2 Men banned from BGE

I don't know, but I don't think it's unrealistic to imagine a company like Busch would have people looking for material. A good friend of mine works for a sort of a regional tourism/historical agency. Part of her duties include searching the internet for stories and items relevant to the locations they serve.

It could also be the two guys running their mouths off to somebody, and that person contacting the company.

BGE should consider pressing charges. Hard to prove I'm sure. But if someone was tampering with a restraint they probably did it several times until they got it right. Tampering with a restriat to try to keep it closed still compromises it and could cause problems for the next rider. They think it's funny but could have hurt someone.
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^I think it's funny (and pathetic) that they are trying to deny any wrongdoing.


It's only Monday morning and already I'm reminded of how stupid people are. Kudos to Busch to banning these fools before they ruin everything for the rest of us.

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After watching the video's on youtube. I notice the guys top 4 favorite videos are how to hack or steal passwords for Aim and myspace. Honestly not an honest dude. I don't think he hacked the ride system though.

I also find it odd that the restraint was so tight it made his legs turn purple. First off doesn't look purple. The camera is crappy. Second I didn't know a B & M could get that tight on the legs. I've got be legs and never feel squeezed. Does anyone know if they are stapling on Griffon?

I also found it interesting that they haven't gotten a lawyer. If there innocent wouldn't they want to clear there name and atleast get there season pass money back? Perhaps Busch figured it out and told them to hit the road because they know what they were doing.


If they were innocent they'd definiely have a lawyer, just like if Barry Bonds didn't take steroids, he'd come out and say it.
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My guess: Busch has SOME visual evidence of these bozos doing something mechanical (i.e., not involving the ride computer) to mess up the restraints' unlock mechanism. The video evidence probably doesn't show WHAT or HOW it was used in a way clear enough to press charges....but probably shows them doing *something* in such a way as to revoke their SPs.

These guys don't have the kind of money to make it worth Busch's time to sue them (lower burden of proof). By the same token, they can't sue Busch because whatever evidence Busch DOES have (beyond the circumstantial "how could this possibly happen twice to the same two people") is at least enough to have their suit against A-B thrown out...

Theories at this point....no facts, probably none forthcoming...

Agent Johnson said:

The guys look like idiots, and are probably in love with each other.

O wow. Another attempt at a gay joke.

Again, Idiocracy of America.

How bout some black jokes now :)

IF you wanna be idiots, then you better be ready to ready to pay the price. Messing with the safety equipment of a ride is no laughing matter, I dont care what your purpose is. If I were in BGE shoes, I'd sue them for defamation of character as well as destruction of property and slander. I'd throw the book at them, no pun intended.

Coasterdom said:
What I found to be the funniest part is that they said that his legs were turning purple and that the restraints were cutting off circulation.

I don't think I've ever had a restraint placed on so tight that it caused my limbs to turn purple, even when I was stapled.

Idunno,last year while on Mind eraser at SFA there was a problem dispatching the other train so our train was stuck waiting on the brakerun for quite a while & my legs were beginning to hurt from having the harness so darn tight.

I don't see how,or why anyone would want to tamper with the restraints on Griffon,or any other coaster for that matter,plus aren't the restraint mechanisms encased in plastic/fiberglass around the back of the headrest making it impossible for someone to jam something into it?

Unless I missed it, I'm surprised that nobody on here accused these two of being ACE members. This is the kind of thread to hear that type of response from the likes of you guys.
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It makes me wonder if these guys have tried this before and failed. they have done it 2 times already maybe they have tried other times and damaged the restraints. BGE should check all of the seats for damage from these two fools.

Its sad when your best friend asks you the exact running time of a ride. Good thing I didnt know.

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^^ way to attack someone for something they DIDN'T do.

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Coasterphan said:
Unless I missed it, I'm surprised that nobody on here accused these two of being ACE members.

For the average ACE member their clothes are too tight to conceal a screwdriver or other tampering device anywhere.


Coasterphan said:
Unless I missed it, I'm surprised that nobody on here accused these two of being ACE members. This is the kind of thread to hear that type of response from the likes of you guys.

No, but if you go over to the news section you'll see instructions on how to release the restraints on a inverted coaster all by yourself.....

Coasterphan said:
Unless I missed it, I'm surprised that nobody on here accused these two of being ACE members. This is the kind of thread to hear that type of response from the likes of you guys.

What a cheap shot!
Almost as bad as spending your life on here, but putting down Screamscape.com.

Lots of people do things they shouldn't be doing. When I worked at Cedar Point, I did a few things I shouldn't have done (and am sorry for it now). Quite often I see season pass holders doing 'bad things' at parks. They get bored I guess...

Do you honestly think an ACE person would be so stupid as to do that? Why would a love of riding coasters lead you to purposely shut down a ride.

Also, I dont know about you, but if I found myself in that perdicament, I wouldn't be complaing about how its "hurting my legs" or "too tight" I would be half jokingly saying, its ok, if the ride insists I stay on, Ill ride it again.

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I really don't think that an ACE member would be that stupid. I'm just referring to the incessant amount of ACE bashing that is promoted on the site, by the sites creator no less. I was merely pointing out the fact that, Yes, this really is the kind of topic that would normally bring out the best of this board.

Parks can cancel your SP anytime they want to. If that's all that happens to these two clowns, they're getting off pretty well. I just hope BGE gives the whole ride a really good examination to make sure it's OK. Why would you be taping it unless you were doing something stupid?
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Don't make stuff up. I don't promote anything. I don't care for ACE myself, but it doesn't mean I promote ACE bashing.

I swear, if I'm not being accused of censorship (which I don't do), I'm accused of not doing it. I can't win.

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