2 Men banned from BGE

Geez, funny it's gone this far. I'm not sorry though. I wasn't offended by the blatantly obvious gay bashing, just like to stand up and show my finger back.

As little as it was - and maybe unintentional, and as cool as it is to call your friends a 'fag' or 'gay' it is still gay bashing.

If you wanna reason your way around it, keep joking yourself. Do that with a black person (or African American, even though I'm not a political person) and see what happens.

Homosexuals are one of the last 'minority' groups that it is still kinda sorta "OK" to joke about. Like I said, do that with a person of color, and see what happens.

The reason I always say something or stick up for gays is because it may make someone stay in the closet longer, or feel uncomfortable being who they are. I do it every chance I get, lots of people have been physically bashed and killed for being gay so that I can be 'out'.

So, how bout that Griffon!? Whatta ride!

It's totally uncool to mess with safety devices, I did it along time ago (and am sorry now).

I wish the 'industry' would have came down harder on folks standing up on the lift hills of coasters with the old PTC buzz bars. When I worked on the Blue Streak I shut it down everytime someone would not sit down (after being told to do so on the loud speakers). We would climb up there and remind them to stay seated, in front of the whole train (by default). Now we have all these annoying staple bars... *** Edited 9/12/2007 9:07:42 PM UTC by J7G3***

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Rob Ascough said:
You're the one that connected all those things together... not myself, not eightdotthree, and not Agent Johnson.

So in other words, all I can tell is that you concede that "They must be in love with each other" was more or less just a completely irrelevant fabrication that's based on a complete lack of connectable evidence - even though it doesn't really matter. Good to know.

If I'm wrong please explain again how "They tampered with a coaster" so clearly leads to "They must be in love with each other" and "Basic friendship never would cause this current scenario." Because even after all these pages I'm still not seeing it. Maybe I'm just super dense. *** Edited 9/12/2007 10:31:17 PM UTC by matt.***

[sarcasm]Yeah, I think you're just super dense. It makes perfect sense to me.[/sarcasm] :)
Wow BGE is being tough how is it there fault that the only two times this has happened they were on the ride. (sarcasm)

I bet Walter and Claude were thinking how dare they try to mess with our creation.

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^^^ I said what I wanted to say and I believe that everyone else has as well, so I see no reason to continue this after two pages of no one getting anywhere. I concede nothing. I stand by what I said about the original comment not seeming malicious, despite the fact that it may have been worded poorly. Obviously I'm not the only one who believes that to be the case, but as is usually stressed around here, it's a matter of opinion.

I have nothing against gay people just as I have nothing against people of any other kind of racial or religious denomination and I just wish that people would learn to separate mindless comments to the ones that are really insulting and demoralizing. There are plenty of things said and done to most minorities on a daily basis- things that should qualify as criminal- and I think that dissecting every single comment that is remotely questionable takes attention away from those more serious things. But again, that's my opinion.

I agree with what Denis Leary says. Why hate people for the color of their skin when there are plenty of other reasons to hate them?

;) (sorta)

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halltd said:
I noticed the original comment when I first read this thread and decided not to call him out because I knew the resulting banter would turn out just as it has. The comment was dumb, uncalled for and says a lot about the person that made it.

My thoughts exactly.

They Live. We Sleep.

I took slight insult the moment I read it. "Those guys look like idiots and they are gay too" (paraphrased for effect). He called them idiots and gay within the same sentence, which shows that the gay comment was supposed to be an insult against them.

I learned through his post that AJ wants to sneak his anti-gay viewpoint into the conversation. There's really no need to get so uptight about it. I pointed it out-in fact tried to embarrass him-and moved on. We have established that AJ dislikes gay people. I accept that.

Where IS AJ by the way? What they don't say is sometimes more important than what they say.

Since this topic has gone way off track, if any of you want to contribute to the story about the actual subject matter of two guys being banned from BGE, contribute over in the news section.


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