out here and hit both parks so that there won't be any lines on any rides (cough, school days, cough). Of course, I will do my usual 10-12 trips to SFMM and 5-7 trips to KBF this year too.

It depends on our money situations, but there is an outside chance that my dad and I will be able to make the trip to SFDK and CGA which we have been planning for a while. It would be our first visit to SFDK and the only time we have been to CGA was when my mom and dad took me there on vacation in 1991.

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My mother (1946-2009) once asked me why I go to Magic Mountain so much. I said I feel the most alive when I'm on a roller coaster.
2010 total visits: SFMM-9, KBF-2
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Bozman said:
Planning on wearing out the Platinum Pass again this season with a Late April trip to Kings Island, maybe a summer trip to Niagara Falls to make a day of Canada's Wonderland, in addition to the 25 or so trips to Cedar Point. Plus during our annual summer trip to Ocean City, MD, planning on a couple of days at Hersheypark on the way home, along with our even numbered year trip to Orlando in November.

CW is my home park. If you need any advice don't resitate to ask.

I'm planning Holiwood nights with KI on the way. PPP maybe dorney on sunday after. Daytrip to waldameer. Possibly kennywood, and possibly CP.

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Plan is a four-letter word.

Definitely hitting KI for opening day, and CP many many times as usual. Hopefully making a weekend trip to Holiday World at some point. I'd like to do a trip to Carowinds and KD, but getting there without taking more than 2 days off of work could be tricky, so we'll see.

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^^^Thanks DKNY, I will take you up on that.

The last time we were at CW was the year before Behemoth.
I really enjoyed the park, and even though it seemed more crowded than CP, everything flowed very smooth.

Must have been the Paramount influence.

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Well, I was supposed to hit Valleyfair, Cedar Point and Kings Island last year on a Platinum Pass purchased at the beginning of the season at Valleyfair. Unfortunately, after the visit to Valleyfair I lost my job and did not find work again until November. So, this year, I think our goal is to try and do those plans again, except without the unemployment bit. Hopefully this year we don't have to waste a platinum pass. We are also looking into a possible October trip to Florida. Wife wants Disney. I want non-Disney. We'll see who wins.

Certain victory.

^The answer is simple, do both. October is Halloween time, and BGT, Universal and the Magic Kingdom are supposed to put on a heck of a party (in their own way.) Also Epcot has the Food and Wine Festival then too.

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KiLLeR qUeEn said:
I can't wait until June!! We're having a coaster extravagana!!! Starting with Coastermania and a few days at CP, then on to KI, HW, World's of Fun...ending up in CA where we will go to Knott's, SFMM...and who knows what else...I'm open to any suggestions!!!

Going from KI to HW you could stop at Kentucky Kingdom for a few hours. From HW to WoF you could also stop at SFStl. Evil Kenevil was a great ride. This would also allow you to get your SF season pass at a cheap park before heading to SFMM.

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One of the advantages to being employed with AT&T for 32 years is it allows me a little over 6 weeks vacation, and as long as the money holds out, ample opportunity to travel for the latest rides and some old favorites.

I'll be in Orlando in February for about five days and hope to snag Manta at Sea World, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal, and a little warm weather.

Spring will bring KI then CP. Memorial Day weekend our local team participates in an annual international country dance competition which always gives me the chance to drag my friends to whatever park is nearby. This year we'll be in Austin, so I think the choice will be Schlitterbahn, a park that's on my bucket list. After we get back I'll meet friends for Holiwood Nights, then I have a whole week to myself in the truck to drive down to either Charlotte, Richmond, or (hopefully) both. Or maybe Charlotte and Myrtle. We'll see.

Summer is usually pretty light, travel-wise, but an extended Labor Day weekend will send us and two friends to Minneapolis/St Paul for the Mall, Valleyfair, and the Minnesota State Fair. In October I'll take a long weekend to visit my BFF Jeff in St Louis, and I'm sure Six Flags will be in order. Another long weekend will take us to Dallas for the Texas State Fair, also on my bucket list.

2009 blessed us with the trip of a lifetime, 10 days in Hawai'i, which I've described to friends as Busch Gardens without a fence. Or rides. As fabulous as that was, for 2010 I'll be glad to be back persuing parks and state fairs. If it all pans out I stand to gain at least 11 new coasters for my list - more if I'm able to squeeze in Freestyle, too.

Can't wait. Winter, be gone!

^ When are you going to drag your butt up to New England to visit me & the Yankee Cannonball??????? ;)

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For some reason the New England parks have eluded me, and they also sit high on the bucket list. My sister-in-law lived in NH for a while and the only time we ever visited was in January, darn it! My old best friend Tom, who is now deceased, called Canobie his home park and always said I would love the Cannonball as much as he did.

I'll get there someday- maybe 2011 will be my goal. But when I do, I can't think of a better guide than you, Hopman!

You ever driven in Boston? It's more adrenalin-puping than most any ride at CP. ;) Even more so when you're driving a large truck!

SFNE is actually pretty good. The Maine & CT parks have edluded me too. Sadly, there are no coaster in Vermont. There is Ben & Jerry's & a whole slew of microbreweries. :)

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

May be in California this summer. If so, we would go to SFMM or KBF. Never been to either. KBF trip would make getting CF passes pretty easy to justify as we also are looking at a Kings Island stop on the way to Holiday World later in the summer. We went to Kennywood for the first time a few years ago on the way back from North Carolina. Have been looking for a way to get back there again since but it hasn't worked out. Maybe this year. Also will go to CP.

It's going to be a quiet year for us. We're heading to Disney next week, and CP for the opener, Coastermania!, and closing. No Holiwood Nights because of the schedule, so probably no King's Island either. We're taking an Alaskan cruise from Vancover this August, which will suck up a couple of weeks of vacation. If I can pull it off and get to Vancover a day early, we'll hit Playland for a spin on that one-of -a-kind woody there. That thing is a gas!

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Thinking of going to ACE's Spring event, out in Cali., if not that definitely the Convention at Kennywood this year. The Kennywood convention will basically turn into an all out PA trip. Not really a big venture coming from someone living in Philly, but I'm going with a newer vacation term this year. Instead of the staycation, I'm taking a PAcation.

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What Gator said.

Still, I'm entertaining the notion of returning to HW for HWN with a side of BB. Also, my first visit to the oft-bumped Lagoon; will 2010 finally be the year? That's my intent anyway. In the fall, it's back to PPP with some undecided add-ons (so many choices).

Of course, being in Vegas means multiple trips to the Dome, if only because the Disk-O there runs in a fairly intense mode. And I'll make a trip to DL/DCA at some point in the year; always do.

Co-workers are talking about a bunch of us running over to the Mountain. I'll end up going along if that happens, but of my own will I'm not terribly motivated to get there again.

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The Dome? The Mountain? lol

"Yeah. I'm gonna head on over to the dominion and the winds for some new coasters, and then take it on back over to the twin peaks for some thunder before it's all over. Look out, Ohio, because if I still have time, I'm gonna get my butt to the island for some major coaster ridage, dude."

It's like some kind of scavenger hunt or something. :)

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^^Robo, re: DL/DCA start looking at SpringCon in SoCal next year...so-called plans are slowly...."gellin'"... ;)

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